Dixie Carter: Spoiled Rich Brat of Wrestling

This past week, we saw AJ Styles pipe bomb on TNA and especially towards Dixie Carter. Then we saw Dixie Carter show her true colors as a spoiled rich brat mooching off of daddy and trying to act as though she actually knows what she’s doing when the truth is Dixie that you don’t know shit about pro wrestling. Jerry Jarrett in an interview had some interesting things to say about the state of TNA. Here’s what he had to say regarding Dixie “background” on Inside The Ropes “Let’s Get Creative” show:

“You’ve got to have an unabiding respect for the business or it’s impossible to be successful. When I was in the wrestling business, me and the wrestling business were intertwined. I ate it, slept it, dreamt it. The wrestling business was my mistress. Dixie saw her first match after she had ownership, I think and I know for a fact she has little regard for the tradition or the history of the business. So, if you don’t know what brought you to the dance, how are you supposed to learn from it and build on it. After all this years, it’s pretty obvious that I’m right. TNA today is as closed to being a non factor in the business as you can get.”

And regarding TNA’s future:

“I am amazed, because when I was there, Bob Carter called me at least two to three times a week and said “I can’t lose any more money, Jerry” and I said, “You’re needing to talk to your daughter, not to me. She’s running the place.” So I’m amazed that they are in business. I think at this point, it’safe to say that TNA will continue to be subsidized by Bob Carter until he dies. Then I think TNA will go the way of ECW and the territory days.”

Now what does what Jarrett and what AJ said on Impact have in common? Not one bit of what they said wasn’t true. When I watched TNA the first time I got to bear witness to the likes of Low Ki, Amazing Red, Petey Williams, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, in short I witnessed the future. I witnessed the X-Division. I witnessed what TNA banked on as their crown jewel. The X-Division, Ultimate X, The Six Sided Ring, the Six Sides of Steel, the King of the Mountain match. I witnessed TNA when it wasn’t trying to be everybody else. I witnessed TNA when it was trying to be something different. But no, Dixie Carter couldn’t have that. She couldn’t stand that. She didn’t want to stand out. She wanted to be amongst the boys. And instead, she brings in Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Ken Anderson, Scott Steiner, Matt Hardy, Sting, all the guys that either left WWE, never went to WWE after WCW went under, or that WWE threw away. And that wasn’t enough. You brought in Bruce Pritchard. Vince Russo and finally you brought in Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. You brought them in hoping they knew what to do. And yet everything you had them try failed.

Went head to head with WWE on Monday Night: Failed

Taking Impact on the Road: Failed.

Making Jeff Hardy the face of the company: Failed.

One Night Only PPVs: Failed

Having a ramp way like old WCW: Failed

The “spend money to make money” approach: Failed

Making sure the talent was paid on time and that contracts were being kept track of: Failed, Failed, oh god almighty Epic Freaking Failed!!!!!

And what did it cost you? What was sacrificed?

The six sided ring, Six sides of Steel, King of The Mountain, Jeff Jarrett, Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Amazing Red, the old impact stage, the Impact Zone, the X-Division, the tag team division, the knockouts.

And for who? For what? For Bischoff? For Hogan? Your stupid Twitter account? Or maybe you just thought Dixie “it’s okay, daddy will fix it?”

Truth is Dixie is that without the X-Division, TNA dies. Without guys like AJ Styles, TNA dies. And I know some people disagree with me but I don’t give a rats ass because I’m still gonna say that. And can’t remember the last time that AJ Styles had a 5 star match? You obviously didn’t watch when he took on Austin Aries last week. And marketing gimmick you created? Horseshit. You know why he’s the Phenomenal AJ Styles? Because he claimed to be and when we questioned why, he backed it up. He showed exactly why he is and he earned it every damn time. And since you were so apologetic Dixie, I’m sorry too. I’m sorry that I ever complained about Jeff Jarrett because that company was in way better hands with him, his father and Dutch Mantel. Yeah I said it. I would have much rather Jeff Jarrett stayed as the top heel and was always getting the belt cause at least he knew what the fuck he was doing. Yeah Eric Bischoff created the NWO but what has he done lately? When was the last time he came up with a good idea? He hasn’t come up with shit in almost 20 years. Hulk Hogan contributes absolutely dick and can barely walk to the ring much less wrestle and the only one who did less and contributed less than him was his daughter Brooke.

