That’s right.  We all heard it over the weekend and it happened tonight on Raw. The man who earned the name of “The Next Big Thing” has returned to the WWE. Brock Lesnar has returned and boy, did he blow the roof off the place in Miami.  John Cena was damn near getting booed out of the building and was calling out The Rock, wanting to what seemed to be, to make peace with The Rock and admit that The Rock was the better man. Well, the fans chanted it, the fans wanted it and they got it.  The only one that didn’t get what he wanted was John Cena because while he was wanting The Rock, what he got was Brock.

There was nothing said between the two and while Brock offered a handshake to Cena, what Cena ended up getting was an F-5 from Brock Lesnar.  If this was supposed to be Brock being a heel, not gonna happen after laying out Cena with the F-5.  The people in Miami were on there feet and they were welcoming Lesnar back with open arms.  Given that the IWC was all over the story about Lesnar and WWE reaching a deal, but to see it actually happen was something that nobody could truly prepare for no matter how much notice was given.  The man who was known as the Next Big Thing and who held the record as one of the youngest WWE Champions in the history of the company has come back home to where it all began.

For those that don’t remember, the last time Lesnar was in the ring, he wasn’t exactly leaving on good terms with the fans. The fans found out he was leaving to pursue a possible NFL career with the Minnesota Vikings and Lesnar to a degree fell of the radar a little bit before entering the UFC.  Health and injury problems were definitely a factor for the guy that probably lead to having to walk away from UFC when he did.  However, Brock has always been a physical guy, hell the guy has always been an athlete.  His age is still relatively young and he’s not really the kind of guy to take an early retirement.   This was probably the one thing that he could do that still is in the physical and is somewhat close to what he was doing in UFC.   What I liked is the fact that despite how horrendous an exit he had when he had the Bill Goldberg match at Mania that ended up being a complete disaster, the fans still welcomed him back with open arms.  I guess it’s true that time heals all wounds and clearly, they’ve all healed up considering the welcome that Brock Lesnar got tonight.

Now, as far as where does Lesnar go from here, who the hell knows? In the case of a guy like Brock Lesnar, the sky’s the limit.   There’s nobody you can have NOT challenge him and given his popularity in UFC and how much of that same popularity he’s bringing in with him, this could be the best thing to happen for the WWE right now.  WWE is running a fumes in terms of star power and if history has shown anything with Vince over the last couple years, he’s impatient as hell which means that he’s not in the mood or mentality to be patient for certain guys to develop.  However, he’s the one along with the powers that be in the WWE that putting off building new stars for as long as they did.  That’s why guys like Dolph Ziggler or Drew McIntyre or Kofi Kingston and others are  on the back burner or getting pushed slowly.  In other words, they needed at least one star outside of The Rock, Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton or the Undertaker.  The fact that Lesnar came back should be considered a blessing in disguise for the WWE.

Not only was it a great return, but it also left you anxious to see what happens next now that Brock is back in the WWE and how John Cena will react to getting hit with the F-5 and being laid out by Lesnar.  Not bad considering that I wasn’t overly impressed with Raw and the era of boredom/era of no personality being brought to us all by the jackasses that thought that John Laryngitis could be a compelling character. Welcome Brock and please for the love of everything holy, save us all from the PG nightmare and bring the term Pro Wrestling back to the rest of us.


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