“Diamonds are Forever, and so are the Four Horsemen” As It Should Be

The Four Horsemen are going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Set aside any feelings about the WWE hall of fame, there are two things that are just made to be and the Four Horsemen and a wrestling hall of fame of any kind are on that list. Of course, you have the majority members in JJ Dillon, Barry Windham, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, and let’s be honest Ric Flair WILL be with them as well. One thing that the Horsemen had been known for was being the greatest collaboration and assembly of talent who knew how to do their thing in the ring and/or on the microphone. They also were never afraid to fight dirty and the Horsemen raised that to an art form.  They were arrogant and cocky and some would go as far as to call them egomaniacs and the reason for that was simple: Because they could be.  They were the Horsemen and especially when they were sporting gold, they could do whatever they damn well pleased. Whether it was in singles or in tag team action such as the pairings of Arn Anderson with either Tully Blanchard or Barry Windham, the Horsemen got the job done at any cost and no matter what rules they had to break. I would say as individuals they were good, but when you were tangling with any member of the Four Horsemen, you were dealing with the entire group no matter what and as a group, the Four Horsemen were deadly.   Of course, there are other horsemen members that aren’t mentioned in the WWE Hall of Fame induction such as Lex Luger, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Steve McMichael, Mean Mark (aka The Undertaker), Sid Vicious, Brian Pillman and Ole Anderson.

Lex Luger goes without saying on why he won’t be there. That guy ditched WWE to go to the first Monday Nitro. He might as well have stuck the middle finger up at Vince McMahon right in his face. Luger not only put himself on Vinny Mac’s blacklist, it’s pretty much engraved in stone. If this were to happen any other night it would be one thing, but this was one of the catalysts that started the Monday Night Wars.  Lex Luger and Medusa were two people that jumped ship from WWE to WCW without warning.  Hell Medusa took the WWE Women’s Title and dropped it in the trash right on live TV.  Even if you set Luger’s defection aside, Lex Luger had a lackluster run in WWE.  He won no titles and that whole Lex Express angle ended up being an overhyped catastrophe that ended at Summerslam.  I’m sure Vince has some wrestlers that will set foot in the WWE over his dead body and I think it’s a safe bet Luger is one of them.

Sid Vicious has made a name for himself without the Horsemen, and I’m not sure as far as how good the relationship was between him and the WWE.  He was the big man of the Horsemen, that’s true and as far as the many fists that the Horsemen had, he was one of the biggest ones and revolutionized the Powerbomb.  Before his days as the Undertaker, Mark Calloway made his name for himself in WCW as Mean Mark and had a short run with the Horsemen before parting ways.  However brief, the point is that he achieved way more fame as The Undertaker than he did in WCW as Mean Mark or with the Horsemen. He’ll be in the Hall of Fame and that’s a guarantee but he’ll be part of that on his own.  As for Sid, while he was a member of the Horsemen, they seem to be sticking with the ones that were the most memorable and that started the group and were the group for many years.

Dean Malenko and Steve McMichael were part of the horsemen during periods where I’m sure Vince doesn’t want to reminisce about. I mean the two weren’t part of the horsemen during the Monday night wars or the dying run of WCW. Anyone wanting to remember the Horsemen wants to remember the glory days of it.  Malenko was added to the Horsemen during the last dying days of WCW and as far as Steve “Mongo” McMichael being a member of the Horsemen,  he was simply there and it took him off of the broadcast table that still suffered from having Eric Bischoff do commentary. Besides, I’m pretty sure that Mongo’s run as a wrestler and member of the Horsemen was one thing that WWE took shots at towards WCW during the Monday Night Wars.

