Even if “Over The Limit” Sucks, CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan Won’t

This past Monday it was made official that Daniel Bryan will take on CM Punk for the WWE title.  However, the reaction for it has not really been positive.  The biggest reason for this is because the PPV where these two are going to be fighting is Over The Limit. For the most part, Over The Limit has been one of the crappiest PPV’s and it was definitely had the least PPV buys of any PPV last year.  This match alone will not make the PPV, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this match will be good regardless of the rest of the PPV.

We’ve gotten a taste of what these two can do in the ring.  Both of these guys are Ring of Honor alumni and both seem to be really comfortable with each other’s styles in the ring.  The matches on Raw and Smackdown between these two have been great and no real decisive winner has been determined.  So, since Over The Limit tends to suck, why have this match on the PPV? First off, I think those of us that have seen both these guys in ROH and have watched both matches with the two in WWE have to agree that this match is too big for Raw or Smackdown. This match has PPV caliber written all over it. And also, just because these two are fighting on a B-rated PPV, don’t think that this is the only time that we’ll see this match.  As much as we bash the WWE, myself included in that, the WWE is not that stupid.  This match is another test for the two of them.  Though Punk has leveled off, he’s still impressing the higher-ups to a degree. He has to be if he’s still got the belt and Daniel Bryan’s popularity and the “Yes” chants just seem to get bigger and bigger.

Again, the WWE is not stupid. They know that these two can put on a good match. They’re counting on it at Over The Limit. My theory is that they want to see what these two can do on a PPV stage. That means no commercial, no time restraints or at least the kind you would get on a two hour TV show.  On a PPV, you run a good chance at getting a 20 minute long match, possibly longer than even that.  The goal for having these two in a match is to see how well they can deliver with minimal to no restrictions on a PPV.  I will make a guarantee here that they deliver on this and the right people in the powers that be of the WWE like it, then we’ll see these two collide on one of the major PPVs.  These two are too damn good to not be on one of the big PPVs. Bottom line is we got what we wanted in seeing these two collide on PPV.  The bar has been raised and simply after this match, it’ll be time to raise the bar even higher.


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