Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus at Extreme Rules: Why Bryan MUST Win


YES!!!!!  YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!

Nobody can figure out how the hell that became a popular catchphrase, but it happened. The phrase came to be what it is and Daniel Bryan is amongst the elite in the WWE. He’s supposed to be a heel, that’s true but the fact remains is that this guy is so over with the crowd, it’s not even funny.  And yet, there are plenty of people still bent up over the fact that all we got out of him and Sheamus was 18 seconds.  Bad enough that the match was the opener to this year’s Wrestlemania, but to not even give us a five minute match with the two was insulting.  But luckily we have Extreme Rules coming up and a chance for Daniel Bryan to go even higher. But for that to happen, Daniel Bryan has to win the belt back.

Yeah I know, I know.  I’m one of those that can’t stand quick title changes that happen in a month or less.  But this is one case where I’m gonna make the exception. Why you may ask? It’s because I believe in striking while the iron is hot and when you look at Daniel Bryan right now, the iron is RED FREAKING HOT!!!!! The WWE would be crazy to not acknowledge this and if they keep focusing on how he was an indy guy or ROH alum, all I can say is choke on those words. Like it or not, this guy is way over and the crowd is eating him up.  You have somebody that the crowd is red hot for and are chanting his phrase his name, you go for it and make the most out of it as much as possible.  Sheamus however, as much as I like the guy, doesn’t have that same effect.  It’s unfortunate but the fact remains that Sheamus is a cold fish next to the red hot iron for Daniel Bryan.

Sheamus turned face out of nowhere and nobody really understood why. It was one thing when he went after Mark Henry because nobody else would fight him, but the feud ended way too quickly.  There was build-up heading to Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble, but that didn’t work because all we got was Sheamus killing a bunch of tackling dummies, aka jobbers, in about two minutes.  Triple H went face but at least when he did, they changed nothing just like when Stone Cold Steve Austin went face, they also changed nothing with them.  These days, neutral works more than a clear cut face does. Sheamus and John Cena are clear cut faces and the crowd despises them.  They cheer for guys like Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Orton is a good example because though face, they didn’t change a damn thing with him because they still have him as the Viper and the Apex Predator, in other words sadistic to the point of almost being considered psychotic.  But it doesn’t matter, the crowd likes him and Daniel Bryan, though he is quick to spit the admiration from the crowd back at them, the crowd still digs him.

Nobody is taking Sheamus seriously as a champion.  People have forgotten that he even won the belt in the first place. The Great White is nothing but a cold fish right now while Daniel Bryan has become the hot commodity just as CM Punk did when his push first started.  The best advice for the WWE is to put the World Heavyweight Championship back on Daniel Bryan because you don’t want to risk the momentum he’s got going for him right now to come to a screeching halt.  The WWE should be seeing dollar signs every time that they year YES being chanted from the crowd.  The chants of Yes much like Daniel Bryan himself are money and the WWE should try to get as much from it as they can and the best way to do it is give Bryan back the belt while he’s still the hot commodity.