And now you’re so in over your head you can’t afford to pay the people you have on the roster on time. You got everybody worried from the wrestlers to the referees to the production crew all the way to the guys that put the cheese on the nachos worried about if they’re gonna their paycheck a month or two late. Ric Flair on Stone Cold’s podcast believed the end is near. Jerry Jarrett believes that as well. It’s to the the point Dixie where all can see it but you. You’re no innovator or aviator or any of those things. You’re just the spoiled brat that got everything she wanted from her daddy. You didn’t even care what it was or what it did. You just pointed your finger and said “Daddy I want that. Buy it for me. Now. And I want another pony too.” It’s being reported that the segment with Dixie and AJ was a sign of creative change for TNA. I call it more like a last resort. Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo and Hulk Hogan are known and will be known for crippling WCW to the point of oblivion. The blood of WCW is on their hands. The end comes for TNA, the blood of that company will be on the hands of Dixie Carter and no amount of Poppa Bob Carter’s money is going wash that away.


Hulk Hogan: How Exactly Has He Helped TNA?

The more things change, the more they seem to stay exactly the same.  In this case, I’m talking about Hulk Hogan and his inability to not give himself a filter when it comes to running his mouth.  So according to an interview that Hogan did with a newspaper in the United Kingdom, he said about Dixie Carter the following:

“Is Dixie Carter really in the wrestling business, or is this just a hobby? You either run with the big dogs….Or stay on the porch.”

Now, here’s where the hypothetical comes in.  If this was WWE and not TNA and it was Vince in charge and not Dixie Carter, then anybody that said this would be fired faster than you can say Bruno Sammartino.  However, reality setting back in here, we have to remember that one difference between Vince and Dixie is that Vince is not afraid of being a bastard, or of being cold-blooded. It’s unfortunately the one thing that Dixie Carter has yet to learn or embrace in the wrestling business in that sometimes you have to be cold-blooded and vindictive because when you don’t, you’re just a doormat and you’re letting the inmates run the asylum.  In this case, it’s not so much the inmates that are running the asylum in TNA.  It’s only one inmate in particular and that unfortunately is Hogan.  Not just Hogan himself but his entourage as well.  Where Hogan goes, his groupies follow and by groupies I mean Eric Bischoff, Bubba the Love Sponge at one point, The Nasty Boys, Bischoff’s talentless schlub of a son, and more recently Brooke Hogan. Hell, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they add in Brutus Beefcake and Hogan’s spoiled snot of a son onto Impact.

Here’s a recap for you Dixie.  Since Hogan has come in, the following has happened with TNA:  The ring that separated your product from the others was taken away, the cage match that went so perfectly well with that ring is gone, matches that were made for TNA such Ultimate X, Elevation X and King of the Mountain have pretty much become extinct. Guys have been in the company and proven they can be stars in AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, James Storm, Samoa Joe and others are pushed to the way side for WWE Table-Scraps with the blind hope of making them something bigger, something that never happened (Bobby Lashley, Mr Anderson, The Pope) and the X-Division has become nothing more than a memory as well as the Tag Team division.  In other words Dixie, You let desecrate and pillage your own product. And for who? For what? Kevin Nash said when criticizing Aces & Eights that history repeats itself.  Looking at TNA, history has already been repeating itself because right now, you’re looking at Hogan & Bischoff bleeding another company dry.  And no, WCW wasn’t killed by the AOL/Time Warner deal, all that deal did was put WCW out of its misery.  So the million dollar question here is will Dixie Carter do as the Briscoes say and “Man Up” or is she simply waiting for something to put TNA out of its misery? All for the mistake she could’ve avoided by bringing in the guy responsible for making TNA and the very meaning of the word “Impact” disappear.


Top Ten Finishing Moves

I decided to come up with my now top ten list of finishing/signature moves.  I graded these moves as I will explain for each of them based on style, impact, and history regarding the moves. I went with the moves that I felt were the most meaningful and personal favorites and not all time favorite moves.  So without further delay, here’s The Shark’s Top 10 Finishing moves.

10.) The 3-D/Dudley Death Drop (The Dudley Boyz) : To this day, the fact that there have only been two people to actually kick out of this move shows you something.  When the move debuted in ECW, it was considered as devastating as an F-5.  It was known for several things in its history such as breaking up The Eliminators, breaking up The Gangstas, putting the Sandman in the hospital, putting Beulah out of wrestling, and the fact that Chris Sabin and Masato Tanaka have been the only guys to ever kick out of that move, just shows how much of an impact that move has made in wrestling considering that except for those two guys, everybody else who was hit with that move was down for the count.

