WELL….. Well it’s the Big Slow!!!!

So, as of right now, The Big Show has gone from face to heel once again.  He’s now boasting about having an iron clad contract and has been reduced to being the flying monkey of John Laryngitis.  The good news is that the Big Show is being a dominant giant instead of trying to be an overgrown comic relief.  The bad news unfortunately is that this is the Big Show we’re talking about.  Face or Heel, the fact remains that there is no difference in match quality with this guy.  He may have the title of “World’s Largest Athlete,” but unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee being a big draw for money because he hasn’t been that and he’s not that right now either.

We’ve seen him on both sides of the coin as a face and as a heel.  The guy has put on random costumes (Scottish, Hulk Hogan, DDP, even a sumo diaper for God’s Sake) and has been part of almost every tag team combination that you can think of from Spike Dudley to The Miz. Hell, we’ve even seen Floyd “Money” Mayweather (Mr I’m Too Scared to Fight Manny Pacquio) bust the guy’s nose open.  So now Big Show is a heel and he’s trying to be what Mark Henry was for the latter part of last year and is the enforcer of John Laryngitis.  To make matters worse, they’re putting him in the main event at No Way Out, and let’s be honest that Cena & Big Show will close out No Way Out, against John Cena in a cage match.  So, the reason I should check out No Way Out is WHAT exactly?

The way Cena’s pattern has been going is that Cena lost at Mania, won at Extreme Rules, and lost at Over The Limit in one of the most painful matches that fans had to watch with a very predictable outcome.  The one thing that Big Show and John Cena have in common is that no matter the outcome, I’m left wondering what the hell is next.  Where do you go with either of these guys? There’s no bonus or upshot with having Big Show win.  I also find it funny that they brag about Lesnar and Cena and yet seem to forget that Cena won the match, regardless of whatever “beating” Brock Lesnar gave him.  No matter how bad Cena got beat up, it was still a hired gun who didn’t get the job done.  WWE seems to think that this is something special, but it’s not.  Big Show is just another hired gun trying to take out John Cena.  The difference between this and Extreme Rules was people want to see Lesnar fight because for better worse, the guy has the skill even if he doesn’t have the heart. Big Show is no technician in the ring, nor is he a high flyer and he’s barely even a powerhouse.  When Big Show and Cena fought at Wrestlemania years ago for the US Title, it was the opening match and WWE did the smart move in keeping it short and not dragging it out.  Try stretching this match out, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

WWE puts all this time and effort and so much stock in the Big Show, thinking that he’s a draw or that he can be a cash cow for them when the truth is that he isn’t. His title reigns are lackluster and forgettable, especially when it came to world title reigns, and he’s just become one of those guys who WWE seems to have there for the sake of being there. Realistically, there’s not much else this guy can do that will make people care. World’s Largest Athlete, the majority of wrestling fans have two words for you and it’s just like your current heel turn: NOT IMPRESSED!


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