Happy Birthday to the Shark Attack. 1 Year and Climbing

I’m BAAACCCKKKK!!!!  Did you all miss me?  I apologize for my two week absence.  Had some personal stuff going on in my life and I appreciate the patience for that.  But now I’m back and you know what they say about Great White Sharks,  Great Whites are ALWAYS hungry, so you can bet your ass I’m going to be back to making my voice heard and spouting what I believe in and what I like and dislike about what’s going on in wrestling today.  But regarding this article here, this month marks one year today that I started this blog with the intent of doing my part in making the voice of the intelligent wrestling fans heard.

When I started this blog, I voiced my opinions on various topics such as Jeff Hardy spiraling out of control or how Michael Cole is killing the product of the WWE when he should be selling it and as I went on, I found more and more topics to tackle in the world of pro wrestling,  I’ve done that all the way up to now where i stand before you all as “The Apex Predator of Perfect Plex Radio” (a plug for Brian Waters and Mike Knoxxx. You’re welcome, boys) and above all, The Shark of All that is Pro Wrestling otherwise known as Sean Williams.  To all the people that read my work on here and on We Want Wrestling and when I wrote for ultimatesportstalk.com, I thank all of you for it and it means a lot to me and I’m glad that I give you guys all something to read about in the world of pro wrestling.

I also can’t go without thanking the guys that I’ve interviewed and took the time to answer my questions.  I’m talking about guys like “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen who was my first interview and of course the ruler of the Embassy himself Prince Nana.  I also gotta thank the guys who answered the questions I wrote at Ultimate Sports Talk in Krimson, Marion Fontaine, Kevin Kelly and Omega Aaron Draven.  And I also can’t go without thanking Jason Bane, “The One Man Militia” Matthew Justice, Nigel McGuinness and of course “Scrapiron” Adam Pearce. To all those guys, I thank you all for taking the time out of your schedules to answer my questions and helping me put my blog on the rise.

Next I want to thank a lot of people that have been supportive of me when I started this out I want to thank Greg Mitchell of Ultimate Sports Talk, Jason McDowell of We Want Wrestling for being among the first to see my work.  I also want to thank Addie and Mo of We Talk Wrestling and I also want to thank the voice of Ring of Honor and the man who was one of the first to tell me that I had the passion for wrestling and was the first to believe in my ability and of course I’m talking about the one and only Mr. Kevin Kelly.  And of course, last but definitely not the least, most of all I can’t forget the guys of Perfect Plex and the guys of the Wrestling Wrealm.  I’m talking of course about the CEO of Hard Knoxxx, 3 X’s because he’s hardcore in Mike Knoxxx, Mr Main Event BDub Brian Waters and the Real F’N Deal himself The Real Dwayne Allen.  To all of you guys I say thank you for the support and to all of you who read my work to keep watching because this Shark is just getting warmed up.


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