Interview with ROH’s own Nigel McGuinness

Not too long ago, I had the honor and privilege to talk briefly with a man who holds a record  as being one of the longest reigning world heavyweight champions in Ring of Honor history.  He is now one half of the announce team that provides the voice for ROH TV in Nigel McGuinness.  Here’s how the interview went:

THE SHARK:  This is “The Shark Attack.” I am Sean Williams and I’m talking to a man who holds the record as being one of the longest reigning world champions in Ring of Honor history.  He currently provides the voice for Ring of Honor TV with Kevin Kelly and the master of “The Tower of London” and the Lariat. I’m talking of course about Nigel McGuinness. Nigel, it’s truly an honor to be talking to you. Thank you so much for your time and welcome to the Shark Attack. How are you?

NIGEL: Great.

THE SHARK: You’ve been back with Ring of Honor for quite a while now. How has the transition been for you thus far from in-ring competitor to broadcaster?

NIGEL: It’s not easy. But I get a little more comfortable each time. And working with Kevin, Jim and Delirious is awesome and helps me out no end.

THE SHARK: Over the years, the definition of a “heel” in wrestling has changed in most companies   Having spent a lot of your career as a heel, what has been the secret for you in being a heel and in your opinion, why has the definition of a heel changed?

NIGEL: Be yourself, well the part people don’t like. Everything has evolved since the eighties. Wrestling was just last to evolve.

THE SHARK: Is there a part of you that misses being in the ring and if you could wrestle one more match, who would you want your opponent to be out of anyone in the ROH roster right now?

NIGEL: I do miss it sometimes.  I was lucky enough to wrestle Eddie on my retirement tour. Either him or Roddy or Ciampa or Bennett or Jacobs.

THE SHARK: If circumstances were different and you were wrestling right now in ROH, would you have loved to win the ROH World Title one more time and break the record of your previous title reign and the title reign of Samoa Joe?

NIGEL: Hell No. I’d never have survived.  🙂 

THE SHARK: You left Ring of Honor to join TNA (aka Impact Wrestling) and became Desmond Wolfe. How did that environment compare to the one you left in ROH?

NIGEL: It was more commercial. Less of a family. But still welcoming as I knew so many of the guys there already. I was really happy to be there at first.

THE SHARK: Your first PPV match in TNA was against Kurt Angle. Was there pressure in having your first match be against a wrestler the caliber of Kurt Angle?

NIGEL: I never feel pressure for my big matches because I’m confident of my opponent’s ability. Kurt was as better than I could have possibly imagined. The Best.

THE SHARK: If you had stayed in TNA, what is something you would’ve loved to do that you weren’t able to do while you were there?

NIGEL: Punch Hulk Hogan in the face. Just kidding. I wished I’d have had a Title Shot on a PPV.

THE SHARK: How much of the opposition such as TNA and WWE do you watch at the moment and who are your favorites to watch?

NIGEL: I can’t watch WWE or TNA. For different reasons.  But I read about them and hearing about my friends makes me happy.

THE SHARK: As mentioned, you had one of the longest world title reigns in ROH history.  Why do you think that these days, most wrestling don’t seem to favor having anything long term whether it’s title reigns or rivalries?

NIGEL: Its what people learnt in the Monday Night Wars I guess. But the effects are being seen now. 

Check your local listings to find an affiliate of Sinclair Broadcasting to find Ring of Honor TV.  Big thank you to Nigel McGuinness for taking the time to answer my questions.


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