Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus at Extreme Rules: Why Bryan MUST Win


YES!!!!!  YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!

Nobody can figure out how the hell that became a popular catchphrase, but it happened. The phrase came to be what it is and Daniel Bryan is amongst the elite in the WWE. He’s supposed to be a heel, that’s true but the fact remains is that this guy is so over with the crowd, it’s not even funny.  And yet, there are plenty of people still bent up over the fact that all we got out of him and Sheamus was 18 seconds.  Bad enough that the match was the opener to this year’s Wrestlemania, but to not even give us a five minute match with the two was insulting.  But luckily we have Extreme Rules coming up and a chance for Daniel Bryan to go even higher. But for that to happen, Daniel Bryan has to win the belt back.

Yeah I know, I know.  I’m one of those that can’t stand quick title changes that happen in a month or less.  But this is one case where I’m gonna make the exception. Why you may ask? It’s because I believe in striking while the iron is hot and when you look at Daniel Bryan right now, the iron is RED FREAKING HOT!!!!! The WWE would be crazy to not acknowledge this and if they keep focusing on how he was an indy guy or ROH alum, all I can say is choke on those words. Like it or not, this guy is way over and the crowd is eating him up.  You have somebody that the crowd is red hot for and are chanting his phrase his name, you go for it and make the most out of it as much as possible.  Sheamus however, as much as I like the guy, doesn’t have that same effect.  It’s unfortunate but the fact remains that Sheamus is a cold fish next to the red hot iron for Daniel Bryan.

Sheamus turned face out of nowhere and nobody really understood why. It was one thing when he went after Mark Henry because nobody else would fight him, but the feud ended way too quickly.  There was build-up heading to Sheamus winning the Royal Rumble, but that didn’t work because all we got was Sheamus killing a bunch of tackling dummies, aka jobbers, in about two minutes.  Triple H went face but at least when he did, they changed nothing just like when Stone Cold Steve Austin went face, they also changed nothing with them.  These days, neutral works more than a clear cut face does. Sheamus and John Cena are clear cut faces and the crowd despises them.  They cheer for guys like Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton. Orton is a good example because though face, they didn’t change a damn thing with him because they still have him as the Viper and the Apex Predator, in other words sadistic to the point of almost being considered psychotic.  But it doesn’t matter, the crowd likes him and Daniel Bryan, though he is quick to spit the admiration from the crowd back at them, the crowd still digs him.

Nobody is taking Sheamus seriously as a champion.  People have forgotten that he even won the belt in the first place. The Great White is nothing but a cold fish right now while Daniel Bryan has become the hot commodity just as CM Punk did when his push first started.  The best advice for the WWE is to put the World Heavyweight Championship back on Daniel Bryan because you don’t want to risk the momentum he’s got going for him right now to come to a screeching halt.  The WWE should be seeing dollar signs every time that they year YES being chanted from the crowd.  The chants of Yes much like Daniel Bryan himself are money and the WWE should try to get as much from it as they can and the best way to do it is give Bryan back the belt while he’s still the hot commodity.


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