WELL….. Well it’s the Big Slow!!!!

So, as of right now, The Big Show has gone from face to heel once again.  He’s now boasting about having an iron clad contract and has been reduced to being the flying monkey of John Laryngitis.  The good news is that the Big Show is being a dominant giant instead of trying to be an overgrown comic relief.  The bad news unfortunately is that this is the Big Show we’re talking about.  Face or Heel, the fact remains that there is no difference in match quality with this guy.  He may have the title of “World’s Largest Athlete,” but unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee being a big draw for money because he hasn’t been that and he’s not that right now either.

We’ve seen him on both sides of the coin as a face and as a heel.  The guy has put on random costumes (Scottish, Hulk Hogan, DDP, even a sumo diaper for God’s Sake) and has been part of almost every tag team combination that you can think of from Spike Dudley to The Miz. Hell, we’ve even seen Floyd “Money” Mayweather (Mr I’m Too Scared to Fight Manny Pacquio) bust the guy’s nose open.  So now Big Show is a heel and he’s trying to be what Mark Henry was for the latter part of last year and is the enforcer of John Laryngitis.  To make matters worse, they’re putting him in the main event at No Way Out, and let’s be honest that Cena & Big Show will close out No Way Out, against John Cena in a cage match.  So, the reason I should check out No Way Out is WHAT exactly?

The way Cena’s pattern has been going is that Cena lost at Mania, won at Extreme Rules, and lost at Over The Limit in one of the most painful matches that fans had to watch with a very predictable outcome.  The one thing that Big Show and John Cena have in common is that no matter the outcome, I’m left wondering what the hell is next.  Where do you go with either of these guys? There’s no bonus or upshot with having Big Show win.  I also find it funny that they brag about Lesnar and Cena and yet seem to forget that Cena won the match, regardless of whatever “beating” Brock Lesnar gave him.  No matter how bad Cena got beat up, it was still a hired gun who didn’t get the job done.  WWE seems to think that this is something special, but it’s not.  Big Show is just another hired gun trying to take out John Cena.  The difference between this and Extreme Rules was people want to see Lesnar fight because for better worse, the guy has the skill even if he doesn’t have the heart. Big Show is no technician in the ring, nor is he a high flyer and he’s barely even a powerhouse.  When Big Show and Cena fought at Wrestlemania years ago for the US Title, it was the opening match and WWE did the smart move in keeping it short and not dragging it out.  Try stretching this match out, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

WWE puts all this time and effort and so much stock in the Big Show, thinking that he’s a draw or that he can be a cash cow for them when the truth is that he isn’t. His title reigns are lackluster and forgettable, especially when it came to world title reigns, and he’s just become one of those guys who WWE seems to have there for the sake of being there. Realistically, there’s not much else this guy can do that will make people care. World’s Largest Athlete, the majority of wrestling fans have two words for you and it’s just like your current heel turn: NOT IMPRESSED!


What I Miss: Brian Pillman

There have been a lot of wrestlers who have been taken away from us way too soon.  The list of pro wrestlers that die at an early age is sadly a list keeps getting bigger and bigger. Brian Pillman is one guy who is on that list, but the saddest part about it is that he had the stuff to become one of the all time greats.  Yes he wasn’t the biggest guy and his voice would make John Laryngitis sound like a Gospel Singer by comparison, but nobody can deny the talent that Pillman had.  Between his time as a football player and becoming a pro wrestler, all you can say is not too shabby for a guy who not many gave much of a shot at living into adulthood considering the throat problems he had since he was a kid.

In WCW, long before there was a Crusierweight Division and Luchadores were introduced, Pillman set the standard for being a high flyer.  The matches between Pillman and Jushin “Thunder” Liger were the equivalent of Super Crazy vs Tajiri.  He may not have been the biggest of guys, but he was still able to hold his own against guys the likes of Sid Vicious, Danny Spivey or Mean Mark Callous. He didn’t win those matches or beat those guys, but was able to hold his own nonetheless.  As good as he may have been as a face, he seemed to get the job done as a heel just as well if not better.  A fine example of that was in tag team action when he teamed with at that time “Stunning” Steve Austin to form The Hollywood Blondes.

