When Championships Don’t Appear Relevant

So we’re almost a month from TLC where Daniel Bryan won the World Heavyweight Title and Zack Ryder won the U.S. Title.  I was happy when both of these things happened and for different reasons.  Now, I was all for these guys sporting gold for different reasons, but now I’m starting to think that perhaps I was in error about them.  I don’t necessarily blame it on Daniel Bryan or Zack Ryder. I blame it on WWE Creative and their inability to make sure that the title belts actually mean something.  Then again, I shouldn’t be shocked by this considering the fact that WWE already has made their tag team titles non-existent.  It seems these days like WWE hasn’t just forgotten what wrestling actually means, but also seem to have forgotten what the name “Champion” means in any sports and in pro wrestling.

For anyone that’s going to go on about how the belts are just a prop, all I’m gonna say to that is save it.  I’m aware of that just as everybody else is so don’t even bother mentioning it.   When an NFL team wins the Super Bowl or an NBA team wins in the Finals or an NHL team wins the Stanley Cup, it all means one thing to a lot of people and that is the fact that in that very year, amongst the entire league, that one team holding that title stands tall as the best in the league.  For many wrestling fans, that is how the title belts were viewed in that whoever held hem was one of the best if not the best. The guy holding the belt was standing at the top as the king of the mountain or queen if you want to go by the women’s championships.  But it also made whoever was sporting that belt a target because whoever held that belt also had many other contenders gunning for them to take that belt and knock them off the top so that they would be the ones standing there. It added to the prestige of the championships and a lot of times, how great a champion you were was measured by how long you could hang onto it just as much as how many times you’ve been champion.

Now, first let me break down something about Zack Ryder and his U.S. Title reign.  As I’ve said, I never once watched his podcast and didn’t think much of his gimmick in WW/ECW.  I simply considered that maybe there was actually something there since he did get a bit of a following.  The guy wasn’t getting any TV time and went and made his own break.  So they must’ve decided to give the guy one of the mid-card belts and see what he could do with it. Unfortunately, he hasn’t done much of anything with it.  Has he taken on any challengers to defend that belt? No.  Does he even have anybody gunning for him to take the belt? No.  So what has he done? He somehow got intertwined with the Kane/John Cena storyline and somehow Eve is in the mix.  Does this make any sense to you guys? Me either.

Onto Daniel Bryan and his title win, I was one of those that was happy as hell about him winning the belt.  The sad part is that I wanted to see him cash in his Money in the Bank contract at Mania because it’s never been done before and it fits the kind of wrestler t hat he is.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and he took the easy way just as almost everybody has that got that contract in the first place. Once again, is anyone gunning for him to take the belt? Not unless you count Big Show and an injured Mark Henry and even then, nobody is taking it seriously.  Word going around is that they’re aiming at a heel turn for Bryan and even though he’s shown traits of it, nothing has changed because “Shrieking Monkey” Michael Cole still rips on him even if the guy is going heel. It’s unfair to compare Daniel Bryan in his Ring Of Honor days where he held the belt and was considered “The Best in the World” and proved exactly why that is when he competed in the ring, but this is still pretty weak. You already have people looking at this as a transitional reign and nobody thinks that Bryan is going to hold onto the belt until Mania.  In fact, the only question coming to mind is if Mark Henry is working through the injury, why did they take the belt off of him in the first place?


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