Brock Lesnar: The Hired Merc of Pro Wrestling

There has been a lot of mixed reactions about Brock Lesnar being back in the WWE.  While watching CSR and catching the latest piece from Mark Madden (I had 5 minutes to kill) and he used a word to describe Brock Lesnar that I had never thought of until he said it.  It was where he called Brock a mercenary and honestly looking at Lesnar right now, that’s exactly what he is.  Lesnar is a hired gun, a merc, that the WWE hired and he’ll be there as and do the job as long the price is right.   Yeah I know that a lot of these guys that are on the roster are doing this for money, but there is a difference between those guys on the WWE roster and Brock Lesnar.
For a lot of those guys that are on the roster, a huge chunk of them are there because it’s their passion, it’s their dream to be a pro wrestler and to be in the WWE.  Some guys that have worked their asses off in the developmental territories like FCW or other places are still working their asses off just so they finally get the call to action that they’re finally being called into the big time.  Lesnar doesn’t have that unlike those guys.  The guy may be an athlete, but he lacks the hunger, the passion and the desire to be a pro wrestler. If he had those things, than his ass wouldn’t have left in the first place.
The other kicker with this is that the WWE is watching Brock like a hawk.  The reason for this is that he could just up and leave at the drop of a hat and it wouldn’t be the first time that he’s done it. Just because snake sheds its skin, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a snake and it can still bite  your ass when least expect it.  Lesnar already did that to the WWE at Wrestlemania 20.  My good friend Mr Main Event “B-Dub” Brian Waters has a strong disliking for Brock Lesnar and while I’ve acknowledged that this was a good business move in terms of star power for the WWE, I side with Brian on this because of what Lesnar did.  This goes beyond when he stuck up the middle finger at everybody.  This to me is about the fact that to be on the card at Wrestlemania is a huge honor as well as a big payday. Many of those guys work their asses off to try and get that spot. Sometimes they’re successful and sometime they’re not. But the fact remains that after Wrestlemania is over, it’s the equivalent of a New Year for WWE Superstars. Those that were able to get on the card want to ensure that they’re back there again and maybe get a higher spot on the card. Those that weren’t so lucky want to make ensure that this time, they will be that lucky to get on the card the following year.  The point here is that Brock Lesnar in bombing his match at Wrestlemania 20, he disrespected the business and basically “chewed up & spit out” something that many of those guys in that locker room would’ve killed to have.
Now as far as why Brock is a merc, it’s because he’s doing this solely for the paycheck. The second the paychecks stop coming in, he’ll walk.  That’s just all there is to it. He’ll walk the second the cash-flow from the WWE stops rolling in.  But at the same time, he doesn’t want to screw up because like any hired mercenary, he was hired to do a job and he intends to do the job.  It’s a little thing called consumer confidence. You piss off the wrong people, word spreads, you get blacklisted and then you’re out of luck.  Lesnar knows that he’s hated for how he left and he give a damn.  But the only ones he’s looking to please are the ones signing his paychecks.  He doesn’t want to screw up because if he does, than the cash-flow stops a lot sooner than he intended and he doesn’t want that.  Brock can be called a wrestler or an ass-kicker, but I’m still not going to look at him as anything more than just a hired merc hired to do a job for the WWE and that when the job is completed, he’s gone.  History has had a tendency to repeat itself, so give me one reason why Lesnar won’t up and leave just like he did before.

“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana ONE MORE TIME


It was just about two weeks ago where Colt Cabana won the NWA world title from the Four Time NWA World Champ and a personal favorite of The Shark in Adam Pearce.  This is also the second time that Pearce has lost the belt in his four title reigns to Cabana and going by the promo he cut and the challenge that he laid out, this is the breaking point for Scrap Iron himself. He’s laid out the challenge for a best of seven series that was aptly titled “7 Levels of Hate.”

Pearce made it clear that just one rematch against Cabana was going to cut it nor would beating him 2 times.  The sole mission that he has is to prove that he’s the best and that he’s better than Colt Cabana.  He’s even made it clear that while Cabana may have nothing to prove, Pearce has EVERYTHING to prove. He’s doing it to the point where he’s laying it ALL on the line or as he put it, giving Cabana his one and only chance to shut Pearce up and most of all, the chance to take Adam Pearce out of pro wrestling because he has  said that he will walk away if he can’t beat Cabana.

Some of the best moments in wrestling and the most entertaining have been a best of five or best of seven series.  TNA demonstrated that with the Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money in a best of five series.  Chris Benoit and Booker T had a best of seven series for the U.S. Title in WCW.  I think it’s a safe bet to say that this will be no different for Pearce and Cabana as in promos like that and given the history between the two, there is plenty of emotion involved in this and you just don’t get enough of that in wrestling these days.