Certain tag teams help define what a heel tag team should be like and The Hollywood Blondes were definitely in that category.  Their promos as well as their in-ring ability were great and growing up, I couldn’t help but laugh at the “roll camera” gesture that they were known for.  If there was any complain that I could have had about the team, it’s that they were split up way too soon.  I suppose the silver lining in that instance is that Pillman did go on to become one of the Four Horsemen, but that was before he was released from the company and we began to see the birth of what would grow into “The Loose Cannon” when he went to WCW. By then, the microphone had gotten to the point where Pillman having a microphone in hand was more deadly than his fists.The guy was able to piss off so many people, that he nearly started riots with his promos.  That would of course lead to Pillman signing with the WWE and in the segment with his “press conference” and signing the contract and following that with going off on everybody in the room, this is what lead to the birth of “The Loose Cannon.”

Thanks to a car accident and procedures he had to have done on his ankle, we didn’t get to see Pillman in the ring all that much.  There were memorable moments with him regardless.  Austin “crippling Pillman’s ankle” and debuting “DTA: Don’t Trust Anybody” along with the infamous Stone Cold breaking into Pillman’s home where Brian was waiting with a gun in hand, claiming that if Steve showed up that he was going to blow him straight to hell.  Pillman was 35 when he died and it was reported that it was due to some unknown heart condition and it was announced live on PPV that Pillman had passed on during the pre-show before the PPV.   It was one of the most sad and tragic things to hear on a PPV, falling in second just behind the tragedy of Owen Hart.

During the last few years of his life and his career, Brian Pillman displayed an ability to get a reaction from the crowd, whether it was for him or against him. He knew how to play to the crowd and when he was a heel, he displayed a trait that only the truly good heels are known to have.  He knew how to piss off the crowd and get them to hate him.  But also his style was different in terms of his approach.   Pillman wasn’t afraid to curse and wasn’t afraid to tell somebody to “Shut the Hell Up!” or to call them a “Son of a Bitch” and if you go by Shotgun Saturday Night, wasn’t afraid to throw a fan over the railing and kick the ever-loving crap out of him.   It was just the way that he was because when you’re “The Loose Cannon,” your job is to be unpredictable and to be ready to snap within half a second.  Some feel that even if Pillman hadn’t died at 35, he wouldn’t have made it to become one of those wrestler that die of old age.  Maybe, but the again, people didn’t give him a shot of growing up with the health problems he had growing up, whose to say that he wouldn’t have beaten those odds too.  There are some guys who you look at and just think that there will never be another like them.   There will never be another Ric Flair. There will never be another Rowdy Roddy Piper.  There will never be another Undertaker and there will never be another Brian Pillman.

The State of WWE TV

I don’t know which I’m more sick of these days.  John Laryngitis being on TV and boring everybody to tears, how so many people are praising the guy for being able to “draw so much heat,” or that WWE keeps teasing the crowd like they’re gonna fire him.  Including the stipulation with Over The Limit, this is the third time that we’ve had the WWE tease the rest of us that they’re going to pull the plug on WWE’s Biggest Kidney Stone in John Laryngitis.  The first time was before Wrestlemania where Triple H showed up and was ready to fire him before Taker interrupted the whole thing. Triple H announced that he was going to fire him and then the Kidney Stone himself returned and said that the Board of Directors were going to make a decision that eventually lead to him keeping his job.

The second time was at Wrestlemania with that stupid match between Teddy Long’s team vs John Laryngitis’ team. We all saw how that one ended and we’ve been stuck with the jackass ever since.  Now we’re back to this again where he’s fighting John Cena and the Board of Directors have seemingly turned against him.  Exactly how long do we really expect this to go for? Johnny Ace is not Vince McMahon. Hell, he’s not even Eric Bischoff when he was actually worth a damn.  The problem as I’ve said with his character is that there is nothing longterm with this guy and that his character has no variation or room to expand.  His character is one note and as proven with Smackdown this past week, no matter what tirades or tantrums he throws, people don’t get past his voice. It’s no different from people who can’t look at Lord Tensai and still call him Albert because no matter what, people remember his pierced up face and hairy back.

Triple H doesn’t like the guy nor does John Cena or CM Punk and you have the alleged “board of directors” also not happy with this guy.  Vince set the standard on WWE TV for being the boss you’d love nothing more than to sucker punch.  Bischoff to an extent did the same thing and one thing that both  those guys had in common was that it didn’t draw enough heat to where people didn’t want to watch anymore.  Before any of you say that it’s not true, Raw this past week  the lowest that it’s had since the start of the year.  Believe me, if your product drops to below a 3.0, your product has a problem, especially when this rating is coming from your supposed “A” show and not your “B” show.  And this is the show that the WWE wants to expand to 3 hours?

