Why Kevin Steen Must Win the ROH World Title


With Border Wars on the horizon, there’s a lot of speculation with the world title match.  This is a match that many have been wanting to see, myself included and I’ve had a lot of time to think about the match.  I’ve talked with a lot of people about who will come out on top.  I’ve said numerous times that Kevin Steen will walk out as the ROH World Champion.  It has gotten to the point for me that not only do I think it will happen, but right now Ring of Honor needs to have that happen.

I was rooting for Davey Richards to win the belt in the first place.  Ring of Honor picked him to be the face of the company in the dawning of the new era with Sinclair Broadcasting. The problem is that at the same point when this happened, he was doing all the tours in Japan.  That hurt his credit as a champion considering he only defended the belt a total of nine times. Whether it’s in boxing or MMA/UFC or in pro wrestling, people will always be more attracted towards a fighting champion.  Davey Richards can put on great matches, nobody is going to deny that in the least.  The problem is that he’s not there on a more frequent basis. When you’re the face of the company and the first year under a new deal with a new owner is always crucial.  When you don’t have your top guy there on a more frequent amount of time, that damages the appeal of that top guy and of the company.

That leads to Kevin Steen and why not only will he walk out with the belt, but why he needs to walk out with that belt.  Kevin Steen has been there more frequently and he has a tremendous following going on right now.  It hasn’t died down and that is good news for ROH.  I’m a believer in striking while the iron is hot and the iron hasn’t cooled down for Kevin Steen.  The guy doesn’t know how to put on a bad match. All the times where the guy has called himself Mr Wrestling, there’s been a reason for that.  He’s one of a select breed that believes in the craft of pro wrestling and one of those guys that go out there to prove that it’s a craft that still exists. Setting aside that you have Steen with the home field advantage, you also have the fact that by having him win the belt, you’re left with so many more options for who to have him take on as champ.  Having a top heel as champ adds more options for feuds and rivalries with contenders like El Generico, Jay Lethal, Eddie Edwards and others.

I’m not raining down on Davey Richards in the least.  I was for him winning the belt, but he picked touring in Japan at the worst possible time.   I get that it’s part of the business to tour overseas, but the fact is that having him overseas and defending the ROH belt against few opponents and fewer times damages credibility in being a fighting champion.  People know how good a wrestler and fighter he can be, but they want to see it.  The one upshot is that this match is finally happening because I don’t think ROH could’ve afforded to have this match happen any later.  Whether it’s MMA/UFC, Boxing or Pro Wrestling (keep in mind, leaving the realistic factors aside), people look at championship matches and expect to see a fight.  Luckily, this match has all the elements to be just that, so let’s see if ROH can give the fans what they want, in more ways than one.


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