Looking at The Rock vs John Cena at Mania

Wrestlemania is around the corner and the big question of course will be whether or not spending a whole year of build-up will actually pay off in Miami.  Yes, I’m talking about John Cena vs The Rock.  We all know that it’s going to be in Miami and that it’s going to be in the hometown of The Rock.  The big debate that people have been going back and forth about is who is the face and who is the heel in this one. I must admit that even I’ve gotten into that a bit, but now things have changed and now I’m to the point where my answer to that is simply this.  “OH MY GOD! WHO THE HELL CARES???!!!”  Who cares about who is going to be the face and who is going to be the heel?

You’re not going to get anyone to boo The Rock because he’s the hometown boy.  John Cena is going to get the majority of booing from the crowd, but there will still be a certain percentage of people that are going to cheer for him. Though as far as the technical goes with the promos that have been going on the last couple weeks, it’s looked to me like John Cena has been the one showing up The Rock. It’s like The Rock has tried to do what he does best which apart from the ring work, it’s what he does on the microphone.  But John Cena has actually been doing what he does and making it out like he’s saying to The Rock “You’ve been away WAY too long.” and that the stuff that The Rock does, Cena seems to have a counter for it.  There have been mixed reactions about The Rock Concert from this past Monday.  My biggest complaint about it was the length of it.

The Rock Concert was too long.  It was 20 minutes and I can’t help but wonder if they considered giving The Rock a whole half hour before deciding on the 20 minutes.  Pro wrestling has been a combination of talk and action. People can handle if it’s all action but what they don’t like is nothing but talk and you damn sure don’t spend almost the final quarter of Raw with nothing but talk.  I can’t help but wonder why The Rock got 20 minutes and yet having John Cena go old school Thuganomics was so short it might as well have been 20 seconds.  I loved seeing Cena go back to that because it was the thing that put him over to begin with.  When it came to his raps, he was able to sell it on the microphone and it was also when we knew that Cena was not a technical wrestler, he was a brawler. That’s something that on many different occasions, we’ve found Cena to be more in his element and more entertaining when he’s a brawler.

The biggest part about the face/heel debate for the two is that having a two faces collide at Mania in the main event won’t work. We’ve seen it happen before and they still paid off.  Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker vs Sid, Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart in an Ironman Match are all examples of times at Wrestlemania where we had two faces collide.  Hell, even Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock 2 at Wrestlemania was face vs face even though in the end Austin went heel siding with Vinny Mac, but that’s not the point.  The point is that we’ve seen it happen where there has been face vs face in the main event.  It’s been a rarity at Wrestlemania, but it has happened nonetheless and if it worked in every one those years at Mania, why wouldn’t it work now with John Cena and The Rock.

Bottom line is that we won’t know until we see it before we know if all the build-up for this match will have paid off.   I feel that both guys are two good to let this match be a complete disaster that would put Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg to shame.  I don’t know who will go over in this match, but I kinda see that it would make more sense if Cena went over because unlike The Rock, John Cena will still be there since The Rock is not going back full-time.  In the meantime though, let’s stop the debates about who will be the face and who will be the heel and just watch the show.


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