If your ratings drop to a 2.9, it simply is showing that you’re not giving your audience, your consumers anything that is worth watching.  Top that off with the fact that you’re not giving people characters that they want to see.  Heels are supposed to draw heat from a crowd, that part is true but the heels have one small shred of their character that attracts the crowd.  It’s that small part that the people find themselves loving to hate, and not to be irritated to the point where it becomes painful. At least WWE has gotten smart to at least have Michael “Monkey” Cole tone it down a bit. Unfortunately, he hasn’t toned it down enough and the worst part is that no matter what he does or says even if its positive, the crowd is gonna hate him no matter what and when you have him on his own doing commentary, it further displays that they wasted too much time on his character and less time making him actually credible as an announcer.

Why does your product drop to below 3.0 in the rations WWE? Let me sum a couple things up for you.   Your broadcast team is crap because your announcers are no damn good since they spend time bickering at each other than calling the action.  Your championship belts hold no merit whatsoever because they’re seldom involved in any stories that you have, if any at all.  You don’t have the patience to make any stories or feuds go longterm (The Nexus) and some have no payoff in the end (The Anonymous GM) and the guys that you push to the top of the mountain are the guys contribute nothing in the ring.  The fact that you’re running on fumes in terms of star power was further displayed at the Royal Rumble, especially when you had all 3 guys from your announcer’s table get in the ring during the Royal Rumble match.  And last but sure as hell not least, you recycle stories that we have seen time in and time out and you’ve pretty much milked them for all their worth and it gives your consumers nothing new.  The end result has simply been that UFC seems to gain in popularity and PPV buys while your own seems to flounder about and diminish.

I know a lot of you are going to go about and say; “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”  It’s called being a critic and the reason I’m hard on the WWE is because I know they can be a lot better than this.  They can AND have been better than this and we all know this for a fact.  The only difference is that back then, the WWE actually put an effort into their product. They put in effort, passion and some heart into actually producing a product that gained the McMahons the money that they received from it.  Now, its like they’re bleeding out their own product and just letting it exist without putting in any kind of effort into making it better.  We already saw one guy bleed a company dry and use it as his own personal ATM machine and that company ended up six feet under.  The one difference was that man’s family didn’t own the company.  Back in the days with the NWO in the WWE, Vince called it killing his own company by injecting it with poison.  WWE’s infected with poison alright, but it’s not the NWO that’s doing it, that poison is a lot closer to home.

Raw To Become 3 Hours, Like That Worked for WCW

The buzz is all around about Monday Night Raw is going to go 3 hours on a regular basis.  Back then, I might have been excited about this. Back then, you had stories that people enjoyed and that weren’t insult to everybody else’s intelligence.   Sadly, this is unfortunately going to be 3 hours of the same crap that we’ve been getting from Raw for the last couple of years.  And by that, I mean that it’ll be 3 hours of too much talking, not enough matches, the matches we do see for the most part serve little to no purpose, and the same mind numbing stories that has left many of us wanting to punch a hole through our TVs.  The last time that we saw a wrestling company try to add an extra hour to a 2 hour wrestling show, it ended up going under.

WCW tried to make Nitro 3 hours, and that did more damage than good.  The talent was there for sure, but come on. You had Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo running things.  They could’ve been up to their necks in talent and they would still be too stupid to know how to use any of that talent. The second that you saw Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero all jump ship in one cluster, you knew that there was nowhere for that company to go other than straight down.  So what exactly does WWE have that will make people want to watch all three hours of Raw?  A better question is if Raw is gonna be 3 hours, what do they need Smackdown for?  What can Smackdown  give the fans that will make them still tune in after watching 3 hours of Raw? How will doing this move not over-saturate the product more than it already is?  What do they have that will attract fans to watch all 3 hours of Raw? More of John Laryngitis or Michael Cole’s oh so brilliant, and unbiased commentary?  Pardon me while I heave.

That third hour that Nitro added to itself might as well have been the final nail in the coffin for WCW.  Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t think this way with the WWE, considering the crap that they’ve been giving us lately? Their PPV’s keep losing money yearly and that same money seems to be going towards UFC & MMA.  WWE should try and find a way to freshen up the product and compete against UFC, but the problem is the fact that all these years after WCW went under, they forgot how to compete. They’ve forgotten how to actually put an effort into their product.  Why else would we get the same stories that we’ve seen time and time again? TNA and ROH are nowhere close to being a competitor and WWE is seemingly focused on the little kid demographic, and yet ignoring the demographic that has been the core of their popularity.  Eddie Mac on “We Want Wrestling” said it best that the little kids aren’t the ones that are buying the PPVs or the merchandise. They have to go through their parents or whomever to get those things and in most cases, it’s people that have been fans longer than the little kids.

