TNA Shows Vince Russo the Door, One Down and Two to Go


TNA does the smartest move that they could have done in months. Vince Russo is officially GONE from TNA.  Yes, that’s right. The same guy that gave us the “Last Rights” match and the “Electrified Cage” match, the stupid heel turn of Chris Sabin and God knows the list goes on and on, is officially done in TNA.  I can’t express this enough when I say this but here goes:


Him being let go is not the biggest shock here. The only real shock of all this is that it took this long for TNA to actually do it.   The guy didn’t make their product any better and this is the same guy who played a big part in WCW’s downfall.  Set aside the AOL/Time Warner deal because the fact of the matter is that what company would want to be part of a wrestling product that was clearly inferior and circling the drain? TNA should take notes that if you want your product to work that you don’t hire the guys responsible for bringing one wrestling company to the ground. Eric Bischoff acted like it was own personal ATM machine and Vince Russo tried to be the next Vince McMahon.  And as far as Hulk Hogan, he simply bled the company dry and when the ship started sinking, he jumped ship faster than a rat on the Titanic.

What good has come out of TNA since these guys became part of it? The six-sided ring was taken away and with it, Six Sides of Steel. The King of the Mountain match has become extinct and Ultimate X barely on life-support along with the X-Division itself.  The X-Division is also not even close to what it used to be as it’s now Austin Aries and whoever is left.  Nobody knows who is holding what belt anymore except maybe for Bobby Roode and the world title.  Nobody knows who is holding the tag team titles and when asked about the TV title, the only reaction people have is: “TNA has a TV Title?”

Then you have the talk about Spike TV’s deal with TNA coming to a head in the Fall of this year. Ironically enough, it’s the same time that Hogan and Bischoff’s deals come to an end. I’d say if TNA was smart they’d let those two leave and not re-sign them.  Then again, if TNA was smart, they wouldn’t have re-signed them this past year.  They’d have let them go so they can rebuild, but Dixie Carter seems to think that Hogan is still a draw and Bischoff is still some kind of genius with tricks up his sleeve that we’ve yet to see.  In order, let me say it simply like this:  He isn’t, he’s not and he doesn’t.  Bischoff is still under the delusion or belief, however you want to look at it, that controversy creates cash but the only problem is that Eric Bischoff doesn’t know how to be controversial.  Hell, he doesn’t know how to cut a promo anymore without crowd getting bored within five seconds of it.  And if he’s not doing that, he’s taking the Bill Watts & Erik Watts approach with his own son who nobody gives a damn about and look at it as being force fed like David Flair was to the Nitro crowd. Only difference there is that they didn’t take a prestigious title belt and hand it to him on a silver platter like David Flair was with the U.S. Title in WCW. Then again, give TNA one week and they’ll do just that with one of their belts. Of course, none of their belts have prestige anymore.

Bottom line is that if Spike TV doesn’t sign a new deal with TNA, TNA doesn’t survive. They got lucky when they had Fox Sports and got a new deal with Spike TV. They won’t get that lucky again, especially when back then, they had a product to actually sell.  It may not have been as mainstream as the WWE , but TNA was a lot more presentable and a far better product back then than it is now. They had an X-Division and they had a solid tag team division to rely on.  They don’t have that anymore nor do they have good stories, rivalries or championships that mean a damn.  Neither Hogan or Bischoff care if TNA does go under, they’ll be happy as long as they get the last bit of blood money that the bleed out of Dixie Carter and this company.


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