As for who do I think will come out on top, I would like to see Pearce take the bar in his career and raise it up another notch and become a Five Time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  You can feel the determination, the emotion and the mindset that he’s in with his promo.  The guy is looking at this like he’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain and history has shown that in some cases, the most ferocious fighter is the one that backed up against the wall. Pearce has the mindset of a caged animal and sometimes if they’re hungry enough or just pissed off enough, a caged animal can be as deadly as they come.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the smoke clears with these two.

John Laurinaitis: The Raspy That Needs to Be Silenced

A lot of you are probably surprised that I would be writing anything about this guy. Given the fact that I think that this douche bag along with Vickie Guerrero and Michael Cole are the three of the people that I feel are doing more harm than good in the WWE, what could I possibly have to say about this guy that I haven’t already? Oh believe me, there is plenty that I can say about this guy because the saddest truth about all this is that the WWE just doesn’t get it with any of those three, especially John Laryngitis.

So yes, his team won at Wrestlemania thanks to Eve “Man-Jaw” Torres screwing with Zack (Woo Woo Woo, You BLEW IT!!!) Ryder’s head.  So, now we have Mr Lack of Personality on both damn shows.  Great, I guess this is how they make Smackdown worse.  By adding an authority figure that nobody likes on either show. The guy has no personality and no entertaining or charismatic qualities whatsoever and yet EVERYBODY is acting he’s the perfect solution to make WWE cool again.  So all the while people are giving this dumbass all the credit in the world, I’m left here asking one simple question that nobody seems to have an answer for: What the hell did this asshole ever do to deserve a top spot like this on WWE TV?

That’s not even a rhetorical question. I’m wondering what has this guy done to deserve the spot that he has right now. I’m of course talking about outside of the things that he’s notorious for such as being just a suit.  I’m also talking about things other than him being just corporate sleaze, being a charismatic bomb in his wrestling career with success in absolutely nothing as an active wrestler and oh yeah, there’s also the fact that his entire legacy consists of being in his Road Warrior big brother’s shadow.  Okay, so after listing all of those things, the guy has really done nothing for his career except kiss enough ass until the cows come home. The only real signature move that this guy seems to have is bending over backwards or jumping through hoops.  For all we know, the only real nagging injury this guy has is spending so much time on his knees.

Some writers of the IWC think that because John Laryngitis is now in charge of both shows, that it’s like we’ve all won when the truth is we didn’t win when his team won at Mania, we lost.  We lost because with this assclown and we’re stuck with one other person that is as annoying as hell along with Michael Cole and Vickie Guerrero, or four people if you include Johnny’s little sidekick Carlton Banks or as I know him better David “Dead Weight” Otunga.  This brings about the question that I had already asked once before in why exactly “irritating and annoying” all of a sudden are considered to be pro wrestling gold these days.  Not saying that heels don’t generally do that, but they do it within a certain degree.  Why?  Because if you exceed that, you leave people pissed off to the point where they don’t want to watch.  I know this from experience for every time I’ve tried to watch Raw and got so irritated with having the mute the TV because of the Shrieking Shaved Ape that is Michael Cole burying the WWE product from start to finish.

The other problem with Johnny Boy is the fact that there is no character evolution with his on screen character.  Vince to an extent even had that and to a lesser degree, Bischoff had the potential for it, but never utilized it.   What I mean is that like most heels, there’s one spec that they have to where a face turn is actually possible.  John doesn’t have that because there’s not one likable trait that he has.  He’s boring, lacks energy and charisma, bad on the microphone, and has a voice that is so annoying that it makes Stephanie McMahon singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” sound like Sarah McLachlan.  Yeah I’m aware I just used a Sarah McLachlan reference, deal with it.

