The Rock Gets a Title Shot at Royal Rumble

Been preoccupied with the show, let’s see if I remember how to do this.  So, the 1000th Raw has come and gone.  So much happened on it and some things were noticed to be missing.  However, I’m only going to be talking about one of the things that we found on Raw and that is the announcement that was made by the Great One himself The Rock.

The Rock announced that at the Royal Rumble, he will face whoever is the WWE Champion at the time and the belt will be on the line.  There are a few things that I have a problem with regarding the announcement.  Some are about the idea itself and one other having to do with what this could lead to.  Look, I have the same nostalgia for The Rock as everybody else does and there is little that he will do that I will ever question.  However, why is he getting a title shot handed to him on a silver platter? Given, I’m well aware of who this guy is, but why does he need another title run?  Why does The Rock have to win the WWE Championship again? There’s nothing more to prove for this guy. He’s won the belt plenty and for the most part, he’s done it all.  He doesn’t need to win the WWE Title again regardless of how long he’s going to hold it.

The other problem that I have with this is the fact that the Royal Rumble is about five to six months away.  The WWE got lucky with the hype and the build-up leading to John Cena vs The Rock at Mania this year, but lightning doesn’t strike twice, and there’s no telling that this will even have close to the same effect.  Besides, look at the belt, the spinner belt, do you really think anyone really wants to picture seeing The Rock holding that Cracker Jack prize of a championship belt?  It was hard enough seeing guys like Randy Orton, Edge, Triple H or Batista hold that belt. This of course leads to the problem of who will be holding the belt and at the moment, all signs are pointing towards CM Punk vs The Rock at Royal Rumble, considering Punk’s heel turn and attacking The Rock.  But the big question is why do you need to have it happen at the Royal Rumble? People are gonna forget that The Rock got attacked by Punk.  The better move would be to strike while the iron is hot.  The better move would be to make the match happen at Summerslam.   Unfortunately, chances are that the match will happen at the Royal Rumble and The Rock will win the belt which leads to what could be an even bigger problem: John Cena vs The Rock at Wrestlemania this time for the WWE Championship.

Why is this match a problem? It’s pretty obvious that Cena would win that match because we all know The Rock is not a full-timer anymore in the WWE.  Besides, John Cena has been without a belt for a long time and if he doesn’t win it anytime soon, whose to say he won’t win it at Wrestlemania? John Cena is the franchise guy for the WWE right now whether we like it or not. Do we honestly believe for even a second that he’s not going to hold world title gold ever again? Fat freakin’ chance of that happening.  Yeah, it’s a rematch from last year’s Mania, but is it one that we really want to see happen again?

I get that this is Wrestlemania we’re talking about and it has always been for the most part an event that has lead to career defining moments.  What exactly would a John Cena vs The Rock rematch really do? Given it would had some kind of emphasis to the belt for once, but it doesn’t do much of anything for either guy.  The Rock has nothing left to prove and if you want to go by win/loss, John Cena would still be 1-1 against The Rock.  The WWE is putting effort into this, but couldn’t this kind of effort be put into something else or putting somebody over that needs it more?


The State of Ring of Honor Wrestling

I read an article off of Wrestlezone where one their writers (I’m not particularly fond of the guy which is why his name will get no plug on here) and in his article, he talked about how ROH is doomed for failure.  The basis of his claim was that the attendance for an ROH show in Pittsburgh recently only had about 500 in attendance.  Just because that was the attendance for one, doesn’t mean that’s the attendance for all.  People have said that ROH is in danger of going under for years and many said that about TNA also.  I have on several occasions said that TNA was doomed to fail, mostly because of acquiring Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo, but it’s still standing even as I’m writing this.

I’m not saying that ROH is perfect.  It’s not without its faults and one of the biggest problems that it’s had over the years is the internet PPVs.  Technical problems have plagued those shows for the last few years.  Border Wars was the first iPPV that ROH had and they had it streamed from their website.  That was also the first PPV that ROH had streamed that was outside of Go Fight Live which was never able to get past the streaming issues.  Best in The World took place last weekend and a lot of people were able to watch for free as a token of appreciation to the fans and an act of redemption for the technical problems at Border Wars.

The location for streaming their internet PPVs as well as the quality for the streaming was not the only fault for ROH.  Sinclair Broadcasting in my opinion is not fanning out like I hoped it would and probably not like ROH was hoping it would.    The biggest problem is that Sinclair Broadcasting doesn’t have the strongest base on the West Coast.  In other words, even if fans of ROH on the West Coast want to see it, we have to do it through ROH’s site with or without a subscription.   The problem with that is that while it’s still accessible, many would rather watch it on TV and for those on the West Coast, that’s just not possible.  However, going back to my problem with the article that I read, it was claimed that Jim Cornette has been “Brooding” as of late and that Davey Richards has been looking at other work such as a firefighter.  My message to this writer is this: Who the hell do you think you are? Professor X? Did you wiretap the phones of Jim Cornette and Davey Richards? What’s your encore? A timeline on John Cena’s marriage?

I will agree that wrestler past and present that I’ll consider amongst the elite in ROH are guys like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Davey Richards, Kevin Steen and of course Nigel McGuinness.  There are probably others that I’m leaving out but I’m hoping the point was made with the names that were mentioned.  I get that the article is an opinion piece, but most columnists try to input more facts into their work rather than conspiracy theories.  The bottom line is that this guy knows about as much about the status of Ring of Honor as I do about what ended John Cena’s marriage.  In other words, a whole lot of nothing but it’s what you can expect from washed up announcers.  I don’t know what the status is for ROH one way or the other, but last time I checked, one bad show doesn’t equal a death sentence.