The Analogy of “WCW All Over Again”

These days whenever TNA or WWE screws up, the analogy that is used is that it’s WCW all over again.  Now wrestling has been around for years.  We’ve seen many promotions go under. Names such as USWF, AWA, Smokey Mountain, WCCW, ECW and the list goes on.  So why of all promotions that have gone under do we use WCW as a reference? Because when it comes to WCW, we focus on what could’ve been as opposed to what it became. WCW had WWE or WWF at the time backed up against the wall. Eric Bischoff brought the company into extinction because he used it like an ATM machine and chose personal over professional.  By that, I mean he chose his friends like Kevin Nash over those that should’ve been pushed to the top.

Now we’ve seen similarities in both WWE and TNA in the mistakes WCW made towards the end.   WWE only focuses on certain guys like WCW did and focuses on trying to make a G to PG rated product.  TNA focused on who they could acquire from the other guys as opposed to growing and grooming the talent that was already there.  Now in the case of the WWE, another analogy that is made is that buying out WCW was the worst thing that could’ve happened to WWE and that goes without saying. They eliminated the competition and that means there was no reason  to raise the bar or anything to compete against.  In their eyes, there was no reason for effort.   In a way, WWE became WCW because WCW wanted to beat the WWE and bring it down. The way things have been lately with the WWE, it’s like they’re bringing themselves down from the inside.

Some people say politicians these days have forgotten and even diluded what the founding fathers built this country on.  Now this is not going to be a political debate. I don’t do politics or religion on this show.  But the WWE has forgotten the very basics of pro wrestling and a lot of that faults on how the McMahons don’t seem to want to be connected to pro wrestling anymore.  Linda is focusing on politics and Vince seems to be wanting to be part of that.  And if they don’t want to be a part of it, then perhaps it’s time for changing of the guard, sooner rather than later before some fans forget what pro wrestling is supposed to be.


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