What reason is there to be excited for a 3 hour Raw on a weekly basis?  The last couple times that we’ve seen a 3 hour Raw, it sucked and you always had one or two hours that were worse than the other.  Other scenarios are to have the first hour start strong and then decline the rest of the way.  Back then when Raw was something to watch, you had stories that excited people and made them want to tune in every week.  Now, you just have lazy booking which is one of the only explanations that anyone could probably think of as to why an off-camera suit is now getting pushed above everybody else that actually contributes something in the ring.  It’s bad enough that you’re going to have your franchise guy in John Cena possibly put over a guy who was so bad as a wrestler that to be called “mediocre” would’ve been a step-up.

John Laryngitis is not a strong enough character to carry a 3 hour show. He’s not even acceptable to carry a 2 hour one.  People are bored to tears and annoyed whenever he talks.  The whole concept of “People Power” is stupid as hell and nobody’s buying into it.  He’s your typical heel authority figure and that’s the problem.  The WWE has milked that type of character for all it’s worth and it’s to the point where there is nothing they can give us that we haven’t already seen or heard before with that character.  John Laryngitis is a one note character and that’s all he’s going to be.   He can’t give us anything we haven’t seen before and the heat he gets is not a good thing.  Even the good heels found a way to get the crowd to hate them, but still attract the crowd and not repel them.  WWE’s going to make Raw a 3 hour show, than give us something that will actually make it worth watching.  Otherwise, I’d suggest to start shopping for a burial plot, maybe right next to WCW.


Memo to WWE: The Go Home Show for a PPV is for SELLING THE PPV!

Clearly the WWE forgot that tonight’s Monday Night Raw was supposed to be the “go home” show before the PPV.  To be honest, before they said the words “This Sunday,” I forgot that it was too.  That being said, last time I checked, the Raw before a PPV was supposed to be used to help sell the PPV the following Sunday.  Given, this is Over The Limit we’re talking about here and generally, that PPV has always tended to suck.  Last year’s PPV ranking as having one of the worst PPV buys of any WWE PPV.  Also another given is that the only match that really any self-respecting wrestling fan would give a damn about is CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan and yet we see little to nothing mentioned of that tonight. To be honest, the only things that stood out tonight were the Triple H/Paul Heyman confrontation, Big Show bawling his eyes out after John Laryngitis fired him and John Cena telling John Laryngitis that there will be no special referee, no outside interference and anyone that shows up at ringside is fired, and that it would just be a normal match where if John Laryngitis loses, he will be fired.

Believe me, nothing would give me great pleasure than to see John Lack of Personality get the pink slip from WWE TV. Well, maybe Vickie Guerrero gone and Michael Cole losing his voice permanently would bring that forth, but other than that, nothing would be better.  A lot of people don’t get why I don’t like John Laryngitis, and my reason is a simple one. My reason is the fact that his character is a one note character.  There’s no variation and no room for expansion with his character. The sad truth is that the character he does is at its peek already and that’s not a good thing because that just further proves that it’s not gonna work in the long term. Top that off with this match, having John Cena put this guy over is not going to help John Cena in the least.   Especially considering you’re putting him against a guy who couldn’t wrestle worth a damn when he was an active wrestler.

A lot of people are going as far as to say Big Show is going to interfere and screw Cena out of the match, and do a heel turn.  That’s not gonna help Big Show at all because whether he’s a face or a heel, very few people care what he does.  The ratings haven’t been that great for Raw the last couple years and I’m pretty sure that having an authority figure that nobody likes to see or hear isn’t helping the ratings.  There’s a difference between Vince McMahon and John Laryngitis and that difference is that people hated Vince simply for the fact that he was a dick. He represented everything that you envisioned in the corrupt boss.  John Laryngitis is simply a raspy voiced half-assed attempt at trying to be Vince, something that he’s never going to be, simply for the fact that people are always going to see him as nothing but a suit, flunky, and/or Vince McMahon’s bitch.

