“I’m The Miz. And I’m…..” Getting the Short End of the Stick

That’s right, boys and girls. The PPV buys for Survivor Series sucked. The same Survivor Series where CM Punk won the WWE title form Alberto Del Rio. The same Survivor Series that featured John Cena teaming up with The Rock to take on R-Truth and The Miz. So, who does the WWE blame for the PPV tanking? They blame The Miz for it, forgetting the fact completely that the guy fell from grace since losing the belt to John Cena. Seriously, you push the guy to win Money in the Bank in 2010, beat Randy Orton to win the belt and hold on to the belt through Wrestlemania and the second he loses the belt, he can’t stop losing matches and is even thrown back into the tag team picture in a weak tag team division with R-Truth. So is the Miz really to blame or do you blame WWE Creative for being too stupid or lazy or maybe both to come up with something better for the guy?

I didn’t have a problem with The Miz holding the belt. My only problem with him was that he couldn’t win a match on his own. Given the fact that heels are supposed to cheat to win a lot of the time, but sometimes there is that one crazy little moment where you actually have them win a match on their own somehow. Miz didn’t do that in any of his matches with Randy Orton after winning the belt. If it wasn’t Alex Riley helping him out, it was CM Punk and the Nexus attacking Orton. If you want to say that he beat John Morrison on his own, I say to you that “Like they were going to give Morrison the belt in the first place.” If you want to say he beat Jerry Lawler, I say to you “he beat a semi-retired veteran in his late 50’s to early 60’s, so what?” He couldn’t even beat John Cena on his own because the only reason he beat him at Mania was because of The Rock attacking Cena.

Michael Cole was of course the Miz’s biggest cheerleader, but that didn’t help him whatsoever because honestly, it just made it look like one laughable (to the point of being pathetic) man-crush that Cole had for the Miz. Besides, the Miz is capable of getting heat on his own without having the shrieking monkey at the announcer’s table praising his sexuality questioning love for the Miz. There was reports a while back that Vince McMahon saw the Miz as the future and that he had big plans for him. Does the phrase “big plans” all of a sudden mean “plummet to irrelevancy?” The guy hasn’t taste any kind of gold since losing the WWE title and no matter how many times he says “I’m Awseome,” he keeps losing and losing. So that leaves one last alternative that could send the guy right back up: a face turn.

There’s been so much talk about John Cena turning heel, what about The Miz turning face? Mostly because what can you do with him as a heel that we haven’t already seen from him already. Top that off with there has been little to nothing done to push him back into the title picture with CM Punk. Why not turn him face? The crowd already reacts whenever he does his whole “I’m the Miz…” catchphrase and also when he does his whole “Really? Really? Really” bit which is very similar to Ken Anderson repeating his name twice or whatever the hell The Rock ended up saying on the microphone. Will a face turn help revive The Miz and bring him right back up? It couldn’t possibly do any further damage for him.


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