Brian Pillman and Chris Benoit are two different stories. Pillman died young while on the WWE roster and even that aside, his stay on the horsemen was brief in WCW. Even then, Pillman was a member of the Horsemen during the forgettable Horsemen vs Dungeon of Doom war, mostly because if there was any stable that people wishes they could forget about from WCW, it was the Dungeon of Doom.  Benoit is a different story as he will never touch the hall of fame under any circumstances. Given, Benoit was a member of the Horsemen and a significant piece of the stable for a few years and was part of the only good thing in the Horsemen/Dungeon of Doom in the rivalry between himself and Kevin Sullivan.  In fact, it was becoming a member of the Horsemen that led to Benoit receiving the name of “The Crippler” which was given by “Double A” Arn Anderson himself. Set aside his great ring skill and accomplishments, the end of Benoit’s life and circumstances around it is the ultimate black eye to his legacy.  I don’t know if he’ll end up in any wrestling Hall of Fame, but the WWE is sure as hell in no rush to put Benoit’s name in theirs, whether it be  by himself or as part of the Horsemen.

Last we have Ole Anderson. Now when I watched WCW for the first time and saw the Horsemen around the time they kicked Sting out of the group, I saw Arn and Ole Anderson as a tag team. So I recognize what Ole is as far as the legacy of the horsemen. But unfortunately despite what Ole means to the Horsemen, Vince doesn’t give a damn. He is not the biggest fan of Ole and Ole likes Vince even less. Reports have also said that Ole’s health is very poor so it comes down to ego or health as the reasons Ole won’t be amongst the Horsemen. In this case, it’s both because set aside his health conditions, he feels what the WWE calls a “Hall of Fame” is a joke. With having Pete Rose and Drew Carey in there, who can blame him for thinking that? Ole Anderson has openly said that VKM doesn’t like him and that’s fine because Ole hates him the same. Top that off with the fact that he doesn’t expect a call from Vince and it’s not big deal to him if he doesn’t.  He also mentions that everyone t hat knows wrestling knows the original members of the Four Horsemen were him, Tully, Arn and Flair with JJ Dillon as their manager.   Safe to say that Ole Anderson and Vince McMahon will always be butting heads and that is something that won’t change.  But for those that remember the Four Horsemen, they remember Ole Anderson as a member of the group and no Hall of Fame ceremony will change that and as far as Ole Anderson goes, he doesn’t need a WWE Hall of Fame ring to remember his days as a Horseman.

As far as Ric Flair goes and him being with TNA/Impact Wrestling, I would like to see them try and tell Flair not to go. I dare TNA to tell him that because the bottom line is they could tell him no all they want, he won’t listen. Some guys are just bigger than pro wrestling and one of those guys happens to be Ric Flair. Ric Flair was always the leader of the group. He was the face of the group, the captain of the ship and there is no way you have the Horsemen inducted into a Hall of Fame of any kind without the Nature Boy. That would be like having an induction of DX without HBK or Triple H or having Harlem Heat without Booker T.There is no middle ground on this as anyone that grew up watching pro wrestling knows that the leader of the Horsemen has ALWAYS been Ric Flair and that you cannot induct the group without him.  Some will go on saying that he already has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by himself, but who the hell cares? It’s Ric Flair that we’re talking about. It’s his damn group and if inducting the Four Horsemen means Flair getting a second ring than give him the damn ring. As far as him being on the TNA roster, who cares?  What gives them any say in telling him that he can’t be part of a Hall of Fame induction for his own group, his own stable in the Four Horsemen?  Will Ric Flair be at the event? He says he will be and I expect nothing less than that.

Those of us that have watched wrestling are familiar with Stables and one group that defined the term is the Four Horsemen. Set aside your D-Generation X, Dungeon of Doom, New World Order, Triple Threat, Triple X, Evolution, Wolfpac, Sweet & Sour Inc, Camp Cornette, etc, there would be no stables in wrestling if The Four Horsemen didn’t set the standard for what a stable is supposed to be. Bottom line, there will be a lot of us hardcore wrestling fans who grew up watching pro wrestling who will be watching the Hall of Fame ceremony to see the Horsemen ride again even if it is for one more night.


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