How Much Trouble is The Miz In with WWE?

We all know that The Miz has been in a slump and is nowhere near the level he was at last year when he was the WWE Champion.  When he lost the belt, he started to lose matches, knocked out of the title picture and was even forced back into Tag Team action in an already weakened to the point of flatlining tag team division.  The closest he got to the title picture was a TLC match featuring himself, Del Rio and champion CM Punk.  Then he was back to being on the losing end and getting his ass kicked by R-Truth.  Top that off with Survivor Series having an abysmal butyrate and he’s taking the blame for it.  Last night’s horrible Monday Night Raw didn’t do him any favors and seemed to make things so much worse.

The Six Pack Challenge, the only watchable match on the entire card last night, had The Miz mess up huge by missing his spot when R-Truth did a somersault dive over the top rope. This lead to Truth hitting the ground hard and the back of his head hitting the ground just as hard to the point he had to be taken out of the match.  It couldn’t have gotten worse than a guy being hurt because of him, right? Wrong!  There was horrible miscommunication between himself and Chris Jericho when they were squaring off in that same match. The Miz screwed up and fell when he wasn’t supposed to and you pretty much see the exchange of words between him and Jericho which is something we’re not supposed to see, but needless to say that The Miz was making rookie mistakes in the ring. The problem is that this was on live TV and Miz ain’t a rookie anymore.  He hasn’t been for sometime and considering the position he was in last year when he was at the top, he should be above doing crap like this.

Now, how much trouble is he in? I don’t hold him responsible for Survivor Series bombing because that PPV was not that great to begin with and when you’ve done so little with R-Truth and Miz as a team and you’re hyping them to go against John Cena and The Rock, the match on paper doesn’t give the two a chance in hell against Rock and Cena and just makes Miz and Truth look like lambs being lead to slaughter. As for what happened on Raw, that was a huge screw-up and Miz is lucky that Truth didn’t get hurt worse than he probably could’ve.  As for what happened with Jericho and Miz, Miz should know better than to mess up like that because he’s been in the ring and doing this long enough to avoid mistakes like that and the fact that he was going against a veteran like Chris Jericho shouldn’t have made a difference.   Now the big question circulating around the net and most likely in the forums too is whether or not The Miz is finished with some saying things along the lines of “remember what happened with Mr. Kennedy.”

The circumstances there are different because of the fact that I’m pretty sure that before now, Vinny Mac had serious love for Miz and not so much for Kennedy/Anderson.  Top that off with Kennedy was injury prone and you can say a lot about The Miz but him being injury prone is not one of them.  Miz unfortunately is just the fall guy for the WWE trying to make excuses for the shortcomings of Survivor Series.  They’re simply desperate for an excuse to the PPV lacking. You can’t dodge what happened with Truth though. That incident unfortunately is on him and it’s definitely a mark that he doesn’t need considering his character has already been circling mediocrity.  He hasn’t been in the title picture and hasn’t held any kind of gold much less the WWE or World Title for sometime and his heel character is pretty much getting stale and to the point where he’s not doing anything we haven’t already seen before. While I don’t think that he’s in trouble to the point of getting a pink slip, he’s definitely in trouble to the point where the guy needs to be a complete boy scout. Top that off with he needs to make sure that the next time he’s in a main event whether it’s on a PPV, Raw or Smackdown, that he doesn’t let incidents like this past Raw happen again, but it could be a while before WWE does that again after this past Monday.  The Miz has to be careful from this point on or his next catchphrase can be “I’m the Miz. And I’m….Unemployed.”


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