A Week In, And The Marking Out is Over

I’ve had over a week to let it soak in about Brock Lesnar. I’ve heard what everybody else’s thought about it, both the good and the bad and I was quick to react about the return because much like a lot of people, I was out of my seat the second I heard his music.  Now that I’ve had a chance to let the smoke clear, I can give a more detailed opinion about Lesnar’s return.


A lot of people feel that him coming back is a mistake, but when you look at it from a business standpoint, it’s anything but a mistake.  The Raw after Wrestlemania has been home to having big debuts or returns take place the night after Mania.  We’ve seen this happen before where The Rock talked about there’s nobody left and who’s next for him, only to have Bill Goldberg come out and say to The Rock “You’re Next.”  Not only was Lesnar returning and giving the F-5 to John Cena just like that, but I’ll go as far as to say that I think this was better than that moment.  The main reason being because that between the two, I think people like Brock Lesnar a lot more than Bill Goldberg.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the unfortunate few that watched Goldberg vs Lesnar and thought it was the most atrocious thing that I had to watch at Wrestlemania, and this is coming from somebody who saw Big Show in a sumo match (was there live for that one ) and seeing Michael Cole wrestle, both excruciatingly painful for different reasons.  When Lesnar flipped off the WWE crowd and Stone Cold Steve Austin, it might as well have been him giving the middle finger to the WWE itself as well as a lot of guys that sacrificed just to his ass over and what happened at that Wrestlemania and the way he left was disrespecting the business.


For that mentioned above, the morale is the biggest reason to look at this as a bad thing because I can promise you that there are plenty of guys still pissed at Lesnar and questioning why should anyone put over somebody who doesn’t respect the business.  Now, those that follow UFC know the health problems that Lesnar has had while he was there.  If it weren’t for those same problems, he’d probably still be in UFC.  However, the one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that in going to UFC in the first place, Brock Lesnar became more well known now than he did when he first arrived in WWE.


Brock is a bigger star now from being in UFC than he was as a pro wrestler.  Yes, it’s true that he wants to get paid and do as little as possible and reports are that he only signed up for a year and is supposed to make at least two appearances a month.  At least WWE gave him only that instead of giving him a multiple year deal for a huge amount of money.  Now THAT would’ve been enough grounds to call it a mistake.


Another way in how this could be bad is with John Cena.  He goes from losing to The Rock at Wrestlemania, who is only a part-timer, to getting laid out by another part-timer in Brock Lesnar.  Cena, like him or hate him, is their biggest name amongst the full-timers and probably one of the most loyal to the WWE and you’re gonna make him put over two guys who left the business in different fashions, one of them that should’ve blacklisted him and by all rights, many people thought he was.  Especially when you consider that the first couple months should be proving grounds for Lesnar because he needs to prove that they can trust him that he will put over who needs to be put over or at the very least, make the other talent look good.


Another way to look at this is the star power that Brock brings to the table now that he is back.  We all saw it at the Royal Rumble this year that the WWE is lacking in star power.  Whether it’s because they’ve put it off as long as they could or because of the fact that a lot of the guys should be at that level are not at that spot, the fact remains that the don’t have enough start power and this year’s Royal Rumble showed that.


So, all that being said is that, Brock’s return did its job because it got people talking and it put the WWE back in the light again.  Despite the rumors and reports about him signing with WWE, the shock value was still there when he came out before the crowd in Miami.  The WWE needed a big move and that is exactly what Brock coming back was and it worked.  The bigger question remains as to whether or not the WWE can contain the momentum like Wrestlemania and Raw were able to display.  We’ll find out with WWE this week to see if they can.


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