Triple H vs Taker 3: Miami, We Have a Problem

Let me set the record straight that I had no problem with this match taking place. I was skeptic about it until they made it a Hell in a Cell match.  Everything was just fine as it was so long as there was nothing that would jeopardize this match being a final showdown between the Undertaker and Triple H at Wrestlemania.  That unfortunately is what has now happened as “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels is now the referee for the match.  There are a lot of people who are probably cutting some slack because of the fact that this is HBK we’re talking about here. I’m a big fan of HBK and have been for sometime, but it doesn’t mean that I like this idea because I don’t.  I don’t like it one little bit.

Chris Harris and James Storm had a match inside Six Sides of Steel at Lockdown years ago. This should’ve been a great match, but it wasn’t and do you know why? Because they made the match a blindfold match.  Set aside the fact that a blindfold match is one of the stupidest gimmick matches ever made, you’re have a gimmick within a gimmick match and that never works out.  It’s gimmick overkill and when you throw multiple gimmicks into one match, it looks like a mess and the worst part about this with Hell in a Cell is that you didn’t need to have a guest referee much less Shawn Michaels.  What you have here is the WWE trying to fix what wasn’t broken to begin with.  Triple H and Undertaker proved last  year they could deliver a good match because in the last match they had, they damn near killed each other.   All you needed was to have them put on a match just as brutal inside a cage that once was known to be the most brutal in the history of the WWE.  You had people thinking about how brutal and violent it was going to be in this showdown between Triple H and Taker.  Now, all you have people talking about is what the finish is gonna be or to put it simply, will there be a screwjob finish?

Yes, there’s talk about whether the only way to end the streak will be a screwjob finish with Triple H winning the match thanks to help from his partner in crime from DX in Shawn Michaels.  Isn’t it bad enough that HBK spent a good chunk of his career being known as the guy that screwed over Bret Hart? Hell, some people still won’t get off him about that.  Do you really think he’d like to be known as the guy that screwed over Taker or that robbed the fans of the streak? Yeah, there’s a hell of a reputation to have in wrestling.  I’ve always been open to whether the streak ends or not.  I don’t have a problem with the streak never ending, but I’m also not opposed to the streak ending if there’s some way that it benefits.  I was at Mania when Randy Orton tried to end it and I was ready to see it end.  It didn’t end that night but I was still satisfied.  If it ended that night, then it would have elevated Randy Orton to super stardom and he would live in infamy as the man that ended the streak of the Undertaker.  Immortality is the only word that comes to mind with Triple H if he ended the streak, but I also think that if they were going to end it, then it would’ve ended last year.  I still think there is a chance that he could end it, but the feeling is significantly smaller than it was last year.

The worst part about having HBK in the match is that no matter what, whether he counts down Triple H or screws over Taker, you’re going to have one of those guys gunning for him and wanting to have one more match.   Neither of which is a good move because I honestly would rather Shawn Michaels stay retired because there is really nothing left to prove.  He’s going to be known as one of the greatest of all time. Hell, he’s already called that today and there’s no reason whatsoever to jeopardize that.  The right thing to do was to let Triple H and Taker beat the holy hell out of each other in that cage and have the people talk about the brutality to expect for this match and not what is going on right now which is people talking about whether or not Miami will be the home of the Undertaker screwjob because if that’s the outcome that does happen, it’s not just Taker who will be screwed but so will the fans.


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