I Got Four Words For Ya: People Power is DEAD!!!!!!

Yes, the very thing that we’ve been begging to have happened finally happened.  No Way Out, John Cena did the WWE Fans a favor by not only beating the Big Show, but also by getting Mr Lack of Personality and the WWE’s Biggest Kidney Stone in John Laryngitis FIRED!!!!!  That lead to tonight’s Raw and I was a little excited but also a little skeptic about watching tonight because I was scared that the WWE was going to find some way to screw over the fans again.  I thought they were going to pull off something where Johnny Boy would have his job still or something with power still in his grasp.  Miraculously, not only did that not happen but everybody that he thought was his allies turned against him tonight.  However, as great as Raw was tonight in my opinion, there were still some flaws to it.  One of them regards to who is in charge of both shows now that Johnny Boredom is no longer in power.

Mick Foley came out tonight and said that every week, there would be a different person for the GM role and this is the part that bothers me.  Given, this is not getting some random celebrity to do it like what was done in the past. But still, this came off to me like it just a half-assed version of what the whole guest General Manager role used to be. You know, some would be good and some would be crap.  Then it turned into just a guest host for Raw and that ended up with a majority of guest hosts that just sucked.  I’m begging you guys to not have me go into The Three Stooges and how horrible that turned out.  One of the actors in Sean Hayes said he was embarrassed being on Raw that night, funny cause we were embarrassed to have him and the other two on Raw that night. But nevertheless, this is just a recycled version of an angle that got old quicker than Vince’s million dollar giveaway on Raw (aka Vince McMahon pays you to watch Raw).

One other problem I had with Raw last night was Alberto Del Rio.  Now last I checked, the guy had a concussion and that was the only reason that he wasn’t able to compete at No Way Out the other night against Sheamus.  So, if Del Rio had a concussion and couldn’t compete against Sheamus last night, how is he able to go out there and wrestle on Raw the night after the PPV where he couldn’t compete because of the concussion?  Top that off with the fact that going from fighting Sheamus for the World Title to fighting Santino Marella for nothing other than tossing around his personal ring announcer, I call that a little bit of a step down.  Was there really a concussion or does the WWE really not have the slightest clue what the hell they are doing with this guy?

Back to the topic of the “authority figure” in the WWE, there is one thing I will give credit to the WWE about regarding the authority figure is that they didn’t go right to Teddy Long.  Maybe he’ll get it eventually and maybe he won’t, but at least they didn’t go with the obvious as opposed to the main event of No Way Out last night because we all knew that John Cena was not going to be the one to get fired.  They chose to fire the guy that many felt was killing the ratings for WWE because ever since the Toolbox took over, the ratings have just gone down.  The only reason that they went up last week was because people thought the ass-clown was gonna get fired. I loved how Big Show just left Not So Big Johnny out in the cold and there is some logic to it, considering that Big Show does still have an iron clad contract and he doesn’t really have to answer to anybody.  So leaving Johnny out in the cold made sense with regard to the fact that Big Show got what he wanted, and since John Laryngitis has no power anymore, there’s nothing else that Big Show needs from him.  The icing on the cake was how Otunga just left Johnny there after Johnny Boy revealed he wasn’t hurt.  It was probably one of the best things that I’ve seen Otunga do thus far since he came to the WWE.

This Raw tonight was a step-up for me and I felt the right call was made in the fact that they took a character off of TV that nobody liked.  John Laryngitis wasn’t even hated in a “good heel” kind of way. He was hated to the point where nobody wanted to see the guy at all because he was so boring that he made paint drying look like the Super Bowl.  There is a slight change with the authority figure even if the angle is just something recycled, but its at least a start and for right now, all we can hope is that this will actually lead to something heading into the 3 Hour Raw.


Has Randy Orton Signed His Own Death Warrant with the WWE?

Those of you that caught my first show heard what I had to say about Randy Orton.  Even though I talked about it on there, chances are that we’re going to be talking about it for a while.  Word is spreading all over the IWC that Randy Orton is in hot water with the WWE.  Top that off with many officials are not even willing to give the guy another chance and are all set to just fire him right here and now.

