The Bourne Resignation?

Evan Bourne got hit with his second suspension following the wellness policy of the WWE. The biggest shock is that this happened not that long after he got hit with a 30 day suspension for his first violation.  So you can’t help but wonder whether he has a problem or if he’s just looking to get the hell out of the WWE.  If it’s the other, I can’t say I really blame him for it.  The guy debuted in the WWE in 2007 and it took him up until last year before he got some kind of belt and it’s not even a belt that means a damn anymore in the WWE.  Plus, his height does seem to fall into Vinny Mac’s blacklist since the guy doesn’t like the shorter guys to get a push unless they’re named Rey Mysterio and even that doesn’t happen a whole lot.

As far as if he is trying to get himself fired, where will he end up? The guy has the skill and a lot more than what the WWE has actually let him showcase in the ring.  Anyone that has seen him in action during his days as Matt Sydal would know what I’m talking about.  The first time I actually saw him was in a match in the short lived Wrestling Society X against Jack Evans.  Before I saw that match, I had believed that the high-flying style of wrestling was on the brink of extinction.  Luckily I was able to see guys like Sydal and Evans are well as Daniels and Styles. I was excited when he joined the WWE as Evan Bourne because I felt that the WWE acquired one hell of a talent, even though the first place he ended up was the fake ECW that WWE decided to puke up.

The guy had never won a belt until last year.  The WWE didn’t even think he was good enough to be pushed for the mid-card belts or even the ECW belt that WWE came up with that held very little value in the fans eyes. The only belt he got was last year when he won the Tag Team titles with another wrestler who has been under-used and under-utilized in Kofi Kingston.  No real problem with the tag belts being on them except for the fact that the belts don’t even mean a quarter of what they used to mean.  There’s only 2 other tag teams besides Air-Boom and nobody cares because the tag team division is yet another example of the WWE not pushing talent or selling their product.

Where would I rather Bourne go if he does get fired? I don’t want to see him in TNA/Impact Wrestling because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing anymore. He did do well for himself in ROH and with the talent they got on their roster, there’s no reason to think he won’t do well over there.  Besides, going back to ROH worked out pretty well for Jay Lethal and the longer he’s there, the more that it looks like TNA dropped the ball huge with him.  Besides, with regard to Evan Bourne, the guy has been in that company for 5 years and all he has to show for it is management being pissed him for the fact that he hasn’t been used. You’d figure he’d have broken enough ground to finally get some kind of push in the WWE but apparently not.  The only ground that was broken was being on the list of guys that the WWE didn’t push.


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