Bottom line is that I’m not just saying that John Lauranitis is a bad on-screen character. I’m saying he got a job that he doesn’t deserve to have and that most guys that work on-screen deserve more than a guy who did all his work backstage. Top that off with you’re giving an on-screen role to an asshole who has handed out more pink slips than Ric Flair has had to pay alimony checks.  And as far as people saying “he had success overseas when he was a wrestler” that’s because he couldn’t hack it here cause he was so horrible, he made jobbers look like Flair and Sting.  We’re stuck with the shrieking shaved ape that is Michael Cole at the announcer’s table, Vickie Guerrero with her only way of getting over is re-hashing the same line and tired gimmick she’s used the last couple years and John Laryngitis with his sidekick Carlton trying to be something that he’s not now nor will he ever be: Vince.  When will this nightmare come to an end?

Top Ten Finishing Moves

I decided to come up with my now top ten list of finishing/signature moves.  I graded these moves as I will explain for each of them based on style, impact, and history regarding the moves. I went with the moves that I felt were the most meaningful and personal favorites and not all time favorite moves.  So without further delay, here’s The Shark’s Top 10 Finishing moves.

10.) The 3-D/Dudley Death Drop (The Dudley Boyz) : To this day, the fact that there have only been two people to actually kick out of this move shows you something.  When the move debuted in ECW, it was considered as devastating as an F-5.  It was known for several things in its history such as breaking up The Eliminators, breaking up The Gangstas, putting the Sandman in the hospital, putting Beulah out of wrestling, and the fact that Chris Sabin and Masato Tanaka have been the only guys to ever kick out of that move, just shows how much of an impact that move has made in wrestling considering that except for those two guys, everybody else who was hit with that move was down for the count.

9.) Sweet Chin Music/Superkick (Shawn Michaels) : The very sound you hear when that move just cracks against somebody’s head, you’d expect the head to go flying off. Look at Bret vs Shawn at Mania where we saw HBK take an announcer out with that move outside the ring. Yeah it’s not really a new move, but the fact that we’ve seen HBK make the crowd ooh and ahh over every single time he has connected with that move says something.

8.) Doomsday Device (Legion of Doom/Road Warriors, The Briscoes)- Let’s face it, LOD were the ones that got the ball rolling with that move. But the fact remains that the legacy among that move being used in Tag Team wrestling is carried on by The Briscoes.  Whether it’s using the springboard method like Mark Briscoe used to do or just going with the traditional, the fact is the move still works and still wows the crowd.

7.) The Spiral Tap (AJ Styles)- The first X-Division championship match, we saw AJ Styles beat Jerry Lynn with that move.  The timing and the precision use gave us a glimpse as to what AJ Styles was capable of in the ring and how he earned the title of “The Phenomenal One.”   You don’t see many guys pull off that move and that just kinda adds to the ability of one AJ Styles.

6.) The Diamond Cutter/RKO (Diamond Dallas Page, Randy Orton)- Randy Orton has made a habit with the RKO to hit that move from any point, any position and any time and he’s made it work because it does do its job in dazzling the crowd when he pulls off that move. But DDP was the one that kickstarted that with the move.  He was wowing people with that move on Nitro long before the move came to be in the WWE.  DDP always said that when it came to the Diamond Cutter, you never saw it coming.  He was good at pulling that off just as Orton is now with the RKO.  But no matter who owns that move or what name its had, it has laid out plenty.

5.) The 630 Splash (Jack Evans)- To this day, I’ve only seen Jack Evans pull off this move.  It was one of the things that made me take notice when Wrestling Society X debuted on MTV.  I’ve seen both the normal version and the Phoenix 630 Splash and much like with the Spiral Tap, the amount of timing to get the move to look right takes skill.  Not enough spinning, it just looks like a 450 Splash and that move is hard enough, but the guy pulls off the right amount of spins like it is second nature to him, is just talent.

4.) The Top Rope Brainbuster (El Generico)- I’ve seen this move and every time I see the move, I keep wounding how the hell somebody’s neck hasn’t snapped from doing that move.  A Brainbuster is dangerous enough as is, but you’re dropping the guy’s head on the top turnbuckle for god’s sake.  The only thing that has amazed me more than that move is that guys are still walking after it’s done.

