Looking Back at Raw Last Night

There’s been a lot of mixed reactions about Raw on Monday Night.  A lot of people were probably expecting yours truly to not like it also.  However, that wasn’t the case for me and I’m going to explain exactly why that is.  First off before I go any further, I want to set the record straight that just because I was fine with Raw on Monday, doesn’t mean it’s one of the best Raw’s that I’ve seen in my entire life because that wasn’t the case.  The reasons that I wasn’t bothered by Raw was because of the fact that I recognized what it needed to be and what it needed to do in being a lighting of the fuse and kicking off the countdown to Wrestlemania and in that regard, the show did its job.  That being said, here’s the breakdown of Monday’s edition of Raw.

Eve’s heel turn while talked about for a while was kind of sudden and I thought that the Bella Twins having some sense of conscious with her about how she used Zack Ryder and planned to use John Cena was confusing and kinda stupid.  However, I give John Cena props because “Broski for a Hoeski” was hilarious and I loved that a lot. Eve’s emotional breakdown was just cruel, sad and tragic that you couldn’t help but laugh at it.  Primo & Epico vs R-Truth & Kofi Kingston didn’t make much sense to me because as much as WWE’s Tag Team division is just suffering, Kofi doesn’t need to be in a tag team and neither does Truth.

Speaking of fillers, we also got a backstage segment between Teddy Long and John Laryngitis complete with the bastard son of Carlton Banks and WWE Dead Weight in David Otunga. This setup for a match between Otunga and Big Zeke.  There real isn’t a whole lot to write about with that match except that it put over Otunga and made Ezekiel Jackson look like a chump with muscles. I get that they’re trying to do some power struggle story between Long and Johnny Ace but it doesn’t mean I like it.  I also don’t like the idea of having one guy run both shows because if you do that, you might as well just merge the brands entirely because otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense. That and people hate seeing Johnny Boy on one show and I want to think that the hatred will increase a hundred fold if you have him on both shows. He may be getting the hang of his character and making something out of it, but he’s not a long term solution and to have him on both shows is over saturation and just plain overkill. It’s a good chunk of the hatred for Michael Cole because you don’t get a break from him. He’s on every show and the people are sick of him.

Taker came out to confront Triple H and the two went back and forth and finally after refusing the challenge, Taker finally hit the right button and Triple H not only accepted the match, but said that it will take place inside Hell in a Cell.  I like this idea and I said that this was the best option for these two as you needed something to make this match stand apart from the last one.  This match has more than enough to do just that, but it needs to be violent, brutal and bloody.  The concept of “Going Down in a Blaze of Glory” comes to mind because this match between the two, there may be no way to top this off and that no match these two can have against each other will topple this one if it’s done the right way. If the streak is gonna end, this is the way for it to end but even if it doesn’t, this could very well cement the legacy of The Undertaker.

Ron Simmons is going into the WWE Hall of Fame.  I have no problem with that and I remembered watching that match where he defeated Big Van Vader and became the first African-American to win the WCW World Title. I remember many guys getting in the ring to celebrate and put the belt around his waist and I remember Dusty Rhodes getting in the ring and raising his arm up before the crowd.  I was also a fan of the APA and I always found them to be entertaining in their segments. I’m not against him being in the Hall of Fame and if anything, it’s truly well deserved.

There are a lot of people who say things about the Divas division and ripping into it.  Kelly Kelly & Aksana vs The Bellas is a good example of why they do such a thing.  Seriously, I’ve always tried my best to not be critical about Diva Wrestling, but the Bellas give me no choice in the matter. I’m sick of “twin magic” and I just feel that they can’t wrestle worth a damn. Kelly Kelly is at least trying and is showing signs of improvement, but the Bellas wouldn’t even have a job if they weren’t twins, and they’re not even the hottest twins. I”m sure you can find any set of twins that are hotter than Nikki and Brie Bella.

I give all the credit in the world to John Cena as I felt that what he said about The Rock was calling his shot and setting up for Wrestlemania. That and I thought “Skank-opottamus” used for Eve was funny as hell. He didn’t have to rap or anything, he just simply called it as is by tearing on the Rock about how he up and left while John Cena stayed put and didn’t forget that he was a pro wrestler. He even went as far as to say that The Rock is not the People’s Champion anymore and hasn’t been for some time. Those were some strong words and it was finally having John Cena strike back at The Rock, something that he had seldom done if at all.

The Battle Royal felt like a filler match for a main event.  We all knew Chris Jericho was gonna win and that he’d be going on to face CM Punk.  There was really no need for it and to make matters worse, you had 3 guys get banged up as Dolph Ziggler took a nasty hit against the announcer’s table, R-Truth got a little banged up and to make matters worse, Wade Barrett ended up getting hurt with a dislocated elbow.  Reports are that Barrett will be about for 6-8 weeks, which means he can kiss Wrestlemania goodbye and the chances of Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett at Mania is not going to happen.  If you had a Fatal-Four Way or a Triple Threat match, either one of those would have been better instead of a Battle Royal full of the losers of the Elimination Chamber matches.  Kofi Kingston even took a nasty dive that could have been a lot worse (That’s Kofi Kingston and not Kofi Rhodes, Cole. Open your ears there, Jackass!)

Bottom line is that this past Raw was to be nothing more than a setup for Maina. The point of this show was to start the countdown and get stories to start in motion for the big event.  It was not a great show but it did what it was supposed to do.


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