Brock Lesnar: The Hired Merc of Pro Wrestling

There has been a lot of mixed reactions about Brock Lesnar being back in the WWE.  While watching CSR and catching the latest piece from Mark Madden (I had 5 minutes to kill) and he used a word to describe Brock Lesnar that I had never thought of until he said it.  It was where he called Brock a mercenary and honestly looking at Lesnar right now, that’s exactly what he is.  Lesnar is a hired gun, a merc, that the WWE hired and he’ll be there as and do the job as long the price is right.   Yeah I know that a lot of these guys that are on the roster are doing this for money, but there is a difference between those guys on the WWE roster and Brock Lesnar.
For a lot of those guys that are on the roster, a huge chunk of them are there because it’s their passion, it’s their dream to be a pro wrestler and to be in the WWE.  Some guys that have worked their asses off in the developmental territories like FCW or other places are still working their asses off just so they finally get the call to action that they’re finally being called into the big time.  Lesnar doesn’t have that unlike those guys.  The guy may be an athlete, but he lacks the hunger, the passion and the desire to be a pro wrestler. If he had those things, than his ass wouldn’t have left in the first place.
The other kicker with this is that the WWE is watching Brock like a hawk.  The reason for this is that he could just up and leave at the drop of a hat and it wouldn’t be the first time that he’s done it. Just because snake sheds its skin, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a snake and it can still bite  your ass when least expect it.  Lesnar already did that to the WWE at Wrestlemania 20.  My good friend Mr Main Event “B-Dub” Brian Waters has a strong disliking for Brock Lesnar and while I’ve acknowledged that this was a good business move in terms of star power for the WWE, I side with Brian on this because of what Lesnar did.  This goes beyond when he stuck up the middle finger at everybody.  This to me is about the fact that to be on the card at Wrestlemania is a huge honor as well as a big payday. Many of those guys work their asses off to try and get that spot. Sometimes they’re successful and sometime they’re not. But the fact remains that after Wrestlemania is over, it’s the equivalent of a New Year for WWE Superstars. Those that were able to get on the card want to ensure that they’re back there again and maybe get a higher spot on the card. Those that weren’t so lucky want to make ensure that this time, they will be that lucky to get on the card the following year.  The point here is that Brock Lesnar in bombing his match at Wrestlemania 20, he disrespected the business and basically “chewed up & spit out” something that many of those guys in that locker room would’ve killed to have.
Now as far as why Brock is a merc, it’s because he’s doing this solely for the paycheck. The second the paychecks stop coming in, he’ll walk.  That’s just all there is to it. He’ll walk the second the cash-flow from the WWE stops rolling in.  But at the same time, he doesn’t want to screw up because like any hired mercenary, he was hired to do a job and he intends to do the job.  It’s a little thing called consumer confidence. You piss off the wrong people, word spreads, you get blacklisted and then you’re out of luck.  Lesnar knows that he’s hated for how he left and he give a damn.  But the only ones he’s looking to please are the ones signing his paychecks.  He doesn’t want to screw up because if he does, than the cash-flow stops a lot sooner than he intended and he doesn’t want that.  Brock can be called a wrestler or an ass-kicker, but I’m still not going to look at him as anything more than just a hired merc hired to do a job for the WWE and that when the job is completed, he’s gone.  History has had a tendency to repeat itself, so give me one reason why Lesnar won’t up and leave just like he did before.

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