What the Shark Attack is All About

Welcome one and all to the shark attack. I am the shark of wrestling that is Sean Williams. Let me give you readers a quick insight to what the Shark Attack is all about.


This is for the wrestling fans, those that feel their voice is not being heard when they are disgusted with poor PPV quality matches and feel their money and time is wasted all the while PPV prices keep getting hiked up more and more every year.  The wrestling fans that are sick of PG oriented crap on their wrestling shows and have seen different eras and evolutions of wrestling and feel like in the case of WWE and TNA, there has been no step forward but steps backwards.  And this is especially for the wresting fans who are sick of seeing talented wrestlers who deserve a push but are getting the same thing thrown in our faces and feel that the chants of “We Want Wrestling” are being unheard. Not here, peeps cause in these shark infested waters, the voice of the true wrestling fans is here. Don’t matter if you love WWE, TNA, ROH, New Japan, the indie leagues, NWA, whatever. You have an opinion on a topic in wrestling, bring it here and come strong.


This right here is where the wrestling topics of today are discussed to the wrestling fan, for the wrestling fan, and by the wrestling fan.


Welcome to shark attack, peeps. Take the dive and come strong.



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