9.) Sweet Chin Music/Superkick (Shawn Michaels) : The very sound you hear when that move just cracks against somebody’s head, you’d expect the head to go flying off. Look at Bret vs Shawn at Mania where we saw HBK take an announcer out with that move outside the ring. Yeah it’s not really a new move, but the fact that we’ve seen HBK make the crowd ooh and ahh over every single time he has connected with that move says something.

8.) Doomsday Device (Legion of Doom/Road Warriors, The Briscoes)- Let’s face it, LOD were the ones that got the ball rolling with that move. But the fact remains that the legacy among that move being used in Tag Team wrestling is carried on by The Briscoes.  Whether it’s using the springboard method like Mark Briscoe used to do or just going with the traditional, the fact is the move still works and still wows the crowd.

7.) The Spiral Tap (AJ Styles)- The first X-Division championship match, we saw AJ Styles beat Jerry Lynn with that move.  The timing and the precision use gave us a glimpse as to what AJ Styles was capable of in the ring and how he earned the title of “The Phenomenal One.”   You don’t see many guys pull off that move and that just kinda adds to the ability of one AJ Styles.

6.) The Diamond Cutter/RKO (Diamond Dallas Page, Randy Orton)- Randy Orton has made a habit with the RKO to hit that move from any point, any position and any time and he’s made it work because it does do its job in dazzling the crowd when he pulls off that move. But DDP was the one that kickstarted that with the move.  He was wowing people with that move on Nitro long before the move came to be in the WWE.  DDP always said that when it came to the Diamond Cutter, you never saw it coming.  He was good at pulling that off just as Orton is now with the RKO.  But no matter who owns that move or what name its had, it has laid out plenty.

5.) The 630 Splash (Jack Evans)- To this day, I’ve only seen Jack Evans pull off this move.  It was one of the things that made me take notice when Wrestling Society X debuted on MTV.  I’ve seen both the normal version and the Phoenix 630 Splash and much like with the Spiral Tap, the amount of timing to get the move to look right takes skill.  Not enough spinning, it just looks like a 450 Splash and that move is hard enough, but the guy pulls off the right amount of spins like it is second nature to him, is just talent.

4.) The Top Rope Brainbuster (El Generico)- I’ve seen this move and every time I see the move, I keep wounding how the hell somebody’s neck hasn’t snapped from doing that move.  A Brainbuster is dangerous enough as is, but you’re dropping the guy’s head on the top turnbuckle for god’s sake.  The only thing that has amazed me more than that move is that guys are still walking after it’s done.

3.) The Muscle Buster (Samoa Joe)- There have been people that gotten out of submission moves, especially from Samoa Joe but very few if any have been able to kick out of the Muscle Buster. The Muscle Buster has been one of those things that just add to why Samoa Joe is as good as he is.  There is risk with the move as the wrong landing could seriously cripple somebody, but last I checked, whenever Joe has gone with the pinfall option as opposed to submission following the Muscle Buster, very few people if any have kicked out of it.

2.) Canadian Destroyer (Petey Williams)- Yet another move that I’ve very rarely seen people kick out of and there is plenty of risk with that move just as there is for any piledriver. The speed and timing of the move is key and I remembered when WWE tried to have Trevor Murdoch do the move and bombed at it, just shows that there are only certain people that can do that move the right way. The only person I’ve seen do the move or a variation of it is Teddy Hart when he did the Double Arm hook-up first and then the move.

1.) The Package Piledriver (Kevin Steen)-  The reason that this move gets the top spot is one word: variation.  Steen has done the move in the ring, on a chair (flattened and folded out), on tables, on both chairs (folded or otherwise) on top of a table, off the top rope and off the ring apron onto the outside.  And the move looks brutal every single time he does it.  The way is move is done is one thing, but the style in which Steen uses that keeps the move looking fresh, new, and an impact maker to the point where every time he does the move, you don’t think the guy is getting up and in the rare occurrence where you see the opponent, it adds to the drama as you are left wondering how the hell that person kicked out. For that reason among every other, that is why the Package Piledriver stands above the rest.