New Champion is Crowned, New Era Begins



You might as well get used to those words because a new era has now begun in Ring of Honor.  At Border Wars 2012, a new champion was crowned.  “The American Wolf” Davey Richards fell to “Mr Wrestling” and “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare” Kevin Steen.  One Package Piledriver and that was all she wrote as Kevin Steen ended the title reign of Richards that lasted nearly a year.  I had written last week about how this needed to happen. I said that Kevin Steen needed to win this match and not only am I happy that it did happen, but I can’t think of a guy who is more deserving of holding that belt than Steen.  The last time that Kevin Steen had a shot at the World Title was when he wrestled Nigel McGuinness, only to not come out on top in that match. That was not the case this past Saturday as this was meant to be Steen’s only title shot against Richards, but clearly one shot was ALL that Kevin Steen needed.

I have nothing against Davey Richards. I really don’t and I was happy when he won’t the belt last June. The only problem however, was the fact that while Richards was the face of the company, he also wasn’t there a lot.  In fact, for a guy who held the world title for almost a year, he only defended the belt nine times.   Considering that the Sinclair deal was reached last year and first impressions usually count for a lot in wrestling, it’s not the best move from a business standpoint to have the guy you deemed as the face of your company always touring overseas.  Whether you like him or hate him, the fact is that Steen was there on a more regular basis than Richards.  All the touring overseas damaged his credibility as a champion.  It’s not to say that Richards was a bad champion or that he put on bad matches because neither of which is true. We know the guy can wrestle and we know that he can put on great matches, but we need to see it a lot more and don’t want to hear about him touring overseas all the time.

Back on the subject of Kevin Steen, the popularity for Kevin Steen hasn’t diminished one little bit.  The chants of “Kill Steen Kill” only got louder and louder from the crowd about as much as the “YES!” chants for Daniel Bryan.  ROH needed something new in terms of the World Title picture and having a heel champion might just be the right move. Given, they had that at one point with Roderick Strong, but the last time that ROH had a strong heel champion was Nigel McGuinness.  Having Steen as the champion leaves the door open for so many possibilities and options for challengers.  Jay Lethal can move up and go after the World Title or have Eddie Edwards back in the hunt again.  Of course, you can also have El Generico and Kevin Steen resume their old rivalry.  We saw how good that feud can be when it’s the two just fighting because they hate each other.  How good would that fight be if you had those two fighting not only because of the history between the two, but to have the world title on the line?

It doesn’t matter how it came to be or when it started, but what is important is the fact that Kevin Steen has a following and attracts a crowd a lot better as of late than Davey Richards.  It’s not to say that the guy can’t become popular again, just wrestle more for ROH than you do overseas and the problem is solved.  Steen is over with the crowd and even though he’s supposed to be a heel, he’s the kind of heel that you kinda love to hate.  The guy comes off as crazy as hell, but you almost want him to get that crazy and beyond.  The crazier he gets, the better the match will be because fans of Steen love to see the guy act as crazy, sick and downright psychotic as possible.   Kevin Steen promised in a promo before Border Wars that when he wins the belt, the true payback begins towards Jim Cornette, Cary Silkin and ROH itself.  I look forward to seeing what transpires and hoping that at the very least, we’ll end up with some of the best damn title matches we can imagine to come out of the title reign of one Mr Wrestling.


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