The Analogy of “WCW All Over Again”

These days whenever TNA or WWE screws up, the analogy that is used is that it’s WCW all over again.  Now wrestling has been around for years.  We’ve seen many promotions go under. Names such as USWF, AWA, Smokey Mountain, WCCW, ECW and the list goes on.  So why of all promotions that have gone under do we use WCW as a reference? Because when it comes to WCW, we focus on what could’ve been as opposed to what it became. WCW had WWE or WWF at the time backed up against the wall. Eric Bischoff brought the company into extinction because he used it like an ATM machine and chose personal over professional.  By that, I mean he chose his friends like Kevin Nash over those that should’ve been pushed to the top.

Now we’ve seen similarities in both WWE and TNA in the mistakes WCW made towards the end.   WWE only focuses on certain guys like WCW did and focuses on trying to make a G to PG rated product.  TNA focused on who they could acquire from the other guys as opposed to growing and grooming the talent that was already there.  Now in the case of the WWE, another analogy that is made is that buying out WCW was the worst thing that could’ve happened to WWE and that goes without saying. They eliminated the competition and that means there was no reason  to raise the bar or anything to compete against.  In their eyes, there was no reason for effort.   In a way, WWE became WCW because WCW wanted to beat the WWE and bring it down. The way things have been lately with the WWE, it’s like they’re bringing themselves down from the inside.

Some people say politicians these days have forgotten and even diluded what the founding fathers built this country on.  Now this is not going to be a political debate. I don’t do politics or religion on this show.  But the WWE has forgotten the very basics of pro wrestling and a lot of that faults on how the McMahons don’t seem to want to be connected to pro wrestling anymore.  Linda is focusing on politics and Vince seems to be wanting to be part of that.  And if they don’t want to be a part of it, then perhaps it’s time for changing of the guard, sooner rather than later before some fans forget what pro wrestling is supposed to be.


Breaking Down Brock Lesnar vs Triple H


Over the years, there has been matches that many people have deemed as being a dream match. This year, we had that with The Rock vs John Cena.  People labeled that as two different symbols of two different generations colliding.  A year was spent in hyping up the match and regardless of some people thinking that it was executed well or executed poorly, the fact remains that it did lead to one pretty good buyrate for Wrestlemania this year and that is pretty much the only goal that I think the WWE had in mind when this match was made.   Now, we have SummerSlam, one of the WWE’s major PPV’s and is often referred to by the WWE as “The Biggest Party of the Summer” when the truth is that this year, SummerSlam looks like it has gone from being “The Biggest Party of the Summer” to a One Match Show.  That one match of course being Brock Lesnar vs Triple H.

It’s true that we never got to see those two collide one on one.  Around the time where Brock was the champion, it was around the time where the roster split and the “Brand Extension” began and Brock was now primarily wrestling for Smackdown which lead to the World Heavyweight Championship to be introduced and handed to Triple H. It took well into a year or so before that belt was deemed credible as a world heavyweight title and that’s because there was no attempt at making a new belt. It was simply nothing more than the old WCW World Title and nothing more.  Fast forward to now, Brock Lesnar has returned and we’re getting to see Triple H and Lesnar collide.  I have no doubts that this will be a fight plain and simple. It’ll get physical and violent, but just don’t tell me that it’s dream match.  Dream matches are something that you’d imagine that you would love to see that have little to no chance of happening and that you feel a surge of excitement and adrenaline when you find out that it’s gonna happen.  Brock Lesnar vs Triple H is not one of those scenarios.

Triple H is a part-timer now and spending most of his time backstage as he gears up to be the one that takes over.  Brock Lesnar only signed a year long contract and has 24 appearances that he signed up for when he signed the deal.  The build-up for this match  has been going on for the last couple months, even though Brock has only appeared a total of four times involving the build-up.  He was there when he broke Triple H’s arm, on the 1000th Raw, showed up in HBK’s segment, and last week when he signed the contract for the match and beat up Shawn Michaels and broke his arm.  So with the 5 appearances that he made in his return early in the year plus the four here and tonight’s match, that breaks down his limited appearances to about 14 left or 13 if he shows up for whatever reason tomorrow night on Raw.

So why is this not a dream match?  One reason can be that there really is no upshot for either side.  Win or lose, Brock will disappear again for a few months and probably won’t be seen again until close to Wrestlemania.  By that time, you run a huge risk of people just not giving a damn about the guy.  I’ve only see him appear 9 times in the last 5 months and I barely care about him.  Triple H wins, it’s back to working backstage and doing all the stuff that his new position in the company requires him to do.  While there’s predictions and no solid way to predict what the outcome will in fact be, fact remains that there really is no point in having Brock Lesnar win this match. He’s only there to put over talent, make Vince some money as well as make himself some money.  The guy has been vocal in his lack of love for the business.  The only thing going for this is you can’t help wondering how much of a personal stake there might be in this for Triple H.  Lesnar jammed the WWE years ago, a company that has made Triple H what he is and has helped establish his legacy and Lesnar stuck up the middle finger at it and left.

Mark Madden has made several rants about how WWE wanted the UFC Lesnar and they got the WWE Lesnar.  Chris Cash made a point where he questioned what the difference was and he’s right. There is no difference between the two.  Lesnar left the WWE high and dry while in UFC, his body couldn’t take the physical toll anymore as an Ultimate Fighter.  Anyone that thinks that Lesnar was this unstoppable, unbeatable machine in the UFC, the truth is that he wasn’t.  He lost his first fight and regardless of how he performed, the truth was he lost.  Brock Lesnar didn’t want to just retire and sit on his ass all day.  So he went back to the place that he screwed over and has little desire to go over anybody.  Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if during his time in the WWE, Lesnar doesn’t win one single match.  You include tonight’s match, we’ll have only seen Brock Lesnar in an official match twice.  Two matches in five months, so people should care about this guy and still see him as relevant HOW?