3.) The Muscle Buster (Samoa Joe)- There have been people that gotten out of submission moves, especially from Samoa Joe but very few if any have been able to kick out of the Muscle Buster. The Muscle Buster has been one of those things that just add to why Samoa Joe is as good as he is.  There is risk with the move as the wrong landing could seriously cripple somebody, but last I checked, whenever Joe has gone with the pinfall option as opposed to submission following the Muscle Buster, very few people if any have kicked out of it.

2.) Canadian Destroyer (Petey Williams)- Yet another move that I’ve very rarely seen people kick out of and there is plenty of risk with that move just as there is for any piledriver. The speed and timing of the move is key and I remembered when WWE tried to have Trevor Murdoch do the move and bombed at it, just shows that there are only certain people that can do that move the right way. The only person I’ve seen do the move or a variation of it is Teddy Hart when he did the Double Arm hook-up first and then the move.

1.) The Package Piledriver (Kevin Steen)-  The reason that this move gets the top spot is one word: variation.  Steen has done the move in the ring, on a chair (flattened and folded out), on tables, on both chairs (folded or otherwise) on top of a table, off the top rope and off the ring apron onto the outside.  And the move looks brutal every single time he does it.  The way is move is done is one thing, but the style in which Steen uses that keeps the move looking fresh, new, and an impact maker to the point where every time he does the move, you don’t think the guy is getting up and in the rare occurrence where you see the opponent, it adds to the drama as you are left wondering how the hell that person kicked out. For that reason among every other, that is why the Package Piledriver stands above the rest.

Brock Lesnar vs John Cena at Extreme Rules: A Lose/Lose Situation

There were very few people that didn’t get a kick out of the heated confrontation between John Cena and Brock Lesnar on Raw. You know, the same confrontation where Cena got his lip busted open by Lesnar who my best guess is that all those years in UFC, he seemed to forget how to throw a punch in pro wrestling.  I’ve stated that it was a good business move in terms of star power and attracting  an increase in the audience numbers, but I can’t help thinking that having these two collide on PPV may be too soon.  I also think that this match could end up being no different than Goldberg vs The Rock was when that match took place.

Now we all remember when Goldberg debuted the night after Wrestlemania and told The Rock “You’re next!” before spearing Rock in the ring.  We all marked out for it and it lead to the two colliding at the next PPV.  The only problem is that by the time we got to the PPV, the reaction that took place the night after Mania, that reaction wasn’t present at the PPV.  Goldberg didn’t get much of a reaction and the match between the two was pretty forgettable because I doubt you’ll find many people that remember the match.  However, you knew Goldberg was going to win the match because it was his debut match. That brings to mind the problem with Brock Lesnar is that this match is gonna be his first match since coming back. So what do you do for the outcome to where it won’t hurt both guys’ credibility?  I don’t think there is a middle ground in this instance.

Brock wins this match, clear cut result of a debut/re-debut, but the cost is that you just have another part-time guy in Brock Lesnar get put over by one of your few full-time guys in John Cena.  There’s a difference here between The Rock and Brock Lesnar though. The Rock didn’t diss the business in his departure and for a lot of people looking back now at when The Rock left the company, there was nothing more to prove.  The Rock had literally done it all and there really wasn’t anything left.  Brock however went the “obnoxious jackass” route in his exit and purposely bombed his Wrestlemania match, flipped the crowd and it might as well have been as I’ve said  him sticking up the middle finger at the business. They guy walked out looking like he felt he was above the business.  But back to the outcome of Lesnar v. Cena,  Cena goes over on Lesnar, you have your returning star lose his debut match.  Not really a good move but personally, seeing Lesnar put over somebody would be a nice change of pace.  It would also redeem the guy a little bit after the way he left pro wrestling.

