The More Things Change, The More Brock Stays The Same

Somewhere in the world or at least the fanbase of the WWE, somebody is saying to Vince and Company “We Told You So.”

Long time ago, WWE decided to push a guy named Brock Lesnar. They had guys put him over, they even had him shoot straight past any other lower card belt and right to the world title. They even had The Rock, albeit he was leaving already anyway, drop the belt to him. You even had The Undertaker put him over. The next thing was having the most hyped and anticipated Wrestlemania main event in Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle. 

Everything was laid out for him on a silver platter complete with the red carpet. And what happened next? Brock fights Bill Goldberg at Mania and both tanked and put on one of the biggest disasters in Wrestlemania history. It made Akebono and Big Show in a sumo match look like Steamboat vs Savage.  Brock got everything that most wrestlers would kill to have and it wasn’t enough.

Years later, Brock returns and again he’s getting everything he wants. He’s wrestling the schedule he wants and showing up when he wants to. He got the world title and didn’t even have to defend it every month. In fact, he’s only defended the belt twice. That’s right, two times and he’s held the belt since August. Oh and let’s not forget, he’s now forever gonna live in infamy for being the one who ended the streak of The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  And what’s happening now? He’s supposed to fight Roman Reigns at Mania, and he walked out of Raw when he was contractually obligated to appear. 

While nothing has happened in terms of a solution, as it stands right now the main event for Mania is now in jeopardy. Vince himself reportedly was asked if they need to come up with a back up plan. Vince had said no and that things remain as planned. He even added that he would sue Brock for breach of contract. 

First things first, Brock is not stupid. A jerk and an egomaniac absolutely but not stupid when it comes to his money.  He has WWE and Vince by the balls and he knows this. He knows also that they don’t have the balls to sue him right now with Mania being 4 weeks away. 

As much of a dick as he may be, you can’t really fault Brock for being Brock. We all suspected this the second he came back and got his part time schedule.  Brock Lesnar is a hired gun, a mercenary, he does what a does merc does and by that I mean he’s all about the money.  This is a case of history repeating itself because WWE gave Brock everything he wanted and once he was satisfied he left them high and dry. 

You wanna know why Brock will never go down as one of the all time greats in wrestling? There are a few reasons.

1) Heart. He doesn’t have it. I’ll even question if he ever did.

2) Integrity. He doesn’t have it.

3) Passion. He doesn’t have it. Not for pro wrestling anyway. 

He doesn’t have passion, heart or integrity for pro wrestling. The only passion Brock Lesnar has is for Brock Lesnar. He doesn’t have integrity or heart because what he does have is a hungry bank account and that is all. 

With how much Vince is out of touch with WWE, I wonder if he even knows how serious this is. WWE will have a hard time recovering from a disaster Wrestlemania. Nothing against the rest of the card but the headliner that is the main event means everything.  Roman Reigns will not recover from being part of a disaster main event that could be dubbed one of the worst if not THE worst in the history of Wrestlemania.

But Vince can’t afford to have Wrestlemania be a disaster and everybody knows it. The worst part about it is that Brock knows it too. That’s the unfortunate reason why he’ll get his way. He’s technically breached contract already by not appearing last Monday on Raw. Because of that, WWE has grounds to sue him. But they won’t because of Wrestlemania being four weeks away.  Four weeks away from Mania and right now it looks like four weeks from Brock walking away with a fatter wallet and a smile on his face. History repeats itself once again.

Hey Vince.  Here Comes The Pain.