If the WWE actually does drop the hammer on Randy Orton, it will be the biggest firing they’ve ever done involving the Wellness Policy.  This isn’t anything like if they for whatever reason fired Triple H or John Cena, but this is the closest thing to it and it certainly has the magnitude of it.  For a long while, John Cena and Triple H have been considered untouchable to the point of being bulletproof and the reason I bring that up is because a lot of people thought that Randy Orton was on that same boat.  Orton has had his share of trouble even without this Wellness Policy violation. The guy had been suspended twice for “unprofessional conduct” backstage twice in one year back in 2006.   Top that off with the two violations of the Wellness Policy, the guy has had four suspensions under his belt.  Now, I’m not a booker, a General Manager, CEO, COO, or a Vice President (executive or otherwise), but I’m pretty sure that if you’ve been suspended four times in a job, that gives plenty of ground for the employer to fire the person.

Of course, you have all the forum boys and numerous other people that are saying that Orton should go to TNA.  First off,  the guy hasn’t even been fired yet so put that pipe dream to rest already.  Second, Orton to TNA, what the hell for?   Why the hell should Randy Orton go to TNA? Why would they even want to sign him apart from the obvious reputation that TNA has as of late which is to pick off WWE’s table scraps? Would he be a game changer if TNA picked him up? No, he wouldn’t because all that will happen is that he’ll spark some buzz for maybe a few weeks but from then on, nothing.  It’ll be no different from when Booker T went to TNA.  He sparked some buzz for a few weeks but then fizzled out just as quickly.  If Jim Ross went to TNA or Paul Heyman went to TNA and had full control to run the product his way, THAT would be a game changer.  Randy Orton going to TNA won’t change a thing with it even if he did go there. Besides, even if the WWE fired Randy Orton, it rests on whether or not TNA would even want to sign him.  The way things are shaping up with the whole WWE/Randy Orton situation, it’s looking like Orton may have the talent that he does, but he’s a tremendous pain in the ass to put up with in the workplace.

There has also been word going around that even if he is brought back after the suspension is up, that he doesn’t set foot in the main event spot again. Furthermore, there has been talk that he will be stuck in the mid-card spot, which would mean that there is no chance that we’d ever see a major title run for Randy Orton ever again.  Considering the contract that he signed which has him with the WWE until 2019, I can’t say that I blame the WWE for being pissed off at the guy.  Many were believing that the guy had reformed, and yet he pulls this and shows that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The guy is a talent and it’d be a shame to let it go to waste, but sometimes you have to send a message that this kind of crap won’t be tolerated.  We’ve heard on screen how no one man is bigger than the WWE.  This would be one way to prove that to be true if they actually do fire Orton.  I’m not saying that they should or that they shouldn’t, but like everybody else, we recognize that this guy is in hot water with the company and has really dug himself into a hole.  The only problem is that this time around, it will take a miracle to get himself out of this hole.

The Shark Attack’s Milestone

This past week, your’s truly made his debut on Blog Talk Radio in bringing to the air waves “The Shark Attack Goes Live” and bringing to the table what I bring to all of you in my articles and what I write on here.   Those of you that wish to catch it can do so Tuesday nights at 11 pm eastern time, 8 pm pacific time and the number is (347) 945-6363 and keep in mind that this is just the beginning. As weeks go on, I’ll debuting segments and interviews for all of the true wrestling fans out there.

But of course, I want to thank a lot of people that believed in yours truly and helped make the first show the milestone that it was for me. I want to thank the members of the Triple Threat of Wrestling Talk which includes the Head Cheerleader herself Kasey and creators of the Wrestling Wrealm in  Mr Main Event B-Dub Brian Waters and The Real F’N Deal and No Gimmicks Needed Thank You in Dwayne Allen.  I also want to thank Jason Chinsolo from We Want Wrestling for being one of the first to believe in my ability as well as Greg Mitchell of Ultimate Sports Talk.  I also want to thank Wrestlezone writer and ROH Announcer  Kevin Kelly for being one of the first to recognize my passion for pro wrestling. I also want to thank the creators of the Podcast of Pain in E-Rock Eric Sheppard and Charlie Speed and last but not least Addie & Mo from We Talk Wrestling.

I can’t thank you guys enough for it and I look forward to bringing you my “A” game every week when I go live.  And to use a little bit of the Rowdy One himself Roddy Piper:

My name is “The Shark” Sean Williams. I am the Apex Predator of Wrestling Talk & The Wrestling Wrealm, and you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!!!!