If Lesnar vs Cena happened a couple months later, it wouldn’t bother me so much if Lesnar beat him. The only problem is the thought of John Cena losing back to back PPVs to guys who aren’t even with the company full-time.   Lesnar is gonna make a lot more appearances than The Rock did, but still, to have your top guy and “face of the company” in John Cena lose on two PPVs in a row, one of them being Wrestlemania, to The Rock AND to Brock Lesnar is just gonna damage the image a little bit for the guy or at the very least, make you question where the company sees Cena.

A Week In, And The Marking Out is Over

I’ve had over a week to let it soak in about Brock Lesnar. I’ve heard what everybody else’s thought about it, both the good and the bad and I was quick to react about the return because much like a lot of people, I was out of my seat the second I heard his music.  Now that I’ve had a chance to let the smoke clear, I can give a more detailed opinion about Lesnar’s return.


A lot of people feel that him coming back is a mistake, but when you look at it from a business standpoint, it’s anything but a mistake.  The Raw after Wrestlemania has been home to having big debuts or returns take place the night after Mania.  We’ve seen this happen before where The Rock talked about there’s nobody left and who’s next for him, only to have Bill Goldberg come out and say to The Rock “You’re Next.”  Not only was Lesnar returning and giving the F-5 to John Cena just like that, but I’ll go as far as to say that I think this was better than that moment.  The main reason being because that between the two, I think people like Brock Lesnar a lot more than Bill Goldberg.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the unfortunate few that watched Goldberg vs Lesnar and thought it was the most atrocious thing that I had to watch at Wrestlemania, and this is coming from somebody who saw Big Show in a sumo match (was there live for that one ) and seeing Michael Cole wrestle, both excruciatingly painful for different reasons.  When Lesnar flipped off the WWE crowd and Stone Cold Steve Austin, it might as well have been him giving the middle finger to the WWE itself as well as a lot of guys that sacrificed just to his ass over and what happened at that Wrestlemania and the way he left was disrespecting the business.


For that mentioned above, the morale is the biggest reason to look at this as a bad thing because I can promise you that there are plenty of guys still pissed at Lesnar and questioning why should anyone put over somebody who doesn’t respect the business.  Now, those that follow UFC know the health problems that Lesnar has had while he was there.  If it weren’t for those same problems, he’d probably still be in UFC.  However, the one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that in going to UFC in the first place, Brock Lesnar became more well known now than he did when he first arrived in WWE.


Brock is a bigger star now from being in UFC than he was as a pro wrestler.  Yes, it’s true that he wants to get paid and do as little as possible and reports are that he only signed up for a year and is supposed to make at least two appearances a month.  At least WWE gave him only that instead of giving him a multiple year deal for a huge amount of money.  Now THAT would’ve been enough grounds to call it a mistake.


Another way in how this could be bad is with John Cena.  He goes from losing to The Rock at Wrestlemania, who is only a part-timer, to getting laid out by another part-timer in Brock Lesnar.  Cena, like him or hate him, is their biggest name amongst the full-timers and probably one of the most loyal to the WWE and you’re gonna make him put over two guys who left the business in different fashions, one of them that should’ve blacklisted him and by all rights, many people thought he was.  Especially when you consider that the first couple months should be proving grounds for Lesnar because he needs to prove that they can trust him that he will put over who needs to be put over or at the very least, make the other talent look good.


Another way to look at this is the star power that Brock brings to the table now that he is back.  We all saw it at the Royal Rumble this year that the WWE is lacking in star power.  Whether it’s because they’ve put it off as long as they could or because of the fact that a lot of the guys should be at that level are not at that spot, the fact remains that the don’t have enough start power and this year’s Royal Rumble showed that.


So, all that being said is that, Brock’s return did its job because it got people talking and it put the WWE back in the light again.  Despite the rumors and reports about him signing with WWE, the shock value was still there when he came out before the crowd in Miami.  The WWE needed a big move and that is exactly what Brock coming back was and it worked.  The bigger question remains as to whether or not the WWE can contain the momentum like Wrestlemania and Raw were able to display.  We’ll find out with WWE this week to see if they can.