The State of WWE TV

I don’t know which I’m more sick of these days.  John Laryngitis being on TV and boring everybody to tears, how so many people are praising the guy for being able to “draw so much heat,” or that WWE keeps teasing the crowd like they’re gonna fire him.  Including the stipulation with Over The Limit, this is the third time that we’ve had the WWE tease the rest of us that they’re going to pull the plug on WWE’s Biggest Kidney Stone in John Laryngitis.  The first time was before Wrestlemania where Triple H showed up and was ready to fire him before Taker interrupted the whole thing. Triple H announced that he was going to fire him and then the Kidney Stone himself returned and said that the Board of Directors were going to make a decision that eventually lead to him keeping his job.

The second time was at Wrestlemania with that stupid match between Teddy Long’s team vs John Laryngitis’ team. We all saw how that one ended and we’ve been stuck with the jackass ever since.  Now we’re back to this again where he’s fighting John Cena and the Board of Directors have seemingly turned against him.  Exactly how long do we really expect this to go for? Johnny Ace is not Vince McMahon. Hell, he’s not even Eric Bischoff when he was actually worth a damn.  The problem as I’ve said with his character is that there is nothing longterm with this guy and that his character has no variation or room to expand.  His character is one note and as proven with Smackdown this past week, no matter what tirades or tantrums he throws, people don’t get past his voice. It’s no different from people who can’t look at Lord Tensai and still call him Albert because no matter what, people remember his pierced up face and hairy back.

Triple H doesn’t like the guy nor does John Cena or CM Punk and you have the alleged “board of directors” also not happy with this guy.  Vince set the standard on WWE TV for being the boss you’d love nothing more than to sucker punch.  Bischoff to an extent did the same thing and one thing that both  those guys had in common was that it didn’t draw enough heat to where people didn’t want to watch anymore.  Before any of you say that it’s not true, Raw this past week  the lowest that it’s had since the start of the year.  Believe me, if your product drops to below a 3.0, your product has a problem, especially when this rating is coming from your supposed “A” show and not your “B” show.  And this is the show that the WWE wants to expand to 3 hours?

If your ratings drop to a 2.9, it simply is showing that you’re not giving your audience, your consumers anything that is worth watching.  Top that off with the fact that you’re not giving people characters that they want to see.  Heels are supposed to draw heat from a crowd, that part is true but the heels have one small shred of their character that attracts the crowd.  It’s that small part that the people find themselves loving to hate, and not to be irritated to the point where it becomes painful. At least WWE has gotten smart to at least have Michael “Monkey” Cole tone it down a bit. Unfortunately, he hasn’t toned it down enough and the worst part is that no matter what he does or says even if its positive, the crowd is gonna hate him no matter what and when you have him on his own doing commentary, it further displays that they wasted too much time on his character and less time making him actually credible as an announcer.

Why does your product drop to below 3.0 in the rations WWE? Let me sum a couple things up for you.   Your broadcast team is crap because your announcers are no damn good since they spend time bickering at each other than calling the action.  Your championship belts hold no merit whatsoever because they’re seldom involved in any stories that you have, if any at all.  You don’t have the patience to make any stories or feuds go longterm (The Nexus) and some have no payoff in the end (The Anonymous GM) and the guys that you push to the top of the mountain are the guys contribute nothing in the ring.  The fact that you’re running on fumes in terms of star power was further displayed at the Royal Rumble, especially when you had all 3 guys from your announcer’s table get in the ring during the Royal Rumble match.  And last but sure as hell not least, you recycle stories that we have seen time in and time out and you’ve pretty much milked them for all their worth and it gives your consumers nothing new.  The end result has simply been that UFC seems to gain in popularity and PPV buys while your own seems to flounder about and diminish.

I know a lot of you are going to go about and say; “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”  It’s called being a critic and the reason I’m hard on the WWE is because I know they can be a lot better than this.  They can AND have been better than this and we all know this for a fact.  The only difference is that back then, the WWE actually put an effort into their product. They put in effort, passion and some heart into actually producing a product that gained the McMahons the money that they received from it.  Now, its like they’re bleeding out their own product and just letting it exist without putting in any kind of effort into making it better.  We already saw one guy bleed a company dry and use it as his own personal ATM machine and that company ended up six feet under.  The one difference was that man’s family didn’t own the company.  Back in the days with the NWO in the WWE, Vince called it killing his own company by injecting it with poison.  WWE’s infected with poison alright, but it’s not the NWO that’s doing it, that poison is a lot closer to home.


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