How Low Can Vince & The WWE Really Go?

Look, I get it, okay? The heel coming out to interrupt something  that is meaningful to somebody else is a common move. I get that, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always needed. Last night was one of those times.  Two months. Two months that Jerry Lawler was gone for because of his heart attack and you do this to him? You make an angle out of his heart attack? You have Paul Heyman mock the heart attack? Are you freaking kidding me?

Jerry Lawler could’ve died that night in Montreal and for about 20 minutes give or take, he was.  Nobody made an angle out of Chris Benoit or Owen Hart when they died.  Now before any of you say what about Eddie Guerrero? There’s a difference.  Rey Mysterio was trying to pay homage to him, win the belt in honor of Eddie.  That was built more to honor Eddie Guerrero than to discredit him.  I get that Vince is capable of sinking that low as we’ve seen him stoop to lows before.  I just hoped that this was one that even a cold-hearted, soulless bastard like him wouldn’t sink to.  Okay, let’s be fair about that last statement.  He has no heart because even the cold-hearted have a filter.  Eric Bischoff was and is a scumbag, but at least he didn’t resort to necrophilia angles or mocking a guy that nearly died in front of a live crowd.

What made them think that all that transpired last night was a good idea? Was this their attempt at trying to be edgy and innovative at the risk of being controversial in light of Vinny Mac’s wife losing yet another election she had no chance in hell of winning or had any business taking part in to begin with? Or is this the WWE being what we already suspected with them trying to copy TNA’s storylines in them being quite simply Desperate?

You see Vince, THIS is what everyone is talking about when they’re saying that you’re out of touch. That you don’t have your finger on the pulse of what the fans like or want. Hell, you haven’t had your finger on that pulse for the last couple of years.  Face it, Vince, your creative skill that you’ve claimed to have had all this time is out of gas and you think that what you did to a guy that nearly died 2 months ago proved something, it did.  It proved that you really did inject the WWE with a dose of poison. It just wasn’t the NWO like in that angle years ago. No, that poison’s name is Vincent Kennedy McMahon.  I guarantee you that if you were the one that had the heart attack and died, nobody would be wanting an angle involving your death.  Well, I’m sure that there are probably a select few that would not only welcome it, they’d be ready to dance on your grave.  Of course, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of guys that would say that they would love to drive a stake through Vince’s heart but are convinced that nothing can kill him.  Than again, I’m sure if the day comes where Vince croaks, his death will be much like his life: No Shame.

Now I’m not really mad at CM Punk and Paul Heyman or at least as much as I am towards Vince. Heyman and Punk are just the dogs and Vince was the one that gave the okay and let them off the leash.  And I don’t give a damn if Jerry Lawler gave the okay for it.  It doesn’t mean that it’s not in bad taste.  The segment as well as Heyman’s mock heart attack was in bad taste and so is Punk’s twitter rants about it.  All his talk about being the best in the world and always putting down Vince. Congratulations to CM Punk and to Paul Heyman though because not only are you both no better than Vince, you’re to a degree worse. And as far as Best in the World goes Punk, you might as well scrap that now because as far as I’m concerned after Monday night, you’re just another tatted up asshole and Heyman pulled a low that’s even beneath Eric Bischoff.  It’s cheap heat and something that is above both of them or at least I thought they were.  Turns out that they’re much like the crap they pulled: cheap. That’s as much as I’ll say about Heyman and Punk.

As for Vince, you wanna know what cost your wife the election?  You wanna know who was responsible for her loss? All you need to do is look into a mirror.  Even Jerry Jarrett thinks this was low class and cheap.    As bad of shape as the WWE is in, I’ve been rooting for them to recover and to rise back up.  I’m not so sure if I’m really rooting for that anymore after last night.  You can take everything and I mean EVERYTHING that Michael Cole has ever said or done as his heel character along with everything involving Vickie “Pig-Vomit” Guerrero and John Laryngitis, combine all of those things and that wouldn’t measure to what they did to Jerry Lawler on Monday Night.  I don’t get offended by stuff on TV easily, but this was the one exception.  Vince McMahon is killing his own product. He once said during the Corporate Ministry bit when he was revealed as the higher power that there is no low he won’t sink to.  I’m starting to think that line wasn’t just script.  If this is the crap you’re gonna pull, Vince,  then not only am I saying that the WWE is going to fall and it’ll be Vince’s fault when it does, but I’m calling my shot out right now when I say that to you Vince McMahon, you deserve to have your company fail you repulsive, soulless, deplorable, absolute horror of a human being.


Breaking Down Brock Lesnar vs Triple H


Over the years, there has been matches that many people have deemed as being a dream match. This year, we had that with The Rock vs John Cena.  People labeled that as two different symbols of two different generations colliding.  A year was spent in hyping up the match and regardless of some people thinking that it was executed well or executed poorly, the fact remains that it did lead to one pretty good buyrate for Wrestlemania this year and that is pretty much the only goal that I think the WWE had in mind when this match was made.   Now, we have SummerSlam, one of the WWE’s major PPV’s and is often referred to by the WWE as “The Biggest Party of the Summer” when the truth is that this year, SummerSlam looks like it has gone from being “The Biggest Party of the Summer” to a One Match Show.  That one match of course being Brock Lesnar vs Triple H.

It’s true that we never got to see those two collide one on one.  Around the time where Brock was the champion, it was around the time where the roster split and the “Brand Extension” began and Brock was now primarily wrestling for Smackdown which lead to the World Heavyweight Championship to be introduced and handed to Triple H. It took well into a year or so before that belt was deemed credible as a world heavyweight title and that’s because there was no attempt at making a new belt. It was simply nothing more than the old WCW World Title and nothing more.  Fast forward to now, Brock Lesnar has returned and we’re getting to see Triple H and Lesnar collide.  I have no doubts that this will be a fight plain and simple. It’ll get physical and violent, but just don’t tell me that it’s dream match.  Dream matches are something that you’d imagine that you would love to see that have little to no chance of happening and that you feel a surge of excitement and adrenaline when you find out that it’s gonna happen.  Brock Lesnar vs Triple H is not one of those scenarios.

Triple H is a part-timer now and spending most of his time backstage as he gears up to be the one that takes over.  Brock Lesnar only signed a year long contract and has 24 appearances that he signed up for when he signed the deal.  The build-up for this match  has been going on for the last couple months, even though Brock has only appeared a total of four times involving the build-up.  He was there when he broke Triple H’s arm, on the 1000th Raw, showed up in HBK’s segment, and last week when he signed the contract for the match and beat up Shawn Michaels and broke his arm.  So with the 5 appearances that he made in his return early in the year plus the four here and tonight’s match, that breaks down his limited appearances to about 14 left or 13 if he shows up for whatever reason tomorrow night on Raw.

So why is this not a dream match?  One reason can be that there really is no upshot for either side.  Win or lose, Brock will disappear again for a few months and probably won’t be seen again until close to Wrestlemania.  By that time, you run a huge risk of people just not giving a damn about the guy.  I’ve only see him appear 9 times in the last 5 months and I barely care about him.  Triple H wins, it’s back to working backstage and doing all the stuff that his new position in the company requires him to do.  While there’s predictions and no solid way to predict what the outcome will in fact be, fact remains that there really is no point in having Brock Lesnar win this match. He’s only there to put over talent, make Vince some money as well as make himself some money.  The guy has been vocal in his lack of love for the business.  The only thing going for this is you can’t help wondering how much of a personal stake there might be in this for Triple H.  Lesnar jammed the WWE years ago, a company that has made Triple H what he is and has helped establish his legacy and Lesnar stuck up the middle finger at it and left.

Mark Madden has made several rants about how WWE wanted the UFC Lesnar and they got the WWE Lesnar.  Chris Cash made a point where he questioned what the difference was and he’s right. There is no difference between the two.  Lesnar left the WWE high and dry while in UFC, his body couldn’t take the physical toll anymore as an Ultimate Fighter.  Anyone that thinks that Lesnar was this unstoppable, unbeatable machine in the UFC, the truth is that he wasn’t.  He lost his first fight and regardless of how he performed, the truth was he lost.  Brock Lesnar didn’t want to just retire and sit on his ass all day.  So he went back to the place that he screwed over and has little desire to go over anybody.  Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if during his time in the WWE, Lesnar doesn’t win one single match.  You include tonight’s match, we’ll have only seen Brock Lesnar in an official match twice.  Two matches in five months, so people should care about this guy and still see him as relevant HOW?

I’m not taking anything away from this match. It’ll be physical and it will be a fight without question.  Just don’t tell me that it’s dream match in the making or that there is an upshot in this.  Paul Heyman may have been right when he said that this is one match where nobody knows the outcome or can map out the outcome.  I don’t think there’s anyway that anyone can. This is not John Cena vs The Rock nor is this something along the line of if CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ever happened.  It’s the guy that deserted the company vs one of their most loyal.  Showdown, yes but a dream match, no.

Has Randy Orton Signed His Own Death Warrant with the WWE?

Those of you that caught my first show heard what I had to say about Randy Orton.  Even though I talked about it on there, chances are that we’re going to be talking about it for a while.  Word is spreading all over the IWC that Randy Orton is in hot water with the WWE.  Top that off with many officials are not even willing to give the guy another chance and are all set to just fire him right here and now.

If the WWE actually does drop the hammer on Randy Orton, it will be the biggest firing they’ve ever done involving the Wellness Policy.  This isn’t anything like if they for whatever reason fired Triple H or John Cena, but this is the closest thing to it and it certainly has the magnitude of it.  For a long while, John Cena and Triple H have been considered untouchable to the point of being bulletproof and the reason I bring that up is because a lot of people thought that Randy Orton was on that same boat.  Orton has had his share of trouble even without this Wellness Policy violation. The guy had been suspended twice for “unprofessional conduct” backstage twice in one year back in 2006.   Top that off with the two violations of the Wellness Policy, the guy has had four suspensions under his belt.  Now, I’m not a booker, a General Manager, CEO, COO, or a Vice President (executive or otherwise), but I’m pretty sure that if you’ve been suspended four times in a job, that gives plenty of ground for the employer to fire the person.

Of course, you have all the forum boys and numerous other people that are saying that Orton should go to TNA.  First off,  the guy hasn’t even been fired yet so put that pipe dream to rest already.  Second, Orton to TNA, what the hell for?   Why the hell should Randy Orton go to TNA? Why would they even want to sign him apart from the obvious reputation that TNA has as of late which is to pick off WWE’s table scraps? Would he be a game changer if TNA picked him up? No, he wouldn’t because all that will happen is that he’ll spark some buzz for maybe a few weeks but from then on, nothing.  It’ll be no different from when Booker T went to TNA.  He sparked some buzz for a few weeks but then fizzled out just as quickly.  If Jim Ross went to TNA or Paul Heyman went to TNA and had full control to run the product his way, THAT would be a game changer.  Randy Orton going to TNA won’t change a thing with it even if he did go there. Besides, even if the WWE fired Randy Orton, it rests on whether or not TNA would even want to sign him.  The way things are shaping up with the whole WWE/Randy Orton situation, it’s looking like Orton may have the talent that he does, but he’s a tremendous pain in the ass to put up with in the workplace.

There has also been word going around that even if he is brought back after the suspension is up, that he doesn’t set foot in the main event spot again. Furthermore, there has been talk that he will be stuck in the mid-card spot, which would mean that there is no chance that we’d ever see a major title run for Randy Orton ever again.  Considering the contract that he signed which has him with the WWE until 2019, I can’t say that I blame the WWE for being pissed off at the guy.  Many were believing that the guy had reformed, and yet he pulls this and shows that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The guy is a talent and it’d be a shame to let it go to waste, but sometimes you have to send a message that this kind of crap won’t be tolerated.  We’ve heard on screen how no one man is bigger than the WWE.  This would be one way to prove that to be true if they actually do fire Orton.  I’m not saying that they should or that they shouldn’t, but like everybody else, we recognize that this guy is in hot water with the company and has really dug himself into a hole.  The only problem is that this time around, it will take a miracle to get himself out of this hole.

What the Word “EXTREME” Really Means?

For those of you that check out my work or follow on Twitter or Facebook,  I’ve been an avid caller on Perfect Plex talk radio.  It was in doing this that I established myself with the name of The Apex Predator of Perfect Plex and now, thank you Dwayne Allen, The Apex Predator of the Wrestling Wrealm.  I’ve supported Brian Waters aka Mr Main Event and at the time, I supported Mike Knoxxx.  However, things over the last week or so have changed as Mike and myself don’t see eye to eye on certain things.  One of them which happens to also be a topic I don’t like with a lot writers who do this, is the verbal bashing of ECW. Somebody had said to me that I need to come to an understanding with Mike but I understand things fine as I’m gonna explain.

Eric Sheppard aka ERock of Podcast of Pain, had an opinion of his own on ECW and a lot of what he said is what many guys including Mike don’t get about ECW.  ECW was not and I repeat NOT just about the barbed wire, flaming tables, chair, blood and violence.  It was about a sense of belonging and a sense of being a part of something and in this case, ECW was a revolution and those that were loyal to it, those fans that were loyal and chanted those 3 letters were as much a part of that revolution as the guys in that ring were. Yes, it was the misfits that didn’t get even a shot or the rejects that WWE or WCW cast out, but what made ECW special was what the guys in charge like Paul Heyman gave these guys: a chance. A chance to become something, a chance to live a dream because the fact is that no matter what the talk is about being all about the money and all that, it started out for these guys that they were doing this because it’s been their dream to be a pro wrestler and to become a star in it.  To those guys that say “It’s always been about money” or saying that the dream is just an illusion or doesn’t exist and it never did or even that no stars came out of ECW, all I can say to those guy is BLOW IT YOUR ASS!!!!!!

The Dudley Boyz aka Team 3-D established themselves as the baddest tag team on the planet in ECW. They didn’t go to WWE or even to TNA until after they set the standard for tag teams in ECW.  Brian Pillman became a loose cannon in ECW long before he ever went to WWE.  Steve Austin was fired from WCW by a phone call and had a chip on his shoulder. Paul Heyman and ECW gave him the chance to make that his strength.  He went to ECW before WWE and the fuse was lit in ECW and by the time the fuse reached it’s end and went off, it went off in WWE and Stone Cold Steve Austin was born.  Stone Cold came to fruition in WWE, but it was ECW that pointed him in the right direction.  Scott Levy was never going to go anywhere in WCW as Scotty Flamingo and he damn sure was never going to reach the top in WWE as Johnny Polo.  It wasn’t until going to ECW that he left those gimmicks behind and Raven was born.  Mick Foley went to ECW after WCW and thanks to that and thanks to the Death Match tournaments in Japan, gave Cactus Jack a whole new standard.  Then there’s the WCW Cruiserweight Division and the guys that made it what it was.  Let me run down the names for you as well as others that WCW acquired:  Dean Malenko, Juventud Guerrera, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Psychosis, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho.  Those guys were a quarter of WCW’s roster and if they weren’t wrestling elsewhere and making themselves known, WCW wouldn’t have even raised so much as a glance at those guys.  Public Enemy, Rhino, Rob Van Dam, Bam Bam Bigelow, 2 Cold Scorpio, Super Crazy, Tajiri, Sandman, Mike Awesome, Masato Tanaka, Chris Candido,  Steve Corino, Balls Mahoney, Sabu, Jerry Lynn and probably some others that I’m leaving out, but the fact is that ECW made these guys and for a lot of them, it was because they were given the chances that neither WCW or WWE would’ve given them on their best day.

ERock said it best about the word “Hardcore” and that it wasn’t just about the violence and brutality. It was about the passion and the admiration and the damn undying loyalty that the fans had for that product.  It was about more than the type of wrestling that we got, it was about what it represented. When people continue to refer to it as “Extremely Crappy Wrestling” and use the excuse that i was what Jerry Lawler always called it, it doesn’t change things considering that Jerry Lawler stopped calling it that almost 20 years ago.  Voicing your disapproval of a product is one thing, but when you’re continuously ripping into the product and doing so by saying the same exact thing you’ve said time in and time out, you’re pretty much looking down and spitting on what many valued and held dear because you glance at it and think that you understood what it was about.  If you’re going to rip into something, make sure you have all of your facts straight but always remember that when you have an opinion, always be ready to have somebody challenge it, disagree with it, and/or think that their opinion is superior to yours.

We’ve seen the word Extreme used to the point where it almost loses all meaning.  Yes, ECW is dead and buried and it went under and while the reasons always vary such as “it expanded too quickly” or whatever, the fact is that it went under and that’s all there is to it.  After the first One Night Stand, that was my closure on ECW. I was content with that and I was able to leave it behind me.  You want to say that you don’t like the product, than fine.  But don’t try to push it down on us that did love it and think that we’re brain-dead on the subject because the fact is that those of us that remember ECW and understood what it was about were loyal to it than and we’ll always honor it as a memory in pro wrestling. And to certain people that still don’t get that, all I can say is quite simply this:


The Different Directions of the Dynamic Dudes

Those that remember the pre-WCW days back when WCW was still NWA, and you’d have to be a truly hardcore fan to remember this team, remember the Dynamic Dudes.  Shane Douglas and Johnny Ace composed the team and the gimmick was being a couple of surfer-type guys and they even used skateboards in the entrance. Both guys different directions in their careers.  Shane Douglas played major role in the rise of ECW from the second he threw down the NWA World Title and said that guys like Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat could kiss his ass.  Johnny Ace reached no stardom whatsoever in the states, was only successful overseas and was only known for being in the shadow of his brother in one half of the Road Warriors, Animal. Beyond that, he went from being a professional wrestler to being a suit and some would even go as far as to say “Corporate Scumbag.”  Despite never truly reaching the main event levels in other companies, Douglas had the skills and abilities that Johnny didn’t.  That being said, I have no idea what the hell Douglas’ thing at Raw was all about.

I’m one of those guys that was Pro-ECW back then.  There were a lot of matches and moments in wrestling that I found to be entertaining and still stand amongst some of my all time favorite moments as a wrestling fan.  One of my favorites to come out of ECW was “The Franchise” Shane Douglas.  There was something about the guy that I liked from the day he threw down the NWA World Title to his feud with Taz.  The whole thing on Raw with him unmasking and wearing his Franchise shirt and trying to stir up the crowd in Philadelphia, I didn’t get it.  I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now.  It pains me to see it for a lot of reasons.  One of the reasons being is hat I’ve been a fan of The Franchise and that I always felt the difference between himself and Johnny Ace is that Douglas had the charisma while his partner Johnny Boy didn’t.

Douglas was trying to call it an Extreme Revolution and I don’t know which word had less effect with me, extreme or revolution. Mark Madden said in a piece on Wrestlezone that the word extreme has been played out and I don’t disagree.  The word “extreme” in wrestling has lost almost all meaning.  From WWE butchering it by naming a PPV “Extreme Rules” to the so called extreme rules matches that they used in that fake ECW Vince tried to puke up.  As for the term “revolution” this may be a revolution that was 10 years too late.  ECW tried to be that revolution a long time ago and it lost.  Some say that it was because it didn’t draw money but I think the biggest problem was that ECW tried to move too fast for its own good and ended up trying to compete before it was even ready to be a contender against the other two.  I loved ECW and I still will and will remember some of the talent that came out of it and some of the matches I witnessed. And to those that hate on ECW, if it weren’t for ECW, we’d have never seen guys like Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, The Dudley Boyz, Rob Van Dam so to those haters that seem to forget that, you’d be better off going to Paul Heyman and saying thank you.

Here’s the difference between Johnny Ace and Shane Douglas.  Johnny Boy wasn’t able to become big here in the states and any success he did have was overseas and the rest of his career was spent putting on a suit and being a brown-nosing asskisser. Why? Because Johnny Boy didn’t have any kind of charisma whatsoever while Shane Douglas was not the ass-kissing type. The tragic thing is that the character of “The Franchise” could’ve made it anywhere .  Douglas made a character that could get over anywhere, but he didn’t get any of the opportunities because he burned bridges and pissed off a lot of people. Yeah, Douglas was in WCW, but there was no way Bischoff was gonna let him go up into main event status because Douglas pissed off Ric Flair one too many times. And as far as the WWE goes, Douglas had been there twice and the most recent was a stupid teacher gimmick where he scratched the chalkboard a lot.  Needless to say after his departure from that, Douglas was on Vince’s blacklist along with Lex Luger.

As for Douglas’ thing on Monday, why? What does it prove? What did you think was really going to happen when you pulled that? It was mentioned that Douglas got little to reaction when he pulled this and if that was true, than my best guess is that it was because many wrestling fans and especially the ones in Philadelphia have accepted that you can’t duplicate that revolution that ECW was when it was around.  Sometimes the problem with revolutions is that they don’t always work.  ECW tried it and it didn’t work in the end.  It had a loyal following that still exists to this day, myself being part of that, but not a big enough one to overshadow WWE or WCW when it was around.

So, once again, a barely memorable tag team split up with one doing his own thing regardless of who it may piss off and the other carrying a legacy of either being in his big brother’s shadow or jumping through hoops, bending over backwards, and kissing the boss’ ass and calling it ice cream. Say what you want about Shane Douglas, but at least with his career, he did his way.  And even when he was a heel, you didn’t have people repulsed to the point of changing the channel.  In the case of John Laryngitis, people want to see a face or a heel in the ring, not corporate sleaze.