Brock Lesnar vs John Cena at Extreme Rules: A Lose/Lose Situation

There were very few people that didn’t get a kick out of the heated confrontation between John Cena and Brock Lesnar on Raw. You know, the same confrontation where Cena got his lip busted open by Lesnar who my best guess is that all those years in UFC, he seemed to forget how to throw a punch in pro wrestling.  I’ve stated that it was a good business move in terms of star power and attracting  an increase in the audience numbers, but I can’t help thinking that having these two collide on PPV may be too soon.  I also think that this match could end up being no different than Goldberg vs The Rock was when that match took place.

Now we all remember when Goldberg debuted the night after Wrestlemania and told The Rock “You’re next!” before spearing Rock in the ring.  We all marked out for it and it lead to the two colliding at the next PPV.  The only problem is that by the time we got to the PPV, the reaction that took place the night after Mania, that reaction wasn’t present at the PPV.  Goldberg didn’t get much of a reaction and the match between the two was pretty forgettable because I doubt you’ll find many people that remember the match.  However, you knew Goldberg was going to win the match because it was his debut match. That brings to mind the problem with Brock Lesnar is that this match is gonna be his first match since coming back. So what do you do for the outcome to where it won’t hurt both guys’ credibility?  I don’t think there is a middle ground in this instance.

Brock wins this match, clear cut result of a debut/re-debut, but the cost is that you just have another part-time guy in Brock Lesnar get put over by one of your few full-time guys in John Cena.  There’s a difference here between The Rock and Brock Lesnar though. The Rock didn’t diss the business in his departure and for a lot of people looking back now at when The Rock left the company, there was nothing more to prove.  The Rock had literally done it all and there really wasn’t anything left.  Brock however went the “obnoxious jackass” route in his exit and purposely bombed his Wrestlemania match, flipped the crowd and it might as well have been as I’ve said  him sticking up the middle finger at the business. They guy walked out looking like he felt he was above the business.  But back to the outcome of Lesnar v. Cena,  Cena goes over on Lesnar, you have your returning star lose his debut match.  Not really a good move but personally, seeing Lesnar put over somebody would be a nice change of pace.  It would also redeem the guy a little bit after the way he left pro wrestling.

If Lesnar vs Cena happened a couple months later, it wouldn’t bother me so much if Lesnar beat him. The only problem is the thought of John Cena losing back to back PPVs to guys who aren’t even with the company full-time.   Lesnar is gonna make a lot more appearances than The Rock did, but still, to have your top guy and “face of the company” in John Cena lose on two PPVs in a row, one of them being Wrestlemania, to The Rock AND to Brock Lesnar is just gonna damage the image a little bit for the guy or at the very least, make you question where the company sees Cena.


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