The Shark Attack’s Milestone

This past week, your’s truly made his debut on Blog Talk Radio in bringing to the air waves “The Shark Attack Goes Live” and bringing to the table what I bring to all of you in my articles and what I write on here.   Those of you that wish to catch it can do so Tuesday nights at 11 pm eastern time, 8 pm pacific time and the number is (347) 945-6363 and keep in mind that this is just the beginning. As weeks go on, I’ll debuting segments and interviews for all of the true wrestling fans out there.

But of course, I want to thank a lot of people that believed in yours truly and helped make the first show the milestone that it was for me. I want to thank the members of the Triple Threat of Wrestling Talk which includes the Head Cheerleader herself Kasey and creators of the Wrestling Wrealm in  Mr Main Event B-Dub Brian Waters and The Real F’N Deal and No Gimmicks Needed Thank You in Dwayne Allen.  I also want to thank Jason Chinsolo from We Want Wrestling for being one of the first to believe in my ability as well as Greg Mitchell of Ultimate Sports Talk.  I also want to thank Wrestlezone writer and ROH Announcer  Kevin Kelly for being one of the first to recognize my passion for pro wrestling. I also want to thank the creators of the Podcast of Pain in E-Rock Eric Sheppard and Charlie Speed and last but not least Addie & Mo from We Talk Wrestling.

I can’t thank you guys enough for it and I look forward to bringing you my “A” game every week when I go live.  And to use a little bit of the Rowdy One himself Roddy Piper:

My name is “The Shark” Sean Williams. I am the Apex Predator of Wrestling Talk & The Wrestling Wrealm, and you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!!!!


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