Triple H vs Undertaker One More Time.

That’s right, boys and girls. Tonight it was made official.  Triple H vs The Undertaker in one more match. This time, it will be in what could be the only structure that keep the magnitude of this match in check: HELL IN A CELL!  I had said that this match needed to stand apart from the last match and I felt that the most fitting way to do that would be Hell in a Cell.  Triple H has had more victories in that cage, but Taker has had the more memorable moments in that cage.  Though it’s Wrestlemania, there’s not really a bar set that high in terms of Hell in a Cell at Mania, considering that the last time they did it, it was Taker vs Big Bossman where Taker hung him after the match.  It was needless to say one of the most lackluster of Hell in a Cell matches.  Nevertheless, I see this shaping up to be one of the biggest Wrestlemanias that I’ve seen in a really long time.

I can’t help but look at this match as being the peek for the Undertaker and especially for the Mania streak.  Personally, I don’t want to see this streak come to an end and at the same time, I don’t think there’s anybody left AFTER Triple H.  This will be Taker taking on Triple H at his best in fighting him in a structure where he doesn’t hold back. Before the cage known as Hell In A Cell was crammed into a themed PPV, the cage was known on different occasions for ending feuds. Triple H ended many angles for himself against Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho and Batista.  However, with everything that is being put into this match and the build up, they need to make sure that this match is violent on a scale that matches last year if not surpassing it. Now I’m not saying that guys need to be thrown off the top of the cage or even through the top of the cage. What I’m saying is that it has to be bloody, brutal and maybe see one or both of them go through the side of the cage.

Now, I feel that having this match take place inside the cage is as far as you need to go. No adding outside ring enforcers or special referees because honestly, if the streak is gonna end, than I want to see Triple H do it legit and by legit since Triple H is no stranger to breaking the rules, I mean doing it on his own.  Look if he takes a sledge hammer to Taker, it’s still technically him winning by his own merit.  Triple H wins the match, and his legacy will be complete and the guy will pretty much be immortal.  Something that is kinda fitting for somebody the caliber of Triple H.  The guy has won many championships and wrestled against some very memorable names.  This is really the only thing that he has not accomplished and if he succeeds in beating Taker and ending the streak, he will have literally completed everything that he has done in his career.

Now, if Taker wins the match and makes it to 20-0, there’s nothing more to prove.  The legacy of the Undertaker will be cemented in and will be known as somebody who could never be taken down at Wrestlemania.  He will be known as somebody who took on all comers and the biggest names in the business and overcame all of them. And if he overcomes Triple H, he will have overcome the best the WWE had to offer and the guy who has stood for years at the top as the King of the Mountain in the WWE. This match can serve as a “going down in a Blaze of Glory” and really if there was a match that would fit as a last hurrah for The Undertaker, this would be that match.

So far we have The Rock vs John Cena, Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan, CM Punk vs Chris Jericho, and now Triple H vs Undertaker 3 inside Hell in a Cell.  This is looking to be one seriously stacked card for Wrestlemania.  All we need is to see Money in the Bank return to Mania and for the love of God, do not let Michael Cole wrestle again.


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