“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce vs Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana ONE MORE TIME


It was just about two weeks ago where Colt Cabana won the NWA world title from the Four Time NWA World Champ and a personal favorite of The Shark in Adam Pearce.  This is also the second time that Pearce has lost the belt in his four title reigns to Cabana and going by the promo he cut and the challenge that he laid out, this is the breaking point for Scrap Iron himself. He’s laid out the challenge for a best of seven series that was aptly titled “7 Levels of Hate.”

Pearce made it clear that just one rematch against Cabana was going to cut it nor would beating him 2 times.  The sole mission that he has is to prove that he’s the best and that he’s better than Colt Cabana.  He’s even made it clear that while Cabana may have nothing to prove, Pearce has EVERYTHING to prove. He’s doing it to the point where he’s laying it ALL on the line or as he put it, giving Cabana his one and only chance to shut Pearce up and most of all, the chance to take Adam Pearce out of pro wrestling because he has  said that he will walk away if he can’t beat Cabana.

Some of the best moments in wrestling and the most entertaining have been a best of five or best of seven series.  TNA demonstrated that with the Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money in a best of five series.  Chris Benoit and Booker T had a best of seven series for the U.S. Title in WCW.  I think it’s a safe bet to say that this will be no different for Pearce and Cabana as in promos like that and given the history between the two, there is plenty of emotion involved in this and you just don’t get enough of that in wrestling these days.

As for who do I think will come out on top, I would like to see Pearce take the bar in his career and raise it up another notch and become a Five Time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  You can feel the determination, the emotion and the mindset that he’s in with his promo.  The guy is looking at this like he’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain and history has shown that in some cases, the most ferocious fighter is the one that backed up against the wall. Pearce has the mindset of a caged animal and sometimes if they’re hungry enough or just pissed off enough, a caged animal can be as deadly as they come.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the smoke clears with these two.


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