Back to the subject in the title,  even if the WWE knows that this PPV is going to suck, so what? That’s no excuse because the WWE should be always wanting to try and sell their product and if they get lazy with that, than it’s no wonder that UFC & MMA are always kicking their asses with the PPV buys, and maybe they deserve just that for their laziness.  It comes down to one of the simple analogies I said when I first started this and that is that if the WWE doesn’t give a damn about their own product, then why the hell should the rest of us?  If they don’t care how bad the PPV looks, why should I waste my own hard earned money for it?  I’ve got no desire to order the PPV, but if I want to know what it would feel like to order Over The Limit, I’m pretty sure all I’d need to do is flush $45 down the toilet and I’m pretty sure that it would be less painful than the PPV itself and watching one good match and one match featuring John Cena against a washed-up, never was anything in his whole damn life, hack like Johnny Ace.

New Champion is Crowned, New Era Begins



You might as well get used to those words because a new era has now begun in Ring of Honor.  At Border Wars 2012, a new champion was crowned.  “The American Wolf” Davey Richards fell to “Mr Wrestling” and “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen.  One Package Piledriver and that was all she wrote as Kevin Steen ended the title reign of Richards that lasted nearly a year.  I had written last week about how this needed to happen. I said that Kevin Steen needed to win this match and not only am I happy that it did happen, but I can’t think of a guy who is more deserving of holding that belt than Steen.  The last time that Kevin Steen had a shot at the World Title was when he wrestled Nigel McGuinness, only to not come out on top in that match. That was not the case this past Saturday as this was meant to be Steen’s only title shot against Richards, but clearly one shot was ALL that Kevin Steen needed.

I have nothing against Davey Richards. I really don’t and I was happy when he won’t the belt last June. The only problem however, was the fact that while Richards was the face of the company, he also wasn’t there a lot.  In fact, for a guy who held the world title for almost a year, he only defended the belt nine times.   Considering that the Sinclair deal was reached last year and first impressions usually count for a lot in wrestling, it’s not the best move from a business standpoint to have the guy you deemed as the face of your company always touring overseas.  Whether you like him or hate him, the fact is that Steen was there on a more regular basis than Richards.  All the touring overseas damaged his credibility as a champion.  It’s not to say that Richards was a bad champion or that he put on bad matches because neither of which is true. We know the guy can wrestle and we know that he can put on great matches, but we need to see it a lot more and don’t want to hear about him touring overseas all the time.

Back on the subject of Kevin Steen, the popularity for Kevin Steen hasn’t diminished one little bit.  The chants of “Kill Steen Kill” only got louder and louder from the crowd about as much as the “YES!” chants for Daniel Bryan.  ROH needed something new in terms of the World Title picture and having a heel champion might just be the right move. Given, they had that at one point with Roderick Strong, but the last time that ROH had a strong heel champion was Nigel McGuinness.  Having Steen as the champion leaves the door open for so many possibilities and options for challengers.  Jay Lethal can move up and go after the World Title or have Eddie Edwards back in the hunt again.  Of course, you can also have El Generico and Kevin Steen resume their old rivalry.  We saw how good that feud can be when it’s the two just fighting because they hate each other.  How good would that fight be if you had those two fighting not only because of the history between the two, but to have the world title on the line?

It doesn’t matter how it came to be or when it started, but what is important is the fact that Kevin Steen has a following and attracts a crowd a lot better as of late than Davey Richards.  It’s not to say that the guy can’t become popular again, just wrestle more for ROH than you do overseas and the problem is solved.  Steen is over with the crowd and even though he’s supposed to be a heel, he’s the kind of heel that you kinda love to hate.  The guy comes off as crazy as hell, but you almost want him to get that crazy and beyond.  The crazier he gets, the better the match will be because fans of Steen love to see the guy act as crazy, sick and downright psychotic as possible.   Kevin Steen promised in a promo before Border Wars that when he wins the belt, the true payback begins towards Jim Cornette, Cary Silkin and ROH itself.  I look forward to seeing what transpires and hoping that at the very least, we’ll end up with some of the best damn title matches we can imagine to come out of the title reign of one Mr Wrestling.

What the Word “EXTREME” Really Means?

For those of you that check out my work or follow on Twitter or Facebook,  I’ve been an avid caller on Perfect Plex talk radio.  It was in doing this that I established myself with the name of The Apex Predator of Perfect Plex and now, thank you Dwayne Allen, The Apex Predator of the Wrestling Wrealm.  I’ve supported Brian Waters aka Mr Main Event and at the time, I supported Mike Knoxxx.  However, things over the last week or so have changed as Mike and myself don’t see eye to eye on certain things.  One of them which happens to also be a topic I don’t like with a lot writers who do this, is the verbal bashing of ECW. Somebody had said to me that I need to come to an understanding with Mike but I understand things fine as I’m gonna explain.

