Jack Swagger Wins the US Title, Zack Ryder Losing the Belt: The Good & The Bad

This past monday, we all saw Zack Ryder lose the belt to Jack Swagger.  A lot of people would be calling this the WWE sticking the middle finger up at the Internet Wrestling Community over Ryder.  There is however some good that can emerge from this.  The storyline here was that Ryder was hurt and “not cleared” to wrestle but still did it anyway. The guy went out there trying to be a fighting champion.  This is a good thing as it helps separate himself from his gimmick and making him look like a legit contender for that belt. The bad side of this is more for the US Title.  Namely the fact that what in the bluest of blue hells has Jack Swagger done to deserve holding a belt of any kind? And don’t tell me getting Vickie Guerrero as a manager because that doesn’t count.  Having her in his corner hasn’t made him the least bit relevant.

Swagger in the time that he’s been in the WWE has not impressed me at all. I find his whole “All-American American” nickname to be laughable even if he is a two All-American.   I’m no where near impressed with any of his moves in the ring. The push-ups that he does in his entrance is not only stupid, but it’s never worked and ask you can Scott Steiner about that. Hell, the jumping jacks didn’t work for Chris Candido.  Then there’s his inability to pick a finishing move, even though neither of his are believable because it looks like he does both of them half-assed.  Anybody can do a gut-wrench powerbomb and he makes it look like even lifting up the smallest of guys is like lifting a ton of bricks.  Then there’s the ankle lock and his attempt at trying to do the move and make it look as brutal as the Anaconda Vice or the Crippler Crossface.  All I can say about that is Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle, Why? Because Jack Swagger is neither of those two and the standing ankle lock doesn’t make him look intimidating. It makes him look like a jackass who can’t get submission move to look right.  Not that impressive for a two time All American.

As for Ryder, they had to do something because ever since he won the US title, he hasn’t done a whole lot with it. Part of the appeal with champions is that when the new guy wins  the belt, somebody is gunning for him to take the belt from him.  Ryder didn’t have that after winning the belt. He just had himself get involved in a story with Eve and both ended up being mixed up in the cluster storm of crap that is the John Cena vs Kane storyline.  Part of getting the belt is now that the guy chasing it has it, he has to take it to the next level and Ryder really didn’t do much of that.  Of course, when Raw’s ratings were failing, the WWE was blaming guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder for it.  Forgetting completely about the fact that maybe it’s not the guys holding the belts, but the fact that your product sucks and you’re not selling it to make people want more of it. However, I want to believe that if that were really the case, then we would’ve seen all three of the those mentioned above drop their belts.

For those that are pissed off about Ryder losing the belt, there is the upshot that he could end up getting it back since they seem to be playing off of Ryder being hurt and John Laryngitis being an incompetent jackass of a General Manager. The only problem is how do you keep that belt on Swagger and give it some credibility? Say what you want about Ryder, but at least he has more charisma than Swagger does.  All Swagger has over Ryder is half-assed ankle lock, a lisp, two time all-american and a gut-wrench powerbomb that looks like he’s doing it with a hernia.  Then again, it’s not the only time the WWE damaged credibility to a belt. Maybe Vince has a hard-on for the chapter of WCW where they gave David Arquette the world title.


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