Chaos Creates….More Chaos

Eric Bischoff once believed that controversy creates cash.  As of late with the WWE, its chaos more than controversy and in this case, all chaos seems to create is…..more chaos.  John Cena has been hurt with an arm injury and had his surgery.  One minute we hear he’ll be out 4-6 weeks, then we hear that Vince said give him 2-3 weeks and then it’s back to 4-6 weeks.  So at this point, nobody has a clue if John Cena will be able to compete at Hell in a Cell. Not even the WWE.  Last night, it was posted that Brian Gerwitz who had been the head writer for more than a decade, was demoted to creative consultant prior to Raw.  Reports also said that Vince was NOT in a good mood and even went as far as to say that he wanted results or resignations.   Vince is beside himself and who can blame him.  Raw’s ratings have been the worst that we’ve seen in some time.  Last week’s Raw finished with a 2.5 rating and this was a week after it hit 2.7.  This marks the lowest rated Raw that we’ve seen in 15 years and it wasn’t even a holiday.  The good news this past week was that Raw’s ratings improved this week. The bad news is that they improved to the number that they had 2 weeks ago which was 2.7.  If Gerwitz was the guy that Vince was gonna blame,  it only makes sense that Vince would blame somebody. But if you really want to blame somebody, than I would suggest looking into a mirror VKM.  Why Vince? The guy has lost touch with what works and what the audience wants.  He still carries the belief that what he wants is the same thing as the fans want.

Not to mention, I will go and say right here and now that the 3 hour Raw is a failure.  It’s nothing more than an hour’s worth of content with 2 hours of filler.   Nothing but replays, touts, tweets and more replays.  Even Eric Bischoff has said that Nitro going 3 hours was a mistake.  And he’s right.   Not to mention, so many times we’ve seen matches that we’ve seen on Smackdown take place on Raw and vice versa.  If you’re just going to show the same matches on both shows, than why even have two shows in the first place?  Now, am I tired of saying that the PG era is garbage or that the 3 hour Raw is a failure or that Vince has lost all touch with his product? Yeah. I’m also sick of saying that the last President screwed up the country.  Yeah I’ve said these things and thought these things to the point where I’m weary of it, but it doesn’t mean I still don’t believe them to be all true.   Here’s a reality check for  you Vince.  Your house show attendance numbers are down, your PPV buys are down.  You have 3 shows a week and one of them is a 3 hour show that your product can’t fill or at least that you can’t fill properly.  As much as Nitro going 3 hours was a mistake, at least they had the roster to fill it.  They just didn’t have the creativity and the stories to make it work.

One article off of Wrestlezone is saying that some of the top talent is saying to Vince that the product is in trouble and that the writing is terrible.  One has even gone as far as to say that if the WWE goes to hell in a hand-basket, it’s Vince’s fault and even going as far as to say that he doesn’t listen to the people anymore and that he doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of what works for the product anymore.  Funny thing is that Vince hasn’t had his finger on the pulse of his product in years just as he hasn’t listened to what people want in years.  Supposedly Vince is also under pressure from NBC Universal in wanting him to fix the ratings. Considering I’m pretty sure they run the USA Network, Vince has no choice but to answer to them. Funny how it’s taken this long to give VKM a swift kick in the nuts to make him fix his product.

Let me make a point clear here.  I’ve been a wrestling fan for a long time. I want the product to be better because I know it can be better than this. I’ve watched wrestling since I was 5-6 years old.  I watched Hulk Hogan on The Main Event lose to Andre the Giant and that was after watching The Honky Tonk Man lose to Macho Man Randy Savage.  The first Royal Rumble I’ve ever seen was the one where Big John Studd won the Rumble. The first SummerSlam I watched was with Mega Powers vs the Mega Bucks.   The first Wrestlemania I ever watched was with the main event simply titled “The Mega Powers Explode.”  I could go on and on about the things I’ve seen take place in wrestling but we only have a 2 hour show here.  The point here is that I’ve seen wrestling evolve from the era of Hogan, Warrior and Savage to the times of Bret Hart and HBK to the era of The Rock and Stone Cold to now with John Cena and, well that’s about it.  The point is we know the time of John Cena is coming up. The guy is 35, coming off of a bad divorce and you name, his body is banged up all to hell.  The scariest part about it is that when his time is up on his wrestling career,  I don’t think even the WWE is ready for that.  So what does that really say when the fans are ready for the next level, but the wrestling product itself isn’t?


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