Eric Sheppard aka ERock of Podcast of Pain, had an opinion of his own on ECW and a lot of what he said is what many guys including Mike don’t get about ECW.  ECW was not and I repeat NOT just about the barbed wire, flaming tables, chair, blood and violence.  It was about a sense of belonging and a sense of being a part of something and in this case, ECW was a revolution and those that were loyal to it, those fans that were loyal and chanted those 3 letters were as much a part of that revolution as the guys in that ring were. Yes, it was the misfits that didn’t get even a shot or the rejects that WWE or WCW cast out, but what made ECW special was what the guys in charge like Paul Heyman gave these guys: a chance. A chance to become something, a chance to live a dream because the fact is that no matter what the talk is about being all about the money and all that, it started out for these guys that they were doing this because it’s been their dream to be a pro wrestler and to become a star in it.  To those guys that say “It’s always been about money” or saying that the dream is just an illusion or doesn’t exist and it never did or even that no stars came out of ECW, all I can say to those guy is BLOW IT YOUR ASS!!!!!!

The Dudley Boyz aka Team 3-D established themselves as the baddest tag team on the planet in ECW. They didn’t go to WWE or even to TNA until after they set the standard for tag teams in ECW.  Brian Pillman became a loose cannon in ECW long before he ever went to WWE.  Steve Austin was fired from WCW by a phone call and had a chip on his shoulder. Paul Heyman and ECW gave him the chance to make that his strength.  He went to ECW before WWE and the fuse was lit in ECW and by the time the fuse reached it’s end and went off, it went off in WWE and Stone Cold Steve Austin was born.  Stone Cold came to fruition in WWE, but it was ECW that pointed him in the right direction.  Scott Levy was never going to go anywhere in WCW as Scotty Flamingo and he damn sure was never going to reach the top in WWE as Johnny Polo.  It wasn’t until going to ECW that he left those gimmicks behind and Raven was born.  Mick Foley went to ECW after WCW and thanks to that and thanks to the Death Match tournaments in Japan, gave Cactus Jack a whole new standard.  Then there’s the WCW Cruiserweight Division and the guys that made it what it was.  Let me run down the names for you as well as others that WCW acquired:  Dean Malenko, Juventud Guerrera, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Psychosis, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho.  Those guys were a quarter of WCW’s roster and if they weren’t wrestling elsewhere and making themselves known, WCW wouldn’t have even raised so much as a glance at those guys.  Public Enemy, Rhino, Rob Van Dam, Bam Bam Bigelow, 2 Cold Scorpio, Super Crazy, Tajiri, Sandman, Mike Awesome, Masato Tanaka, Chris Candido,  Steve Corino, Balls Mahoney, Sabu, Jerry Lynn and probably some others that I’m leaving out, but the fact is that ECW made these guys and for a lot of them, it was because they were given the chances that neither WCW or WWE would’ve given them on their best day.

ERock said it best about the word “Hardcore” and that it wasn’t just about the violence and brutality. It was about the passion and the admiration and the damn undying loyalty that the fans had for that product.  It was about more than the type of wrestling that we got, it was about what it represented. When people continue to refer to it as “Extremely Crappy Wrestling” and use the excuse that i was what Jerry Lawler always called it, it doesn’t change things considering that Jerry Lawler stopped calling it that almost 20 years ago.  Voicing your disapproval of a product is one thing, but when you’re continuously ripping into the product and doing so by saying the same exact thing you’ve said time in and time out, you’re pretty much looking down and spitting on what many valued and held dear because you glance at it and think that you understood what it was about.  If you’re going to rip into something, make sure you have all of your facts straight but always remember that when you have an opinion, always be ready to have somebody challenge it, disagree with it, and/or think that their opinion is superior to yours.

We’ve seen the word Extreme used to the point where it almost loses all meaning.  Yes, ECW is dead and buried and it went under and while the reasons always vary such as “it expanded too quickly” or whatever, the fact is that it went under and that’s all there is to it.  After the first One Night Stand, that was my closure on ECW. I was content with that and I was able to leave it behind me.  You want to say that you don’t like the product, than fine.  But don’t try to push it down on us that did love it and think that we’re brain-dead on the subject because the fact is that those of us that remember ECW and understood what it was about were loyal to it than and we’ll always honor it as a memory in pro wrestling. And to certain people that still don’t get that, all I can say is quite simply this: