At the Royal Rumble, The Rock Needs To Win the WWE Championship


Okay, the Royal Rumble is tonight.  There are a few thoughts that I have leading into the PPV tonight.  One is that The Rock vs CM Punk should be the match to close the show.  But of course,  the big question that everyone else is wondering about is whether or not The Rock is going to beat CM Punk and win the belt.  I don’t think it’s a matter of whether or not The Rock should win. It’s a matter of The Rock HAS to win tonight.

Yeah, I know.  I know CM Punk has been champion for over 400 days and climbing.  It’s an accomplishment to say the least, but the fact is that having a champion hold a belt for so long is one thing,  but keeping people entertained during his title reign is another.  No champion is any good at that without competition.  Looking back at Punk’s reign as champion, he hasn’t had a whole of that going around.  He beat Alberto Del Rio to win the belt. He defended it against Del Rio again and The Miz the next month.  Then he Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble and a bunch of filler guys for the Elimination Chamber before taking on Chris Jericho in back to back months, then Daniel Bryan and then Daniel Bryan and Kane and then John Cena and Big Show before facing John Cena again and then Ryback before facing against Cena and Ryback and then Ryback again on Raw.   So if you look at it, in that 400+ days that CM Punk has been WWE Champion, he’s only defended the belt against 9 guys with a good chunk of them he faced off against in multiple months.

The other problem with Punk’s reign as champion and why The Rock must win tonight is the fact that his countdown that he keeps doing is getting old.  In fact, it’s getting rather stale and as pointed out in the last article,  you keep going with this for so long, you’re gonna get to the point that when the guy does lose the belt, what do you do with him? Besides, the way that the WWE is with the Part-Time guys, are they really gonna have The Rock lose?  Yeah I know that they had Brock Lesnar lose in his match with John Cena but that’s different.  The Rock didn’t leave the WWE high and dry like Lesnar did and unlike Brock Lesnar, The Rock actually does love the business which is the least I can say for Brock.

I know that CM Punk has talent and can find a way to manage without the title and he did give us one whole year without John Cena winning the gold like her normally does.  But every champion loses the belt at some point.  CM Punk is no different because as many times as either Hulk Hogan or John Cena held a world title, they eventually had to drop it to somebody else.  CM Punk losing the belt tonight is more salvageable than if The Rock were to lose tonight.  If The Rock actually loses tonight, then what do you do with him from there? If he’s supposed to be sticking around at least until after Wrestlemania, then what are you going to do with him for all the time leading up to the PPV?  Yeah, you could have The Rock win at some point between now and Mania, but it’s little thing called Simplicity.   Don’t complicate things WWE and just keep them simple.  Do the right thing and actually let The Rock win the match because this is a match that could very easily be a classic match and definitely be in the Top 5 of the best WWE matches of 2013.  Don’t risk tarnishing that by having a screw-job finish or some other means that would leave CM Punk still to bore the hell out of the rest of us with his “Counting Down to Who Gives a Rat’s Ass How Long You’ve Been Champion For.”



Chaos Creates….More Chaos

Eric Bischoff once believed that controversy creates cash.  As of late with the WWE, its chaos more than controversy and in this case, all chaos seems to create is…..more chaos.  John Cena has been hurt with an arm injury and had his surgery.  One minute we hear he’ll be out 4-6 weeks, then we hear that Vince said give him 2-3 weeks and then it’s back to 4-6 weeks.  So at this point, nobody has a clue if John Cena will be able to compete at Hell in a Cell. Not even the WWE.  Last night, it was posted that Brian Gerwitz who had been the head writer for more than a decade, was demoted to creative consultant prior to Raw.  Reports also said that Vince was NOT in a good mood and even went as far as to say that he wanted results or resignations.   Vince is beside himself and who can blame him.  Raw’s ratings have been the worst that we’ve seen in some time.  Last week’s Raw finished with a 2.5 rating and this was a week after it hit 2.7.  This marks the lowest rated Raw that we’ve seen in 15 years and it wasn’t even a holiday.  The good news this past week was that Raw’s ratings improved this week. The bad news is that they improved to the number that they had 2 weeks ago which was 2.7.  If Gerwitz was the guy that Vince was gonna blame,  it only makes sense that Vince would blame somebody. But if you really want to blame somebody, than I would suggest looking into a mirror VKM.  Why Vince? The guy has lost touch with what works and what the audience wants.  He still carries the belief that what he wants is the same thing as the fans want.

Not to mention, I will go and say right here and now that the 3 hour Raw is a failure.  It’s nothing more than an hour’s worth of content with 2 hours of filler.   Nothing but replays, touts, tweets and more replays.  Even Eric Bischoff has said that Nitro going 3 hours was a mistake.  And he’s right.   Not to mention, so many times we’ve seen matches that we’ve seen on Smackdown take place on Raw and vice versa.  If you’re just going to show the same matches on both shows, than why even have two shows in the first place?  Now, am I tired of saying that the PG era is garbage or that the 3 hour Raw is a failure or that Vince has lost all touch with his product? Yeah. I’m also sick of saying that the last President screwed up the country.  Yeah I’ve said these things and thought these things to the point where I’m weary of it, but it doesn’t mean I still don’t believe them to be all true.   Here’s a reality check for  you Vince.  Your house show attendance numbers are down, your PPV buys are down.  You have 3 shows a week and one of them is a 3 hour show that your product can’t fill or at least that you can’t fill properly.  As much as Nitro going 3 hours was a mistake, at least they had the roster to fill it.  They just didn’t have the creativity and the stories to make it work.

One article off of Wrestlezone is saying that some of the top talent is saying to Vince that the product is in trouble and that the writing is terrible.  One has even gone as far as to say that if the WWE goes to hell in a hand-basket, it’s Vince’s fault and even going as far as to say that he doesn’t listen to the people anymore and that he doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of what works for the product anymore.  Funny thing is that Vince hasn’t had his finger on the pulse of his product in years just as he hasn’t listened to what people want in years.  Supposedly Vince is also under pressure from NBC Universal in wanting him to fix the ratings. Considering I’m pretty sure they run the USA Network, Vince has no choice but to answer to them. Funny how it’s taken this long to give VKM a swift kick in the nuts to make him fix his product.

Let me make a point clear here.  I’ve been a wrestling fan for a long time. I want the product to be better because I know it can be better than this. I’ve watched wrestling since I was 5-6 years old.  I watched Hulk Hogan on The Main Event lose to Andre the Giant and that was after watching The Honky Tonk Man lose to Macho Man Randy Savage.  The first Royal Rumble I’ve ever seen was the one where Big John Studd won the Rumble. The first SummerSlam I watched was with Mega Powers vs the Mega Bucks.   The first Wrestlemania I ever watched was with the main event simply titled “The Mega Powers Explode.”  I could go on and on about the things I’ve seen take place in wrestling but we only have a 2 hour show here.  The point here is that I’ve seen wrestling evolve from the era of Hogan, Warrior and Savage to the times of Bret Hart and HBK to the era of The Rock and Stone Cold to now with John Cena and, well that’s about it.  The point is we know the time of John Cena is coming up. The guy is 35, coming off of a bad divorce and you name, his body is banged up all to hell.  The scariest part about it is that when his time is up on his wrestling career,  I don’t think even the WWE is ready for that.  So what does that really say when the fans are ready for the next level, but the wrestling product itself isn’t?

Breaking Down Brock Lesnar vs Triple H


Over the years, there has been matches that many people have deemed as being a dream match. This year, we had that with The Rock vs John Cena.  People labeled that as two different symbols of two different generations colliding.  A year was spent in hyping up the match and regardless of some people thinking that it was executed well or executed poorly, the fact remains that it did lead to one pretty good buyrate for Wrestlemania this year and that is pretty much the only goal that I think the WWE had in mind when this match was made.   Now, we have SummerSlam, one of the WWE’s major PPV’s and is often referred to by the WWE as “The Biggest Party of the Summer” when the truth is that this year, SummerSlam looks like it has gone from being “The Biggest Party of the Summer” to a One Match Show.  That one match of course being Brock Lesnar vs Triple H.

It’s true that we never got to see those two collide one on one.  Around the time where Brock was the champion, it was around the time where the roster split and the “Brand Extension” began and Brock was now primarily wrestling for Smackdown which lead to the World Heavyweight Championship to be introduced and handed to Triple H. It took well into a year or so before that belt was deemed credible as a world heavyweight title and that’s because there was no attempt at making a new belt. It was simply nothing more than the old WCW World Title and nothing more.  Fast forward to now, Brock Lesnar has returned and we’re getting to see Triple H and Lesnar collide.  I have no doubts that this will be a fight plain and simple. It’ll get physical and violent, but just don’t tell me that it’s dream match.  Dream matches are something that you’d imagine that you would love to see that have little to no chance of happening and that you feel a surge of excitement and adrenaline when you find out that it’s gonna happen.  Brock Lesnar vs Triple H is not one of those scenarios.

Triple H is a part-timer now and spending most of his time backstage as he gears up to be the one that takes over.  Brock Lesnar only signed a year long contract and has 24 appearances that he signed up for when he signed the deal.  The build-up for this match  has been going on for the last couple months, even though Brock has only appeared a total of four times involving the build-up.  He was there when he broke Triple H’s arm, on the 1000th Raw, showed up in HBK’s segment, and last week when he signed the contract for the match and beat up Shawn Michaels and broke his arm.  So with the 5 appearances that he made in his return early in the year plus the four here and tonight’s match, that breaks down his limited appearances to about 14 left or 13 if he shows up for whatever reason tomorrow night on Raw.

So why is this not a dream match?  One reason can be that there really is no upshot for either side.  Win or lose, Brock will disappear again for a few months and probably won’t be seen again until close to Wrestlemania.  By that time, you run a huge risk of people just not giving a damn about the guy.  I’ve only see him appear 9 times in the last 5 months and I barely care about him.  Triple H wins, it’s back to working backstage and doing all the stuff that his new position in the company requires him to do.  While there’s predictions and no solid way to predict what the outcome will in fact be, fact remains that there really is no point in having Brock Lesnar win this match. He’s only there to put over talent, make Vince some money as well as make himself some money.  The guy has been vocal in his lack of love for the business.  The only thing going for this is you can’t help wondering how much of a personal stake there might be in this for Triple H.  Lesnar jammed the WWE years ago, a company that has made Triple H what he is and has helped establish his legacy and Lesnar stuck up the middle finger at it and left.

Mark Madden has made several rants about how WWE wanted the UFC Lesnar and they got the WWE Lesnar.  Chris Cash made a point where he questioned what the difference was and he’s right. There is no difference between the two.  Lesnar left the WWE high and dry while in UFC, his body couldn’t take the physical toll anymore as an Ultimate Fighter.  Anyone that thinks that Lesnar was this unstoppable, unbeatable machine in the UFC, the truth is that he wasn’t.  He lost his first fight and regardless of how he performed, the truth was he lost.  Brock Lesnar didn’t want to just retire and sit on his ass all day.  So he went back to the place that he screwed over and has little desire to go over anybody.  Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if during his time in the WWE, Lesnar doesn’t win one single match.  You include tonight’s match, we’ll have only seen Brock Lesnar in an official match twice.  Two matches in five months, so people should care about this guy and still see him as relevant HOW?

I’m not taking anything away from this match. It’ll be physical and it will be a fight without question.  Just don’t tell me that it’s dream match in the making or that there is an upshot in this.  Paul Heyman may have been right when he said that this is one match where nobody knows the outcome or can map out the outcome.  I don’t think there’s anyway that anyone can. This is not John Cena vs The Rock nor is this something along the line of if CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ever happened.  It’s the guy that deserted the company vs one of their most loyal.  Showdown, yes but a dream match, no.

The State of Ring of Honor Wrestling

I read an article off of Wrestlezone where one their writers (I’m not particularly fond of the guy which is why his name will get no plug on here) and in his article, he talked about how ROH is doomed for failure.  The basis of his claim was that the attendance for an ROH show in Pittsburgh recently only had about 500 in attendance.  Just because that was the attendance for one, doesn’t mean that’s the attendance for all.  People have said that ROH is in danger of going under for years and many said that about TNA also.  I have on several occasions said that TNA was doomed to fail, mostly because of acquiring Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan and Vince Russo, but it’s still standing even as I’m writing this.

I’m not saying that ROH is perfect.  It’s not without its faults and one of the biggest problems that it’s had over the years is the internet PPVs.  Technical problems have plagued those shows for the last few years.  Border Wars was the first iPPV that ROH had and they had it streamed from their website.  That was also the first PPV that ROH had streamed that was outside of Go Fight Live which was never able to get past the streaming issues.  Best in The World took place last weekend and a lot of people were able to watch for free as a token of appreciation to the fans and an act of redemption for the technical problems at Border Wars.

The location for streaming their internet PPVs as well as the quality for the streaming was not the only fault for ROH.  Sinclair Broadcasting in my opinion is not fanning out like I hoped it would and probably not like ROH was hoping it would.    The biggest problem is that Sinclair Broadcasting doesn’t have the strongest base on the West Coast.  In other words, even if fans of ROH on the West Coast want to see it, we have to do it through ROH’s site with or without a subscription.   The problem with that is that while it’s still accessible, many would rather watch it on TV and for those on the West Coast, that’s just not possible.  However, going back to my problem with the article that I read, it was claimed that Jim Cornette has been “Brooding” as of late and that Davey Richards has been looking at other work such as a firefighter.  My message to this writer is this: Who the hell do you think you are? Professor X? Did you wiretap the phones of Jim Cornette and Davey Richards? What’s your encore? A timeline on John Cena’s marriage?

I will agree that wrestler past and present that I’ll consider amongst the elite in ROH are guys like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Davey Richards, Kevin Steen and of course Nigel McGuinness.  There are probably others that I’m leaving out but I’m hoping the point was made with the names that were mentioned.  I get that the article is an opinion piece, but most columnists try to input more facts into their work rather than conspiracy theories.  The bottom line is that this guy knows about as much about the status of Ring of Honor as I do about what ended John Cena’s marriage.  In other words, a whole lot of nothing but it’s what you can expect from washed up announcers.  I don’t know what the status is for ROH one way or the other, but last time I checked, one bad show doesn’t equal a death sentence.

I Got Four Words For Ya: People Power is DEAD!!!!!!

Yes, the very thing that we’ve been begging to have happened finally happened.  No Way Out, John Cena did the WWE Fans a favor by not only beating the Big Show, but also by getting Mr Lack of Personality and the WWE’s Biggest Kidney Stone in John Laryngitis FIRED!!!!!  That lead to tonight’s Raw and I was a little excited but also a little skeptic about watching tonight because I was scared that the WWE was going to find some way to screw over the fans again.  I thought they were going to pull off something where Johnny Boy would have his job still or something with power still in his grasp.  Miraculously, not only did that not happen but everybody that he thought was his allies turned against him tonight.  However, as great as Raw was tonight in my opinion, there were still some flaws to it.  One of them regards to who is in charge of both shows now that Johnny Boredom is no longer in power.

Mick Foley came out tonight and said that every week, there would be a different person for the GM role and this is the part that bothers me.  Given, this is not getting some random celebrity to do it like what was done in the past. But still, this came off to me like it just a half-assed version of what the whole guest General Manager role used to be. You know, some would be good and some would be crap.  Then it turned into just a guest host for Raw and that ended up with a majority of guest hosts that just sucked.  I’m begging you guys to not have me go into The Three Stooges and how horrible that turned out.  One of the actors in Sean Hayes said he was embarrassed being on Raw that night, funny cause we were embarrassed to have him and the other two on Raw that night. But nevertheless, this is just a recycled version of an angle that got old quicker than Vince’s million dollar giveaway on Raw (aka Vince McMahon pays you to watch Raw).

One other problem I had with Raw last night was Alberto Del Rio.  Now last I checked, the guy had a concussion and that was the only reason that he wasn’t able to compete at No Way Out the other night against Sheamus.  So, if Del Rio had a concussion and couldn’t compete against Sheamus last night, how is he able to go out there and wrestle on Raw the night after the PPV where he couldn’t compete because of the concussion?  Top that off with the fact that going from fighting Sheamus for the World Title to fighting Santino Marella for nothing other than tossing around his personal ring announcer, I call that a little bit of a step down.  Was there really a concussion or does the WWE really not have the slightest clue what the hell they are doing with this guy?

Back to the topic of the “authority figure” in the WWE, there is one thing I will give credit to the WWE about regarding the authority figure is that they didn’t go right to Teddy Long.  Maybe he’ll get it eventually and maybe he won’t, but at least they didn’t go with the obvious as opposed to the main event of No Way Out last night because we all knew that John Cena was not going to be the one to get fired.  They chose to fire the guy that many felt was killing the ratings for WWE because ever since the Toolbox took over, the ratings have just gone down.  The only reason that they went up last week was because people thought the ass-clown was gonna get fired. I loved how Big Show just left Not So Big Johnny out in the cold and there is some logic to it, considering that Big Show does still have an iron clad contract and he doesn’t really have to answer to anybody.  So leaving Johnny out in the cold made sense with regard to the fact that Big Show got what he wanted, and since John Laryngitis has no power anymore, there’s nothing else that Big Show needs from him.  The icing on the cake was how Otunga just left Johnny there after Johnny Boy revealed he wasn’t hurt.  It was probably one of the best things that I’ve seen Otunga do thus far since he came to the WWE.

This Raw tonight was a step-up for me and I felt the right call was made in the fact that they took a character off of TV that nobody liked.  John Laryngitis wasn’t even hated in a “good heel” kind of way. He was hated to the point where nobody wanted to see the guy at all because he was so boring that he made paint drying look like the Super Bowl.  There is a slight change with the authority figure even if the angle is just something recycled, but its at least a start and for right now, all we can hope is that this will actually lead to something heading into the 3 Hour Raw.

WELL….. Well it’s the Big Slow!!!!

So, as of right now, The Big Show has gone from face to heel once again.  He’s now boasting about having an iron clad contract and has been reduced to being the flying monkey of John Laryngitis.  The good news is that the Big Show is being a dominant giant instead of trying to be an overgrown comic relief.  The bad news unfortunately is that this is the Big Show we’re talking about.  Face or Heel, the fact remains that there is no difference in match quality with this guy.  He may have the title of “World’s Largest Athlete,” but unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee being a big draw for money because he hasn’t been that and he’s not that right now either.

We’ve seen him on both sides of the coin as a face and as a heel.  The guy has put on random costumes (Scottish, Hulk Hogan, DDP, even a sumo diaper for God’s Sake) and has been part of almost every tag team combination that you can think of from Spike Dudley to The Miz. Hell, we’ve even seen Floyd “Money” Mayweather (Mr I’m Too Scared to Fight Manny Pacquio) bust the guy’s nose open.  So now Big Show is a heel and he’s trying to be what Mark Henry was for the latter part of last year and is the enforcer of John Laryngitis.  To make matters worse, they’re putting him in the main event at No Way Out, and let’s be honest that Cena & Big Show will close out No Way Out, against John Cena in a cage match.  So, the reason I should check out No Way Out is WHAT exactly?

The way Cena’s pattern has been going is that Cena lost at Mania, won at Extreme Rules, and lost at Over The Limit in one of the most painful matches that fans had to watch with a very predictable outcome.  The one thing that Big Show and John Cena have in common is that no matter the outcome, I’m left wondering what the hell is next.  Where do you go with either of these guys? There’s no bonus or upshot with having Big Show win.  I also find it funny that they brag about Lesnar and Cena and yet seem to forget that Cena won the match, regardless of whatever “beating” Brock Lesnar gave him.  No matter how bad Cena got beat up, it was still a hired gun who didn’t get the job done.  WWE seems to think that this is something special, but it’s not.  Big Show is just another hired gun trying to take out John Cena.  The difference between this and Extreme Rules was people want to see Lesnar fight because for better worse, the guy has the skill even if he doesn’t have the heart. Big Show is no technician in the ring, nor is he a high flyer and he’s barely even a powerhouse.  When Big Show and Cena fought at Wrestlemania years ago for the US Title, it was the opening match and WWE did the smart move in keeping it short and not dragging it out.  Try stretching this match out, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

WWE puts all this time and effort and so much stock in the Big Show, thinking that he’s a draw or that he can be a cash cow for them when the truth is that he isn’t. His title reigns are lackluster and forgettable, especially when it came to world title reigns, and he’s just become one of those guys who WWE seems to have there for the sake of being there. Realistically, there’s not much else this guy can do that will make people care. World’s Largest Athlete, the majority of wrestling fans have two words for you and it’s just like your current heel turn: NOT IMPRESSED!

The State of WWE TV

I don’t know which I’m more sick of these days.  John Laryngitis being on TV and boring everybody to tears, how so many people are praising the guy for being able to “draw so much heat,” or that WWE keeps teasing the crowd like they’re gonna fire him.  Including the stipulation with Over The Limit, this is the third time that we’ve had the WWE tease the rest of us that they’re going to pull the plug on WWE’s Biggest Kidney Stone in John Laryngitis.  The first time was before Wrestlemania where Triple H showed up and was ready to fire him before Taker interrupted the whole thing. Triple H announced that he was going to fire him and then the Kidney Stone himself returned and said that the Board of Directors were going to make a decision that eventually lead to him keeping his job.

The second time was at Wrestlemania with that stupid match between Teddy Long’s team vs John Laryngitis’ team. We all saw how that one ended and we’ve been stuck with the jackass ever since.  Now we’re back to this again where he’s fighting John Cena and the Board of Directors have seemingly turned against him.  Exactly how long do we really expect this to go for? Johnny Ace is not Vince McMahon. Hell, he’s not even Eric Bischoff when he was actually worth a damn.  The problem as I’ve said with his character is that there is nothing longterm with this guy and that his character has no variation or room to expand.  His character is one note and as proven with Smackdown this past week, no matter what tirades or tantrums he throws, people don’t get past his voice. It’s no different from people who can’t look at Lord Tensai and still call him Albert because no matter what, people remember his pierced up face and hairy back.

Triple H doesn’t like the guy nor does John Cena or CM Punk and you have the alleged “board of directors” also not happy with this guy.  Vince set the standard on WWE TV for being the boss you’d love nothing more than to sucker punch.  Bischoff to an extent did the same thing and one thing that both  those guys had in common was that it didn’t draw enough heat to where people didn’t want to watch anymore.  Before any of you say that it’s not true, Raw this past week  the lowest that it’s had since the start of the year.  Believe me, if your product drops to below a 3.0, your product has a problem, especially when this rating is coming from your supposed “A” show and not your “B” show.  And this is the show that the WWE wants to expand to 3 hours?

If your ratings drop to a 2.9, it simply is showing that you’re not giving your audience, your consumers anything that is worth watching.  Top that off with the fact that you’re not giving people characters that they want to see.  Heels are supposed to draw heat from a crowd, that part is true but the heels have one small shred of their character that attracts the crowd.  It’s that small part that the people find themselves loving to hate, and not to be irritated to the point where it becomes painful. At least WWE has gotten smart to at least have Michael “Monkey” Cole tone it down a bit. Unfortunately, he hasn’t toned it down enough and the worst part is that no matter what he does or says even if its positive, the crowd is gonna hate him no matter what and when you have him on his own doing commentary, it further displays that they wasted too much time on his character and less time making him actually credible as an announcer.

Why does your product drop to below 3.0 in the rations WWE? Let me sum a couple things up for you.   Your broadcast team is crap because your announcers are no damn good since they spend time bickering at each other than calling the action.  Your championship belts hold no merit whatsoever because they’re seldom involved in any stories that you have, if any at all.  You don’t have the patience to make any stories or feuds go longterm (The Nexus) and some have no payoff in the end (The Anonymous GM) and the guys that you push to the top of the mountain are the guys contribute nothing in the ring.  The fact that you’re running on fumes in terms of star power was further displayed at the Royal Rumble, especially when you had all 3 guys from your announcer’s table get in the ring during the Royal Rumble match.  And last but sure as hell not least, you recycle stories that we have seen time in and time out and you’ve pretty much milked them for all their worth and it gives your consumers nothing new.  The end result has simply been that UFC seems to gain in popularity and PPV buys while your own seems to flounder about and diminish.

I know a lot of you are going to go about and say; “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”  It’s called being a critic and the reason I’m hard on the WWE is because I know they can be a lot better than this.  They can AND have been better than this and we all know this for a fact.  The only difference is that back then, the WWE actually put an effort into their product. They put in effort, passion and some heart into actually producing a product that gained the McMahons the money that they received from it.  Now, its like they’re bleeding out their own product and just letting it exist without putting in any kind of effort into making it better.  We already saw one guy bleed a company dry and use it as his own personal ATM machine and that company ended up six feet under.  The one difference was that man’s family didn’t own the company.  Back in the days with the NWO in the WWE, Vince called it killing his own company by injecting it with poison.  WWE’s infected with poison alright, but it’s not the NWO that’s doing it, that poison is a lot closer to home.

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