WWE: Injuries, Injuries and More Injuries, and No Contenders

The last thing that you ever want to have happen when you’re a wrestling company and heading into the new year is to have some of your heavy hitters injured.  That’s unfortunately the case for the WWE as a lot of their guys are dealing with injuries.  Randy Orton is injured and reportedly out for six months which will mean that we can kiss Wrestlemania goodbye for the Viper.  Mark Henry reportedly was hurt and that’s why the decision was made for him to drop the World Heavyweight Title at TLC.  And of course, you have Alberto Del Rio hurt and will be out til at least around the time of Elimination Chamber. The only one that we know most definitely will be off TV for a while is Orton and Del Rio, with Orton missing the most time.  Though he’s reportedly hurt, Mark Henry hasn’t really been taken off of TV all that much.

Del Rio I have mixed feelings about him being hurt but let’s face facts here.  The guy was not getting over near as well as the WWE was hoping for.  Supposedly the higher ups including Vince himself want the guy to be more aggressive.  Yeah, but not just with his ring skills. The guy needs to act more like a heel on the microphone too.  The guy cuts some of the most bland promos that I’ve ever seen.  It’s so bland that you’re almost surprised that it’s not John Laryngitis trying to act like he has some kind of personality.  I have on many occasions called Del Rio just a second coming of JBL, but the only difference was that JBL was able to cut a promo most of the time.  Del Rio hasn’t really impressed me on the microphone or in the ring. And as far as his cross-armbreaker goes, I don’t buy it as a signature move and all it has done is make me shake my head over the fact that he’s beaten Daniel Bryan with that move and people think that Del Rio is a better submission wrestler than Bryan. Boy is that ever a crock.

All I can say about Mark Henry getting hurt is that it’s bad timing.  I really thought this guy was going to hang onto the belt until Mania and I was kinda hoping for it too.  Then again, I was hoping that the WWE would actually LET Daniel Bryan cash in at Mania but that’s another topic.  It’s not the first time that Mark Henry has had problems with injuries, but this goes down as the most badly timed one. This was the biggest push that the guy has gotten his whole career and it was working. After the WWECW Title reign (I refuse to call the WWE’s version by the actual name) and reduced to a jobber during his face turn and even the stupid Sexual Chocolate gimmick, Mark Henry finally had something going that was actually working for him.  It was one of the few things this past year that the WWE was actually doing right and it’s just a shame that it had to happen now.

As for Randy Orton, this is going to be the one that I feel hits the WWE the hardest, especially for the fact that Orton is more than likely going to miss Wrestlemania.  HOwever, Orton has been circling around a state of mediocrity over the last few months with his feud with Wade Barrett.  The guy hasn’t really done much in terms of being the top guy for the Smackdown brand since losing the WHC and leaving us all to have to endure the Orton vs. Christian series that lasted about 6 months. You also knew that the Orton vs Barrett feud was going to end at some point, but the problem is that nobody really knew what you do with Orton after that.  Do you put him back in the title picture? No because all that will do is leave people thinking if you had him go after Daniel Bryan “Great, it’s the Christian thing all over again.”  Trust me, that would happen but now you’re in a worse situation because the WWE is now going to be without one of their market names heading into Wrestlemania.

The biggest problem that stems from these injuries is that now the WWE is realizing that they haven’t done anything to build up anybody else.  The worst part is that all of your title holders don’t have contenders.  Daniel Bryan doesn’t have a number one contender. Zack Ryder doesn’t have a contender.  CM Punk could have one with Ziggler, but it’s still too early and Miz is now wrapped up in a retaliation angle with R-Truth.  Air-Boom doesn’t have a contender and not even Cody Rhodes has a contender and no, Booker T doesn’t count especially when you have a guy like Sheamus.  So, all that time where guys like Alex Riley, Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre have gotten buried and not used on top of WWE having Monkey Cole bury every single guy that wasn’t named Del Rio or Miz, now WWE is choking on their own actions and realizing they’ve screwed up.  Now they have some serious work to do because with Wrestlemania being a couple of months away and all the hype that they’ve put into John Cena vs. The Rock, they have now left themselves with no room for error.


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