Screw Authority, or at least in the WWE

AJ Lee is no longer the GM.  She was forced to resign last night and Vince named Vickie “Pig Vomit” Guerrero as the Managing Supervisor.  Managing Supervisor? Really? WHAT IN THE BLUESET OF BLUE HELLS IS THAT??????  I’m to the point where I’m sick and  tired of these BS authority figure roles.  I’m talking about roles like Acting President, Commissioner, General Manager,  Interim General Manager, Managing Supervisor, COO, etc.  Seriously, what is the deal with having these stupid roles that mean absolutely squat?  To top that off, once again we’re stuck with Vickie recycled once again into an authority role where there’s no room for her to do anything else other than the same crap we’ve seen her do time in and time out.  So the big question here is why was AJ removed? Is it because of the ratings? Even if it was the reason, it’s definitely not the reason the ratings have failed for Raw for the last few weeks. We all know the reasons why Raw has been failing in the ratings and AJ is not one of them.  You have a 3 hour show that can’t keep a viewing audience interested for the full 3 hours. You oversaturate everybody with Tweets, Touts and Replays. You have bad writing, stale storylines and you put one guy in one John Cena as the focal point of your whole foundation.   And what happened? He got hurt, left you panicked over what to do for the Hell in a Cell PPV and now the fact that you put all your faith in one guy has come back to bite you in the ass. To make matters worse, Raw’s ratings continue to fall even this week.  Given, they were going against a presidential debate, Monday Night Football and the Major League Baseball playoffs, but what has everybody worried is that Hour 3 is the lowest rated of the show. So people are tuning out before the main event and it was one that featured CM Punk and Sheamus fighting each other.  Your two world champions aren’t drawing crap, what does that tell you? If you think that replacing a hot crazy chick with a loud fat obnoxious one that gets booed to the point that she can’t even say one word of her lines is gonna fix things, well let’s just say I’ll check back on you guys when Raw falls to the 1.0 range in the ratings.


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