I’m not taking anything away from this match. It’ll be physical and it will be a fight without question.  Just don’t tell me that it’s dream match in the making or that there is an upshot in this.  Paul Heyman may have been right when he said that this is one match where nobody knows the outcome or can map out the outcome.  I don’t think there’s anyway that anyone can. This is not John Cena vs The Rock nor is this something along the line of if CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ever happened.  It’s the guy that deserted the company vs one of their most loyal.  Showdown, yes but a dream match, no.

Where’s the Professionalism?

For those that were unable to hear what I was saying in my Shark Bite last night, this is what I had said.

A story broke out about ROH Stars at an indy show stiffing the promotion and refusing to wrestle.  According to a report at a show called Adrenaline Pro Wrestling that was taking place in Iowa, ROH stars Davey Richards, Kyle O’Reilly, and Tony Kozina were advertised for the show.  The report goes on to say how they showed up well after the opening bell, bullied & threatened the promoter about their matches and demanding payment up front and that while their opponents waited in the ring, they up and left and reports have indicated that they’ve been bragging about it online and calling themselves Team Bandits as opposed to Team Ambition.  Wrestler for the promotion Jaysin Strife went off on the group in the ring in front of the crowd on a microphone. Strife went as far as to say that those guys can go and die, and that he felt they disrespected himself, the company and what he does. He referred to them as snakes and thieves.   Strife was irate for the fact that they demanded money that they didn’t earn because they didn’t do what they were paid to do in going out there and entertaining the crowd and felt disgusted to have been in the ring with those guys and that he wouldn’t rest until companies finally saw these guys as the snakes they are and how they were anything but professionals.

I always strive to maintain a professional and unbiased sense, even for those that I may not respect or like.   When I first started doing this, one of the first guys I wanted to interview because I admired his talent, his skill and I felt he deserved to win the ROH world title was Davey Richards.  I requested the interview and he said to me “Sure man. 100 bucks.”  Whatever respect I had at that point, died out because of this.  100 bucks for what? Because you’d be voluntarily giving your time for an interview?  To loosely quote Jeff Daniels on “The Newsroom”, I don’t have subpoena power. Everybody that I interview or that comes on this show does it voluntarily and none of them are demanding any payment up front or afterwards for it.  It’s one thing to no show an event but demand payment upfront and bail is just a whole new low.

In the time that I’ve done this, I’ve been fortunate to interview who I have during the course.  Kevin Steen and Prince Nana were two of my first interviews.  The first phone interview I ever did was “Scrapiron” Adam Pearce.  “The One Man Militia” Matt Justice and even more recently Adam Cole are among names I’ve had the privilege to interview.  I respected those men and others I’ve interviewed for taking the time out of their schedule voluntarily to let me interview them.  Kevin Steen was my first interview. Prince Nana after and even earlier this year when I suffered a loss in my family, Prince Nana was gracious enough to send his condolences to me. He didn’t have to do it nor was I expecting him to, but he did it anyway and to which, I’m grateful.  Matt Justice when he replied back with the answers to my questions, apologized for the time it took to get them.  He didn’t have to do it, but he still showed the class and professionalism for it. Adam Pearce was prompt in the time he called and is one of the biggest class acts I’ve had the privilege to talk with and is as good as they come.  Adam Cole in the time that I talked with him, showed a certain amount of respect, class, professionalism, and was vocal about the love, passion and honor that he holds towards what he does as a professional wrestler.

So why this you may ask? Simple, where the hell is the professionalism with some people and especially in guys like Kyle O’Reilly, Davey Richards, and Tony Kozina? This is why I have a beef with some guys like Brock Lesnar who don’t have a love or passion to be in the business.  If you don’t want to be there, than don’t be there and stop wasting your time, the guys in the back’s time and the time of the fans because you guys are getting to do what some of us fans could only dream of doing and you’re doing what other guys who are working their asses off to get a taste of even a glimpse of the limelight you guys have. Some of these guys never get to that point, but they keep doing it. Gregory Iron has a gimp hand due to cerebral palsy, but he still goes out there and wrestles.  Zack Gowen still wrestles in the indies and the guy has only one freaking leg.  You guys have no limitations physically unless in the case of what took place in Iowa, you count greed and ego as a physical limitation.

Now, I may not have the physical prowess to be a pro wrestler.  But, if I was taller, more fit and offered a job as a professional wrestler, would I take it? In a New York Minute and the difference is that when I’m paid for doing my job, I earned the pay because I did what was asked and what was expected of me. I don’t go taking the money and run and then brag about it like I nailed the head cheerleader in high school.  The difference in a guy like Brock Lesnar and in guys like Richards, Kozina and O’Reilly did is that we expect as much from Lesnar, but we expect more out of guys like those 3. There’s nothing professional about acting like a bunch of unprofessional parasites and then bragging & laughing about what you did like a jackass.  Bottom line is not only did they steal the money from that promotion, money they didn’t earn that night, but they screwed the fans over that paid for those tickets to see great wrestling from 3 guys they thought would deliver, but instead all they got was three punks who stole their money and wasted their time.

Wanna know why Adam Cole got the pin over Davey Richards at the ROH Anniversary Show or why Eddie Edwards won the TV title over Davey Richards or won the World Title before him or why Kevin Steen holds that belt now? Maybe it’s because they’re just simply better or maybe it’s because they haven’t forgotten what the word “Professional” in professional wrestler means.